Goal, do I?

Do I even bother to make goals for 2021? There will be goals that I am certain to obtain. Why not?

2021 I see thee…

  • Completely finish the 365 Quilt Block challenge!
  • Completely finish the chenille’d Opal Dream Big 108 panel
  • Sew along with DebbyBrownQuilts.com in the color block challenge using up scraps and complete one quilt.
  • Complete one UFO (UFO to be determined)

On the 365 quilt block challenge I have made more progress.

The top two pictures are new blocks!

I was able a couple of days ago to quilt some more custom quilting on the opal dream big. I failed to snap photos, but it will probably finish in the early months of 2021.

I joined a sew along, it will be using scraps, DebbyBrownQuilts.com is hosting. I have already been trimming down my scraps through the later part of the year and have them separated in tubs. I have a few 2 1/2 inch. But the big stock of squares is in the 2 inch category. I will opt to make that work when the time comes.

This is just a sampling. I have about 7 tubs on this size.

And I have many UFOs to choose from. I really want to finish this one, but need to find just the right fabric for the triangles set on point for the border. I fear the wrong fabric will totally ruin this.

Or I could work on this one….

And then there is this one….

I could incorporate the one above with Debby Browns quilt blocks since I am making this a row by row quilt. I have so many to choose from now!

The top two are quilt tops and will need to be quilted. The center bottom just needs a binding, I know right? The jury is still out on the UFO in the mix but I can certainly commit to one!

I am currently sewing along with QuiltingGail.com in the Holiday Mystery Seclusion sew along. And this has come together quickly. Her pattern is still available if you just go to her website and save her instructions. I used one charm pack for this, and have 6 squares left over. I opted to use a constant neutral, but you could go a scrappy or two toned as you wish.

This was fast, uncomplicated, and enjoyable!

“Should old acquaintance be forgot (covid)

and never thought upon

The flames of love extinguised

And fully past and gone”….

…”That thou canst never once reflect

on old long syne.”——Robert Burns

We will never forget this year, it was full of positives and negatives (literally). Let’s just hope whatever comes next, we embrace it, and are able to take enjoyment in it!

And thank you for reading my blog!


Best of 2020

I would like to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for hosting another “Best of” linky party. Amazing quilters showcase their years worth of work, with just a click or tap of the finger.

This year has posed challenges for us all. I hope the year to come is a more safe and social path.

My best post of this year, was about free quilt design software. It certainly by far has won the most clicks! Quilt Design Software Free

There are a total of 5 sew-a-longs I have or am participating in. I have two completions. The First finish for the year was Frolic. This was a massive project!

And then there was Sew Quester, a mystery sew-a-long hosted by Cozy Quilt Designs. This one is clearly the best of, my readers love it! I have someone wanting to buy this one. No one has ever asked me to name my price before. This quilt was made during lockdown when none of the shops were open. I shopped my stash, used what I had. Not sure if I will sell this one, but I know my daughter really wants it. I did not have a pretty backing for this quilt. Used the muslin I had. The back took on a whole cloth quilt look.

This year I also sewed along with Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts in making of the Rainbow Alaska pattern. I chose a different color way, and named mine Midnight Alaska. The top is complete, but due to covid it is still not quilted.

This quilt is my favorite. As surprising as this may sound, this was an easy quilt!

The biggest project that I have worked on all year is Katherine Kerr’s 365 Quilt Block Challenge. A block a day. This block a day was well managed until mid march. And then I started working nights to prevent covid spread. When you work nights, you are so rested. But, because you are waking up mid to late morning and coming home to a sleeping house, it dampered the sewing time. I could only take that shift for 3 months. It put me far behind! I continue fourth, this is the largest most complicated quilt I have ever made. The large blocks are 6 inch finished. Some of the dark blocks are 3 inch finished. Many of these blocks have more than 50 pieces.

I have this sewn together, with many other blocks in the shoebox waiting for me to continue sewing. I am currently somewhere in August.

This week I started sewing along with Gail from QuiltingGail.com for her holiday seclusion mystery quilt along. I am current on this one, and am loving the ease of this compared to what I have been working on.

