Well, working overtime certainly impacted my sew time. I have one block done for the week. It is not ironed, nor did I photograph it. *sigh*. Time was well spent doing other things. Just not sewing this week.

But I did manage to tackle some scraps. These scraps have been laying around for more than a year. Some were bagged, some were wadded up, most within arms reach of my machine.

You touch them and move them out of the way, and sure enough they are in your way again. It was high time they become useful.

Perhaps useful is the wrong word, tamed is more like it.

I had Frolic scraps, Kaffe scraps, red scraps, in my way for one last time. Strings are saved and hung up next to my machine, and when that area becomes unroomy (lol), they move to a baggie and placed in the tote. Well, not now LOL. They are now tamed into 2 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inch squares. I filled a couple of tubs. This only took me a couple of hours last weekend. And it sure was nice to get that stuff out of my work area.

This is all I have for the week, and the coming week looks even worse. I would not call overtime mandatory, but certainly frowned upon. I am a team player, so work play it is!

Sorry readers. Stay tuned, it will be better soon. Thanks for reading my blog!


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