The Overtime Doily

Yup, still working overtime. And NO QUILTING HAPPENED AT ALL THIS WEEK! I am rather bummed about it, but too tired to do anything. So plan I can, and plan I did.

In last weeks post, I was tatting a candle mat from a free pattern on youtube. And I started over because I forgot a few tatting rings. Well, I did the same thing on the second one. So my candle mat is way smaller than intended.

On the purple edge, I forgot two rings, which would affect the next round. So a 4 inch candle mat it is. It is like nothing else I have ever tatted. I like it.

And because this is a nice way to relax in the evenings, I am going to continue to tat. I am going to call it the overtime doily. This is a simple 4 ring, one shuttle, one thread design. Did I look this up to find the pattern? No, I just winged it.



All stitches are double stitches using size 20 thread cebelia by DMC.

Ring a – 3 P 5 P 5 P 3

Ring b is the same as above but you will join the first pico.

3 J 5 P 5 P 3

Ring c is the same as ring b

Ring d is the same as ring b except the last picot is a join

3 J 5 P 5 J 3

And then when you make multiples, you will join at the corner picot which is between the 5 double stitches

Tie ends and cut.

This is a great way to empty partial shuttles of left over thread. I will throw a few pops of color here and there as I go. How big will it get? Dunno yet, I guess it will go as much as my energy will allow before I call it quits.

Well, I am off to bathe the children and get ready for bed so I can have a Saturday at work. Thanks for stopping in a reading my blog!

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