Overtime doily paused…

I have done a bit of tatting in the evenings. Very relaxing….working overtime drains my time and energy. So no quilting up to today.

I have a bunch of ends that I have not sewn in.

I have also tatted these motifs.

I need to sew the tan ends in one these.

And I came across a long lost box of scraps. So my little tubs runneth over! These scraps are in so many of my quilts already.

2 1/2 inch tubs on the top. Not enough tubs for the 2 inchers, and one small tub of 1 1/2 inchers. These will turn into a nice scrappy quilt one day.

And since I am not working over labor day weekend, I aim to get some 365 quilt blocks constructed, as well as a visit with my longarm. And boy am I excited! I have not used my longarm in over 2 months! Time forbaded, but not now! Sew Quester quilt here I come! I think I have just a couple weeks more of large blocks and I can sew some more around the medallion. I have fallen so dang far behind. I hear 3 1/2 inch dark blocks are around the corner so those will be quicker and help me catch up!

Well, that sums it up, pushing pause on the overtime doily, to resume next weekend. Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

4 thoughts on “Overtime doily paused…

  1. Oooo. love those little tatted bits. been a while since I got my tatting needle out (don’t ask me about shuttles…ugh!). Your post reminds me that I really must find them and make some tatting for my vintage linens quilt I’m working on. Thanks! 🙂 ❤ ~ Bear

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