A finish and a Start

This has been a rather productive week in the quilting department at my house. I have a couple of finishes! Yeah, can you believe it?

I finished Crazy, it is now a top. And I must say it grew on me, especially after I snapped this photo.

During Crazy construction, I opted the 4 blocks make a pinwheel in the center.

If you look closely at all the meeting squares of this block, each corner forms an askew pinwheel. How fun! A bit crazy!

And early this week I decided to place an order for the Alaska Quilt, a quilt along hosted by Laundry Basket Quilts. The quilt pattern is so charming, and Edyta makes it look so easy. I am not a pattern person, I reckon this is my first pattern purchase. Got the templates, the fabric, and just had to wait a few days for it to get here.

In those few days, I was restless. I was so excited about starting this new project, that I wanted to sew. But I did not have any simple project. So I decided to clean up my work space a bit. During the tidying process I came across the Flight HST quilt that was destined for my boss man who turned down the other quilt top I made for his grandchild (because of covid, and he had two born this year). I had accidentally buried it. At the time I was a little miffed that he would not accept. This was in the early onset of the virus. But I have come to terms with myself and COMPLETELY understand. So all I had to do was hand stitch the binding down. Another finish!

This thing was buried so deep it got wrinkled after the quilting. I will eventually give it to him after all is said and done. Hopefully said and done is soon!

I tatted a bit more on the handkerchief and am a little farther down on side three.

And finally, Alaska arrived in the mail yesterday. All the fabric is now starched, pressed, cut into strips, and partially cut into pieces. The cutting is quite the job. But her methods are spot on, and am very pleased with the accuracy of this process.

I managed to get block one made. I have three more to sew just like this. This block will be in the 4 corners of the quilt.

After seeing all of Laundry Basket Quilts patterns, I see that one is already named Aurora Borealis. So, I will probably change the name of mine to Midnight Alaska. If you think about it, winters up there are 24 hours of darkness near the winter solstice, with only the northern lights. So, Midnight Alaska it is.

I can’t wait to rest up tonight so I can get crackin’ at the sewing machine tomorrow! The weeks are flying by, before you know it, Christmas music will be playing on the radio. Time flies when you are having fun, I must be having a blast!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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