Mesmerizing Fields

I grew up in the midwest. Any car trip during growing season yielded looking out the window at vast fields of soybeans, potatoes, corn, and wheat. When gazing upon those fields, most farmers would plant them so that the rows would be perpendicular to the road. I am not sure if this was coincidence or for a reason. But when driving by the “V” would catch your eye, and it would follow you to the next field. The “V” was the formation of the plants on each side of the row. It formed this “V” and it was truly mesmerizing.

Here in Texas, growing seasons are different, soils are different, and very few fields are planted with rows perpendicular to the road (I assume this is for erosion control here). So the mesmerization of the fields has become of a thing of the past (except for winter wheat. Winter wheat mesmerizes you because it is so lush and green, and everything surrounding it id brown and dull).

Every 5 years or so, some of the crop rotation here is cotton, corn, beans, and then my favorite crop!

I noticed about 3 weeks ago, a field of sunflowers was planted right next to an unfenced cemetery. I knew this would be a lovely photo op. And photo op it was this week! Because of the virus, there are so many things you are not allowed to do. But going to a cemetery, well, let’s just say the dead people don’t care! I find cemeteries peaceful. I found the name of my youngest on a headstone from the 1800s. Looking for a perfect old fashioned name uncommon today. I was successful. My daughter is perfectly named Tully.

With the light high in the afternoon, and a warm windy day, the photos came across as light. But because of the high Texas sun in the eye of the lens, it softened the pictures a bit. It captured how the sun was in my eyes that day. It captured it as I saw it, but not how I wanted to see the pictures turn out.

Every morning while driving by on my commute, this field just smiles at me. It makes me happy. Not sure if it is due to the color of yellow, or the effect of so much yellow. As you come upon it, it glows like a yellow carpet in the distance. The closer you get to it, the more it smiles. Perhaps the sunflower represents a happy time in my childhood. I recall these flowers being planted. I recall I thought they reached the sky at my ripe ole age of 6. Perhaps the happiness is within, within the fondness of a different time. Regardless, it is a happy thing to see and think about in the throws of what we all face each day. Nature is beautiful, even if this was helped along by a farmer. It will feed many. That farmer works so hard to bring the food to our tables. When they are sick, they cannot call in sick, they still have all their chores to do. It is a hard life.

When you celebrate your fourth of July, please remember, every bite you take, it because a farmer worked hard for a meager salary, to help you nourish your bodies. Thank you to all farmers, past and present! You make every one of my holidays a feast!

Have a happy 4th of July, and be safe! Thank you for reading my blog!

2 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Fields

  1. There are fields of sunflowers near where I live. Each year, lots of people pull off the highway to absorb all the happiness they can from these wonderful flowers. The fields aren’t fenced, and maybe they should be, since the heavy traffic does take its toll. It seems no one can resist the allure! 🙂


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