I have had other non-quilty finishes. I finished my first large tatting project, a lace trimmed handkerchief. This was very enjoyable as I am essential, on the job, worked a slew of overtime, and was too bushed to sew in the evenings. This kept my hands busy, which had a calming affect.

This was the year for the quilter! Quilters really united this year with first mask making, and then mass producing quilts! And the quilts are beautiful and the numbers are staggering! I can’t wait to see the quilts at quilt shows again. It will be the biggest most beautiful show you will ever see!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my productivity in 2020!

A fun little Sew Along!

Well, it seems I could not refrain from a quick mystery sew along. I really wanted to, but the logical brain said no. This is my Christmas break and by golly I should not listen to logic brain. The FUN brain won! Gail from QuiltingGail.com is hosting a holiday sew-a-long.

Here are clues one and two. Included in the picture is the charm pack I decided to use for this. I am also using some muslin yardage I have on hand. If this interests you, yardage requirements are located here.

In a matter of an hour I had the first two clues completed and trimmed. Today the 3rd clue was released nice and early. That one is done now too.

We finally got to celebrate our Christmas get together. Look what my mom made for me!

In my favorite color of turquoise! With a lovely kitty cat looking out the window. Isn’t this the cutest thing? And even with the featherweight flat bed folded down, I can just place this over it. A stylish dust cover. And let me tell you, the machine does get the dust as it is out 365 days a year and used almost everyday.

Speaking of the 365 days, I am coming along a few more blocks on this challenge.

Most of these are less muddy and more contrasting. This part is getting really hard. Getting down to the nitty gritty of some of my pieces of fabric. What works best, are down to 1 inch strips which may not be big enough.

The upper center block is not right. The instructions were wrong, and there were no cutting instructions to square it up. Went back to the website to see the comments on the block and to see if indeed it was wrong or it was something I did wrong. I was three days late. As I am now well into August, the block had expired and so no info could be retrieved. Bummer, but it will be fine in the quilt eh? The block on the lower right, those squares measure in that block at less than 1/2 inch. A gob of effort for an intertwined block at a very small scale. Today is the 28th, and I am really doubting I can achieve to September which is my goal.

I have a lot on my plate in the coming days. Can I manage Sept? Can I keep sewing along with the quilt mystery? Time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Looking back

Every year we reflect and look back at our accomplishments in blog-land, and every year we plan for the coming year. I went back and read my blog posts concerning these topics. This year was a disappointment. No so much for the doing and making but for the lack of seeing and quilt showing, and getting together for group sews.

It was started with the Dallas quilt show. Had my ticket purchased, vendors were setting up the day before, and it got cancelled at midnight after everything was all set up. That was the biggest disappointment, which parlez-ed into the rest of the quilt show world also cancelling.

Quilt show lovers, are you missing quilt shows? Go to youtube, you can see the quilts for the Road to California quilt show in Jan 2020. Someone has uploaded lovely videos for beautiful quilts. Click their channel to see more.

Also reading through they had announced that the famous quilt called “The Last Super” was coming to town. That was cancelled as well, but I did get to see this in person before.

I think we all had a hand at mask making.

I waited as long as I could to make them, and when I did there was no elastic to be purchased. Now there is ample elastic in all colors.

I was surprised by all the making and flurry of activity happening in the quilty world. All of the despair and loneliness really was over powered by small virtual connections and makers made and shared! I have seen ladies that finished 20 large quilts in one year, from start to finish. I know longarming can be a good business, but I think it will become backed up (probably worse than in previous years by a landslide). (I see much talent and huge quilt shows in the coming years that represent this place in time).

My accomplishments for 2020:

This year, looking back I will have a story to tell my grandchildren about one day, what will I tell them? I have the wisdom of the year behind me, but never got sick. Worked as an essential (not what you think), what will I tell them? I am not a ground zero for this. A question mark for my story now. In due time, crisis like these start making sense and the story will be easier to tell.

I secretly wished I did not have to get out and work when covid hit. I secretly wished they would cancel work. I wanted to sew so bad. I would come home after a days work, and see all the lovely things people were making because they were stuck at home indoors. I wanted a piece of that action, but it never happened.

