The Meh’s

Now that I am not working myself into an early grave by a bunch of overtime, I have free time. This weekend I was in a miff. After much reflection, other than buying cat food, and going to work, I GO NO WHERE! Because I work, the other half does the grocery shopping. So things that would break my at home/work monotony would be a quilt show ever few months. Yeah, those are pretty much done for. I probably need to get out. But what?

The Meh’s put me in a funk, that I would pick something up to work on it, and I just sat it back down. Other than working, I am the perfect home-body. Perfectly satisfied to be at home for days. Home is my playground.

My grumpiness I contribute partly to this not having anywhere to go. No destination to look forward to on the calendar. It has kind of taken my MOJO a bit. Saturday I laid down for a nap, and I slept 12 1/2 hours. Sunday I could have taken a nap too. Too much of anything makes Jack a dull boy. I am feeling dull.

I did manage to snap some photos of the progress of the dream big opal 108 panel. I made myself sew 365 blocks. Not sure of the progress I will make this week now because I am in a funk/rut.

The feather petal was the grand size of me having to roll the quilt back and forth at least four times to finish one motif before moving onto the next motif in that leaf.

I have stopped placing the chenille on this and will do that after I have it quilted. It was getting in the way. It is what it is.

Brainstorming for the quilting of this……I know there will be a spider web, I mean it is October. The small petals towards the center will be some feathers. I have realized the scale of these to draw squares or a grid which can help with a different style for each petal. I am not struggling this time like I did the first time, trying not to repeat anything and quilting it to death. I have decided that some will be dense and some will not. I will try to balance this out for symmetry.

As the Meh’s go, have a fabulous week! And thank you for reading my blog!

8 thoughts on “The Meh’s

  1. I so know what you mean about the MEH’s! What saved my sanity was being able to go to my Guild in groups of 6 socially distanced and masks mandatory. It helps once or twice a month to have somewhere to GO! Love the quilting on your panel. I gave up on the 365 blocks this year. I just can’t do it. Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures. It does help me get motivated to see them 😉

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    1. Thank you!
      How my sew group is set up, we cannot meet. And the group my mother attends no longer sew. They set up lawn chairs outside safely distanced to catch each other up. I am just ready for some kind of quilty event. Hopefully black friday will be good this year!

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      1. Boo Hiss! This shutting things down for extended periods is not helping in the long run. It’s good while they make a plan, but now it has gone to a control freak level that has nothing tondo with the pandemic. Sorry it’s so tight there. 😔

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      2. It’s pretty close. Masks are required in many places, school is in session 4 days a week. The cases have climbed, but they are also testing like crazy, so it’s not a surprise really. We have had 42 deaths in this large county, and I believe 75% were at least 80 years old, so our stats frankly, look pretty much like the regular flu.


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