October and Progress

My goodness we are already more than a week into the month of October. These past few months have flown by.

As far as quilty years, this has been a record low so far. Although I have not counted, I recall 5. Usually I am atleast to 10, but not this year.

If I were to huddle in and not have a money worry in the world, I would just stay home and use quilting as my therapy, but my oh my, our hobby is expensive! And getting more expensive by the minute.

This weeks progress accomplished a few more 9 patches. I am now down to one tub of the 2 1/2 inch squares. So I will have to sash, or make these into stars. To be determined….

This is laid out on a full bed. It does not yet cover the bed. So I will have to determine the pattern before I proceed.

I have made great progress on the 108 dream opal panel. And I have learned somethings! When I first started this, the leaves are larger than the play area of my longarm. So if I do a continuous design, I have to roll the quilt to finish the leaf. Those of you who do not have longarms, doing this can hose you up. It can pucker the back, hammock the batting, get the batting and the backing to stick to each other wrong, causing problems. The work is enjoyable, but at the same time, it is harder than normal because of the shifting back and forth. I have two rows of leaves almost complete and aim to get back to it this weekend. I will get pictures of my random quilting free motion probably in my next post.

And I have made considerable progress on my handkerchief tatted lace. I have two sides complete and am rounding the third side. Sitting down and working this a little bit in the evenings is quite enjoyable. I am wanting a different degree of difficulty and may try a harder pattern next, but not till I finish this one.

This really is begging me to tackle a doily, but I just do not see me hanging with a big project like that.

The forecast for this weekend…….no plans. Quilting yes, sewing yes, sewing what? Dunno.

One of my loyal readers dropped the hint of the solar minimum happening, and so I have been paying close attention to this. This is a natural cycle the sun goes through. It affects our planet. It changes the location of polar north. NOAA usually updates true due north every 30 days because the polar region magnetics do move. But it moved so drastically that they announced early. The north is now somewhere in Russia.

This also causes aurora borealis to be seen by people who normally do not see it. And because of the magnetic shift, it causes iron rocks to try to point in a different direction. When that happens, earthquakes are a result. The ring of fire is awaking. I find this fascinating and have been looking at the maps in awe that Missouri can have an earthquake (not related to fracking). There are some deep earthquakes happening. Alaska is a hot spot as well as Puerto Rico. I am not sure where all you readers live, but have you experienced an earthquake? I live in an earthquake free area, and 9 years ago this nov, in Oklahoma there was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake that caused my floor lamp to sway violently as well as move the 50 lb mirror handing on the wall. (I live a good 150 miles away from this!) It was scary at the time, but I personally would not have know it happened if I was not awake and seeing things move that should not.

The weekend beckons! Have a great one and thank you for reading my blog!

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