The full moon

Happy Halloween! This years Halloween happens with a full moon, this adds to the spooktacular 2020 eh?

I can feel the intensity of the pull of the moon. I usually feel it most with my children and their behavior. They have been mis-behaving more than usual. I also feel this through the vibes at work and how things lead up to a disaster in the work front. (Mom could always tell when it was a full moon by how many things were dropped and broken at the grocery store she worked at). I suspect when I get back to work on Monday I will hear of someone getting fired for something stupid. But I truly feel it most at work as everything falls to pieces right before or right at the height of it. And then the ebb and flow become a normal steady again. We survive only to do it again in another few months in the algorithm.

Monday will prove to be a Monday more than ever. I was told today that one of my coworkers has symptoms of covid and went for a rapid test. I do not know the results yet but have decided not to visit my parents this weekend just in case. I was planing on free motion quilting this weekend. That shoots down that idea.

If the young man I work with has it, he probably contaminated most of my workmates. My contact with him was hardly at all. So I am good, but just in case, will keep my parents safe.

On to dark things in the quilty dept….#AlaskaRainbowQuiltAlong is indeed coming right along. I am a block ahead as of today. I have only a few more blocks to sew and the blocks will be complete. I cannot believe I have only worked on this for one week and am this far!

Rather than show you pictures of individual blocks I have opted to take a photo collage of all. I am liking the pop of this!

I see the circle forming. When I laid this out on the bed, I could not see the pattern. The camera helps bring it out. I think if I would have been able to stare at it farther back, it would have been seen through my normal lens. But I cannot walk through walls, I am not a ghost!

I managed to acquire some vintage feed sack reproductions. I just love these!

The hog wash one is my favorite! How funny!

During my blog readings in the evening, I read a post about Urban Elementz having a huge sale. So I visited it virtually, and found free paper pantographs!

There are many, I opted to only print the ones that are quick and will make me the most quilting money in the future (thank you to my quilting machine dealer she warned me to charge more for the heavy patterns because they do take longer….glad for that wisdom!).

I suspect there will be a major earthquake somewhere tomorrow. The world is averaging more than 45 earthquakes in a 24 hour period. Today the count is 58 as of writing this post. The other day it was up to 96 quakes. It is about that time that the united states has a big one somewhere. Another horrific thing to add to 2020. I hope I am wrong.

I am off to live life as normally as possible at the house. Normalcy is impossible off my property. We are all ready for this to come to a close. An anticipation we all look forward too! Don’t forget to vote. I will add no politics to the vote, just please vote. American’s do have control of things at the top, it all is with the vote you cast!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog! May my next blog post be less frightful!

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