I got to see the majority of my coworkers get to work from home, which caused me more hardship on the job. The working from home is probably here to stay. I got to see snow days go by the wayside, and schools went completely online, or offline. I saw no traffic in the streets. I saw what it was like to work nights. I got to see what it was like when the sidewalks roll up past dark from times long ago.

I will tell them that there was tremendous worry. Not worry for one’s self, but worry for others. If I visited someone and felt perfectly fine, I could be sick and make them sick and it could be deadly. I still worry about this. I have heard of people dying that were friends or relatives of friends who were coworkers. I have heard of hospitalizations of coworkers. I will tell them of all the people in the nursing homes being killed by the healthcare industry. I will tell them of instances of people actually leaving nursing homes. Loved ones not seeing their moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas for months made them jerk their loved ones out of that system and had the life altering event of actually taking care of the loved ones they took out of the nursing home (which is how it should have been to begin with). I will tell them the virus caused me NOT to get with family for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was cancelled due to a coworkers grandchild coming down with the virus. That was a bummer. Did the coworker have it? Nope, tested twice but did not find that out until after the Thanksgiving break. Hindsight…

This week while sewing, I made a 3 inch block called the Clowns Choice. The fabrics I used in this block are a perfect symbol for the year. I put gun fabric in it. Look at all that violence this year. I put biohazard fabric in this because of covid. And there is black and red in this block. The black represents death, and the red represents the blood of the world. The word clown, as this block is named, is appropriate for the jester like antics of this crazy year.

I came across a new Ray Stevens song on youtube, and it sums up the year perfectly, mentioning the purchase toilet paper. Thing song made me giggle. Hopefully as time goes by, my sense of humor on the seriousness of this will change.

We have seen political divide for years, but not on the scale of this year. The anxiety of this election was high, and is still high. It has divided the country. I have been thinking about this a lot and come to the conclusion the run for presidency is much like rooting for your favorite football team. No matter how bad the team is, you root them on, you care not how bad they are, you are loyal. Let’s face it, politicians for the most part are bad, and we still root them on, and actually get angry about it if someone talks ill of our “team”. This is much like Ford Vs Chevy. Or Navy Vs Army. Cowboys Vs Packers. We give the wrong people this loyalty. Loyalty should be saved for ones we know, family, friends, neighbors. We have it a bit backwards. Hindsight.

2020 is hindsight, glad it is behind all of us. I hope that all of us grew, built character, and learned lessons that we can teach others. I am ready for 2021, for the sunrises and all those sunsets. Long term goals to be determined. I just don’t want to commit to something impossible to achieve when things are so out of control. Playing it by ear. I liked my goal setting for each week, and may continue with that approach.

I look forward to finishing the 365 quilt block challenge. I look forward to more english paper piecing, and working some UFOs into the mix in 2021. I look forward to new tatting adventures. I look forward to using my quilting machine again. And I certainly look forward to being able to shop again and enjoy quilt shows. What do you most look forward to in the coming year? Please leave your comments in the comments section. We love all that input!

Wrapping up the year, I would like to say thank you to all the people who visit my blog. My numbers have been way up in the last few months. I am uncertain why that is, as I have changed nothing, but am glad others can enjoy my tidbits of quilting wisdom and all the other random things that come to be known as myquiltprojects.wordpress.com.

Readers, did you like this post? I encourage you to share my post on social media, that would really help me out. And thank you again for reading my blog!

The weather co-operated!

Today it is warm out, which enabled me to get in the garage and do some time on the longarm. I have not worked on this since mid October. I did not want to carry the virus to the site where my longarm is incase I was a carrier. Plus it cooled off signifigantly and then the time continuum was just not allowing me.

I am now in the middle of the quilt. One of the middle petals I made into chicken feathers.

I am not sure what to call this, other than a successful doodle. I like it!

Another different feather mock up.

And more successful doodling. Not sure what to call this???

I am a big fan of Bob Ross and have liked him since he was on PBS in the 80s. He was fascinating to watch. One day his paintings will go on sale. For every show he made 3 paintings, sometimes more. They are all in an estate where people are making money on this name. They are cleverly marketing him, which I think will just drive his paintings sky high one day. Probably unaffordable for someone like me. But thinking about him, and his happy trees, I thought to make a petal with a tree and took a video!

