Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers or briefs? Heard this question before? A question of the most comfortable underwear, which has nothing to do with quilting! HA! My random thought generator was thinking about this very question with the new accessory we are all wearing, the facemask.

There are the gator style masks which are like boxers, they hang low and loose. And then there are the snug ones that fit the shape of your nose, more like briefs. I have both styles and for breathe-ability, I like the gator style. But for comfort on the face I like the briefs. LOL! Enough about the new face underwear. (I think of it as underwear for your face, because it resembles a speedo or a bra when not on, it holds it shape.)

I had much block progress this week! I am now working June blocks, YAY!

During the construction of these small pieces, you have tremendous bulk up of seams. A pressing nightmare as there are no pressing instructions. It is marvelous when you outsmart the block and manage to nest all your seams! BLISS!

I saw a post of those currently working this years 365 blocks and realized the lighter 6 inch block rows are sewn together in July! I am 28 blocks out from this and thought I might as well layout what I have done to see how busy it is. I worried about too much red making your eyes not be able to focus on the individual blocks.

I am pleased as punch! or a Strawberry Smoothie in this case! The darks are not too dark and are defined as blocks. The lights are a nice variety of different shades of light with just a pop of color. This is coming along! I love the pace, I love that I am going outside my comfort zone with the dreaded color of red. I love that I have made two very wise decisions during the assembly, which impacted my quilt greatly. This quilt will sparkle with the right intensity! Perfection? Heck no! Happiness? You betcha! More fun to come? Absolutely! July 1st will be the halfway point! Satisfied? Very much so!

This post almost did not happen. My progress will probably come to a grinding halt.. Working overtime now and will probably be too tired to do this in the evenings. I will be checking in from time to time, but probably not posting as I will have little to offer.

Sit tight, Perhaps next weekend I will be sewing up a storm and post late Sunday or on Monday.

Today is laundry, cleaning, making macadamia nuts cookies with white choc goodness, and cooking supper. Work, yup. Happiness, you betcha! Be safe, and thank you for reading my blog!

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