Have you ever made a chenille scarf or quilt? I have made both and they are softer than soft. Both were gifted. Both were a tremendous amount of work.

Several months ago before Nancys Notions was bought out, I kept my eye on a 108 dream opal panel. I refused to pay full price at $82. When 3 yards of 108 does not cost as much. When they closed them out I purchased two with the intention to make one for each of my girls. I debated chennilling the top, but had not a clue with the direction. Then I happened upon the video below and was blown away by a new process.

In this video she has bloomed a small dream big panel. I must try this. I mean I purchased 5 rolls of this bias at the thrift store. It has been waiting to audition with something. More about this in a minute.

And last week, Missouri Star had their birthday bash sale. A whole bolt of batik (14 yds) for $86. I jumped at that thinking of all the backings I could sew.

So today the bolt of backing, the dream opal 108 panel, and the chenille bias came together. There is much left to do, but it felt good to run the longarm. I feel a bit rusty at it as I have quilted very little over the summer.

Each petal will be outlined in pink chenille. The center I will make extra dense like the center of a fuzzy flower. I am not using glue as I think that may end up messing with the machine.

And what also appealed to me in the above video was the jacket and shrug the ladies were wearing. This was chenilled on the longarm. I would love to try this perhaps on my featherweight. That is to be determined.

Today I sewed a few more 9 patches and remembered the 9 patch swap with the TOGA group that I am part of. These blocks will combine with those 9 patches. Who knows I may make stars out of them, but for now they are just 9 patches. Simple. Easy. A feel good block. 🙂

The above scrap blocks are in the bin ready for work. I used the bias on this edge before the quilting machine.
Bias found at the thrift store about a year ago. This stuff has more than doubled in price. You could probably make your own. It would probably be time consuming.
9 Patch swap from Tread On Gathering Academy.

I do believe this weekend is going to be on the stitchy side of things. It doesn’t take much to get the creativity flowing. All it took was time. :). Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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