This was fun!

And in the last couple of days since my last post, I made lots of 3 1/2 inch blocks, which are so much faster than the larger counter parts. I have advanced almost out of July! I also managed a trip to the quilt store and got some more fabrics to add to this quilt.

Some of these turned out quite muddy. Many of these had many different techniques. Learned new skills, and will probably continue to hone them as time marches on in this challenge. The covered corners block in the lowest left, all of those pieces are covered corners with rectangles, who knew you could do this!? Some of these have the newest fabrics within too.

I will be back at it again today making the paper plates full of pieces and instructions ready to assembly as time allows. Gosh it sure is nice to be off. I have now been off a week and a half and have not found boredom once. I always worry about that when and if I retire (which is years down the road).

Tomorrow it is going to be cooler, but because of the radiant heat going on in the garage which is warming that cement slab, I may get one more day’s worth before calling it quits. I did manage to quilt enough to get it up off the garage floor. Glad for that!

I have scheduled a couple of posts that follow this one, be sure to look for those in the coming days. And thank you for reading my blog!

The blocks still commeth

I am breezing thru July with my block building. I am now back to 3 inch blocks, and these go so much faster!

The larger 6 inch block directly above, I timed in making that. This time does not account for the original cutting time as I had my pieces cut and placed on the paper plate method and I did not time that. To construct this block took me more than 2 hours. That block is all seam allowance on the back!

Got the rows sewed together. This was the quick part of this quilt. Very happy and energized to get to this point. I will be sewing more in the week to come.

Yesterday started off with an Amber Alert on the phone going off (loudness at 6 a.m.). I ended the day with a migraine. Today started off with the cat barfing on me at 4 a.m. Thankfully the cat is not a big chewer of food so it was an easy clean up. So here I am being as quiet as I can as to not disturb the rest of the house. I will remain quiet for 4 hours until it is time for them to get up. No sewing, no noise, no cleaning, no nothing. This is the paradox of being on an early schedule for years, while the rest of the house are night owls, LOL. It really is NON-productive for me when I have time, I should be able to use said time. For the love of my family I will sacrifice time. I am a mom, it is what we do!

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A weeks worth….

Last Saturday started my relaxed journey called winter break vacation. It has been very nippy here, but oh so warm and cozy inside. It is so nice if it is raining or cold and windy to not have to leave the house to do anything! Yeah, I am a home body.

One week of relaxing…ahhhhh, I can feel the ache of life leave (ache of life equals having a job bill paying responsibilities…a necessary evil). Energy and vigor now in its place.

With creative energy high, the fabric swatches, and the cutting dept have flourished. (On a totally different note, I have learned to make sure I take my B-complex vitamins when I cut fabric or my brain cannot compute and many cutting errors occur). The paper plate method has been tested and proven repeatedly to work for me. I will try to continue on with this when I go back to work. The only thing I worry about, if I have all my blocks cut out and stacked that there will be a paper plate spillage, and if you have 7 blocks cut out, and each of those blocks has 20 pieces all in the same colorway, it would be very thought provoking after a long work day to put the puzzle pieces on the right patterns/plates. I mean yesterday one of our sweet male cats came in for a visit. And of all the spaces he could have sat, he decided to crawl on top of my paper plates (9 of them) and sit down. I gasped in horror when this happened and fear ran thru my veins instantly. Was he wanting attention? I don’t think so. There is something with cats and smoothness of surface. I mean if me and the children are sitting on the floor playing a board game, the cat(s) will just plop themselves down right in the middle of the game. I assume they like the smoothness of the clean paper??? Plus they may want attention, and we are on their level and may be provoking them???? Those fur babies, you gotta luv ’em!

In 7 days I got 15 blocks made on the 365 quilt block challenge. I did half a months work in a week, YES! I am now into July!! Whoooohoooo! I took note during the matching of fabrics this week. I assumed when I would match things up before and when the block was complete, it looked like mud, it was me tired. Those reflect my state of mind. See below for mud pics LOL!

