Sew Quester is Quilted!

I have not touched the longarm since the end of May. Working overtime really cut into my energy, therefore my hobby suffered. I could not remember how much I had left. And I also remembered that I had bought new bobbins and there was some thread that was giving me tension problems.

I tackled the tension problems rather quickly this morning. And quilt-a-t-de I did!

It is now quilted! And not looking at it for months, and unrolling it off the long arm, I oooo’ed and aaawwww’ed over that center. When you don’t gaze upon something everyday, you somewhat forget.

And I was going for a whole cloth quilt on the back side. There are ribbons in the sashing, feathers in the stars, and orange peels in the 4 patches. I looks great on the back. Not to much quilting, just right!

I will be finding time to bind this, this week. I have so few quilt finishes this year with frolic taking up a gob of time, and then the 365 everything has kind of slowed in the finish dept.

I do have a project panel to load. And will get to that hopefully this week too. The highs in Texas are only supposed to be in the 70s. For this time of year, it is a rarity. Is the weatherman right? Chances are he is not, but I will remain optimistic!

Well, thank you for hanging in there with me to finally see this, and thanks for reading my blog!

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