Sunshine Photo Op

These past few weeks have fall in the air. The evenings are cool. Dew on the lawn. Lots of cooler weather and rain. Seasonably perfect, but cool for Texas.

Slowly in the last month I have seen the sun almost disappear from my work commute, and when I travel home after a 10 hour day the sun is low in the sky. I miss the Sun, I feel like dracula when I come out of work into the sunshine. My eyes squint almost shut, sun reflecting off my white skin almost blindingly!

Today, I did not work a full eight hours and got to bask in the sun a little more than usual. It feels so good to walk among it’s rays. It energizes the tires and worries of my day.

The photo opportunity of Sew Quester happened today. I have not gazed upon this quilt in a few weeks. I finished binding it almost 3 weeks ago. But the weather or my work schedule (or unkempt lawn) kept me from taking photos.

I have never really gazed upon this in the sun. I really hesitated liking the brown. But in the true light of the sun, the brown has grown on me and I love how it transformed itself right before my eyes. One of my children has already asked for the quilt. My children never ask for quilts while I am making them, they are very disinterested. Perhaps this is a sign of interest. We will see where this goes.

I got out the ladder and stood on the very top and leaned over, blindly not looking in the window of my camera, finger hovering over the capture button. This is as good as I could get. You have seen the close up of the blue area. And capturing a good closeup of the brown area, well, that thread match was so good, it would show nothing.

A description of feathers in the stars, orange peels in the 4 patches, pebbles in the brown border, with teal stitches of pebbles making the square complete. A wavy grid in the muslin area. Hearts and feathers in the corners with some hashtag inside.

A completion. I needed to be able to say and do a completion. I have only had two completions this year. This year has been funny you know. You would think I would be able to sew like everyone else due to covid. But I am essential and have had very little time off. I worked nights for a while. This year if it were to get a star rating, would only be one star. I would not recommend.

But at the same time, this year I got this free pattern of the quilt above, and took all the fabric in my stash and made something useful and beautiful. We all know how hard it is to gather everything from our stash and pull something together so large. We are always looking for that just right fabric. And all the quilt shops were closed.

Luckily I had purchased a large bolt of muslin back in Nov. So I also made the backing for this. And a whole cloth quilt revealed itself. But I used colored thread in most of it.

Now you can see the brown and blue pebbles. The rest kind of washes out in the sun. That is ok.

Here are some other pictures I have taken during it’s construction.

There was a birth of a kitten (firecracker). There was a death of a cat (Dummy and my longarm room-mate). The death of my Dad’s cat at the time did not bother my, but the garage is kinda lonely now. I have no one with their back towards me, ignoring me, waiting for me to leave their domain.

A meager offering as I have done very little sewing or tatting. I do not see my slow pace picking up anytime soon. I am a little depressed because I cannot do my hobby without totally exhausting myself. Perhaps tired is better than blue….

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Photo Op

  1. Still my favourite quilt I’ve seen this year! Nice that one of the kids has asked for it. Hopefully your time will settle down to a routine where you get a bit of sewing time in. Just know that as an essential worker you are valued and appreciated. 😉

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