And it happened one time this week. When the pattern calls for Light, , White, and medium, I think I need a white fabric, a white with print fabric, and a reddish fabric. Such as this, the white with print was too dense making one of the blocks I finished be very muddy, or since I am using red, bloody LOL. Here are some of the blocks I did get done this week.

Left column middle, very bloody! But after doing all that work, it will NOT get the axe. That block represents a point and time in my life. I will not erase it from the quilt. I will try to place it with other blocks that will play nicely with it.

I have learned much in this challenge. The main thing, if you have a print, the print better be small. These pieces are cut up so small that if you have too large of a print, it creates a non-harmonious block.

Some of these blocks have become more difficult to calculate. I make my fabric pull of what I like. And then when I go to cut, I realize I do not have enough left. This happened with the 40 HSTs I had to make for the block below. Luckily I had a tad left from another piece in the same fabric line. So scrappy it became, LOL!

And here is the last one I pressed, I still have one to press but other stuff is going on at the pressing station in the kitchen so, that block will make it’s debut in my next post.

A weeks worth in review above…..

I am seeing many people who started their 365 quilt block challenge quilts when I did, and they are finishing theirs. I have let myself down a bit in that regard. I really thought I could do a block a day. At the rate I am going, I can probably get this completed in about 4 months. December blocks are a wash as a lot of these are already done. There are blocks from Nov that are also done. But I will have to recognize that before I cut it out, or I will end up duplicating what I did last year.

Last year, you just went to the site, and made your block, then it changed to be emailed to you. And then the virus hit and the server had problems, so now it is all under a teachable address, where you print the stuff you want to make (I suppose you could just view it on the screen, but that is hard when you are following a pattern and the pattern says your pieces are white, light, light medium, medium, dark, or very dark.) I will have to sort out later what I have and have not done. When they changed things over in April, I started keeping really good track of things.

I discovered this last night when I went to print out my papers for Sept thru Dec. I did recognize some that I have made. So I am not just 5 months behind. It is less than 5 months LOL.

I noticed in my pattern pile the next step is for me to sew the second round of light squares in this 365 quilt. I could not wait to lay it out! (I see I was not tall enough to take the photo and chopped off the top and bottom row. You get the idea, eh?)As this comes together, I am now confident on finishing. This is a once in a lifetime quilt with so many pieces, and now that I have an idea that I am steering this RED boat in the right direction, is wind in my sails. Productivity will certainly flourish on this. I want to hurry it up. But, I know that I cannot hurry this.

The center to the darker squares was sewn quite some time ago. Oh my goodness, this is really surprising me. When you stare at fabrics and create each block in their own colorway, it is impossible to see this all come together. Boy howdy I am proud of this so far! I will have to get a piece count and let you know.

Today I will be back at the cutting table, stacking my plates. I see the big corners are coming. I may have to make a fabric run when that happens. My goal for the end of the year is to get to September. I have set the bar high. We will see if I can meet it.

During TV time or when I am just relaxing, I am enjoying some tatting action. After the last handkerchief was finished, I really admired it, so I am making another, this one in a purple varigated. I have gotten this far, and aim to have this done before I return to work as well.

This is a free pattern that I saw on youtube. I chose to go chainless this time. No chains in the pattern. But you have to use a picot gage. That is new to me, and I wanted to try something I had not tried. I have gotten very good at hiding my thread ends which is also why I chose this pattern because that part seemed easier.

I will be reflecting for this year in an upcoming post as well as planning the next. Plans are really hard to make right now. I will probably keep it simple.

Well, this wraps up the week, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

What a Difference!

What a difference a few days of vacation make! And boy I have been making away.

First I got to cleaning. My sewing area was an archeology dig. I would unearth a layer, and either have to find a place for the fabric, or rearrange a place to put, whatever it was. And I came across this.

I really did not want to hide this away anywhere. I mean it was on my desk, and was totally lost, but not forgotten. So in between cleaning my area, among other household chores, if I was sittin’ I was keeping my hands busy. And guess what? it is done!!!! TA-DAH!

This will be gifted. I will not say to who so there is no spoiler in case they read my blog!

This is my own pattern and is as follows:

Starting with the 1st ring, 5 DS, picot, and 5 more DS then close.

