Developing your stitches

Funny, when you take a picture these days, you have instant results. It used to be, you would have to get your film developed. And it would be revealed you chopped someone’s head out of the picture, or forgot to aim correctly and totally missed whoever was on the far right. And you paid for all the blurrs, and horrible photography.

In our quilting hobby, sometimes it is hard to develop the pattern for your stitches. You may start stitching something and find out it auditions horribly with the quilt. And Rip it, Rip it, Rip it. Or leave it and give it to someone who will find it more of a treasure than you, LOL. Either way, the quilting can make or break the quilt.

And if you load it on the longarm and nothing comes to you, it is rather intimidating. the quilt top practically harrasses you to the point of walking away, still without a clue how you will proceed.

Pinterest and Youtube are my favorite places to pull ideas from. It may be I find just the right thing, or it becomes an amalgamation of many things that I see and like. But coming up with the right pattern for your quilt is the hardest part of the whole job.

You can quilt it to death, and make the quilt stiff and rather drafty. I am a utilitarian type person so if I choose to get artsy with my quilting, beauty takes the warmth right out of the quilt. It drapes about as good as a cardboard box. And your beauty is questioned. The utilitarian portion of your work becomes for naught.

The last couple of times I have quilted, I have had uneven tension. I change out colors of threads made by the same maker, and BAM and major tension problem. And I recall this happening on Sew Quester about 1/3 of the way through the quilt. Changed out colors, and it was way off. Not sure at the time what happened, but I now know what I think it is/was. My cheapo batting. Yeah, I buy it at Joanns. I wait for it to go on sale and stock up.

This batting gets the job done, but really when you do heavy quilting, the quilt becomes heavy in those spots, it looses it softness, and creates a drape problem. I have only ever used this one batting, I thought that batting was batting. And tonight I watched a video that will probably change my current batting relationship. It is very well explained, and worth your time to watch the ever so important unanswered questions about batting. Heirloom batting vs. Tuscany batting. I am thinking I probably need to venture out of the batting box that I am in now LOL (no baseball pun intended!)

Eye opening! So the info disclosed probably would have changed my results in every quilt I have ever made. They could be quilted to death, and remain soft and warm. Who knew?!

I have actually had a great week of no overtime, and have utilized some of that down time to quilt, and piece, and bind.

Did you catch my last post? I did have a finish from the longarm position of things. I am rather proud of how the minimalist quilting really did the right job and accentuated the piecing well.

The binding is stitched to the quilt. And in the coming week I will be hand stitching it down. I have almost 2 sides complete.

I also managed to get two very complicated 365 blocks worked. The one block took all day long. It was nice to have my stitching rhythm back.

And I loaded a panel onto the longarm and got that one quilted. I have the fabric ready to cut for the binding and will work this in as I can while my schedule returns to overtime.

This panel was from spoonflower. I think this goes by many names. We always played it and it was called Tripoli. I have heard it called Michigan Rummy. Either way it is a game of chance of how the cards fall and how you scheme and play either representing yourself or as part of a team. If you play this using pennies, it cheaply entertains. If you win, you get a gob of pennies. If you lose, you get rid of those pennies that always seem to collect in your coin purse.

When I loaded this, I had not a clue what I wanted to do. So I started on the feather border, hoping something would come to me. I whipped out my rulers and did some diamonds on one and hearts on another. And come to the conclusion, I would put a different motif in each division. Not necessarily card playing related, but that helps the theme of it!

And the spot for Kitty, I could not resist stitching a kitties face. Yeah and because this was loaded and I had to quilt this sideways, (easier said than done) kitty is wonky. This kitty looks like it is kinda droopy on one side. Poor unsymetrical kitty. But once it washes up, that will shrink away and probably really not be noticed.

In this one, I mimicked Jack’s hair. I like it!

This will be gifted to my Dad and Mom. It will match Mom’s kitchen, and it is something that will bring back fond memories of all the nights entertainment in the past, and to make new memories in the future.

I placed a wide backing order for the dream big opal panel. The panel that is 108 by 108 in the dream big flower, bed size. Mom also wants me to quilt her star quilt that she sewed while having a broken shoulder. Not sure which one of these projects will make it to the longarm first. Either way it will eventually happen. So when I am not quilting in the coming months due to overtime making me such a sloth in the evenings, Overtime doily, here I come!

Well it is late, and I am working tomorrow. I really appreciate all my subscribers and readers, you make this worth my while! Thank you for reading my blog!

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