2nd ring is the same. 5 DS, picot, and 5 more DS then close.

Reverse work.

For the chain, 3 DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 1 Ds, picot, and 3 DS.

Reverse work.

And then you start over, but on the next ring you will join at the previous rings picot.

3rd ring, 5 DS, Join, 5 Ds and repeat from this point.

For the corner, reverse work, 3 DS, picot, 1DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 3 DS.

Reverse work.

For the large ring, 5 DS, picot, 1ds, picot, 3DS, Join. (this will be the picot at ring 2), 3 DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 5 DS. Close ring.

Reverse work.

Repeat the chain on the opposite side, 3 DS, picot, 1DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 1 DS, picot, 3 DS. And then you are back to step one ring one.

I look forward to covid being gone so I can teach some friends how to do this craft. Your tools are a shuttle ($4.00) and thread (up to $8.00), scissors which all already own.

Making this was very challenging, and since I was on my staycation, I enjoyed the challenge! I learned how to hide my thread ends. I learned that fray check is my friend. I learned to know when to round the corner. Keep in mind while tatting this, only some of this is attached to the handkerchief while the other remains free so you have more mobility. I learned that you should round the corner after you start. It is much easier to attach everything together if it is on the straight edge, not at the corner.

I learned to use the picots to hand stitch using regular sewing thread and hide the stitches within the hem of the handkerchief. Here is an excellent picture of the corner in case any of you tatters are interesting in making this.

When I first started making this, I thought this pattern was way too simplistic to be pretty enough for lace. Now that it is all done, seeing it as a whole, it is perfect!

My cup and shuttle are empty.

The cup method worked great for working this with a ball and shuttle too. It never rolled out of my lap. I never had to chase it across the floor. The cup goes back into the cupboard. The shuttle is now refilled. And I have moved onto the next handkerchief with a pattern by frivole.

I have began work on this edging. This has no chains, but does reverse work. I will only work with a shuttle and will be able to tie my end in as I start a new shuttle full.

I am this far already. I estimate this will use up the ball almost entirely.

This cup is now my tatting cup. I found it at goodwill and can put the fiesta ware back in the cabinet so I don’t break it. If I break this one, it will be a shame because it is pretty and Fire King, but it was so cheap that any cup will work.

As far as quilting, I have been able to make in that dept too! After the archeology dig, and tidy-ing up. Everything felt less cramped, more free, freedom for creativity. I got busy doing the paper plate method. Any of you quilters know what the paper plate method is? I did not know until a few weeks ago.

For the 365 Quilt Block Challenge, each day there is a quilt block to pull fabrics for, cut, and sew, and cut some more, press, and then admire.

I am waaaaaaay behind. I am back in time, June. So in the pattern pile I pulled fabrics for each block, cut them out, and placed them on the paper plate with the instructions. I cut all afternoon and got 8 days worth of blocks. I managed to sew a few of these up. I have found the paper plate method works for me!!!

If the paper plate pile is in my way, I just move it to a different location. It would be less than fun if the children tipped this over. But I think I could figure it out by the different fabrics used in each block.

First came these, and I got to use my new design wall. I will have to move this to a closer location as it is too far away to be a help right now, but dang I like it. You can read all about where to get one of these in my former post.

My blog has substance again!!!! This makes me happy in the heart!

Today I sewed for a while and worked on this one.

65 pieces in this 6 inch block. I tried to make all the directional fabric go the same way. It did not go as planned but my seams met nicely so I am fine with that! It has been so long since I did any of this work, that I almost forgot how the directions that were understood each and everyday, were no longer understood. A relearn of covered corners and HSTs. I dread re-figuring out mitered corners. That day will come.

Things are getting caught up at the house, so this is going to give me even more free time to hobby as I wish. Because of Covid I cannot get to my longarm. It is at my parents house. I do NOT want to make any of them sick since we could be sick and not know it. Thanksgiving was scratched because of this. I do not want Christmas to be the same. I suspect Christmas may be delayed, but it will still happen.

Dishes are done, laundry is doing itself, LOL. I have manged to start reading a book. I have not done this in years. Raising little ones, they are noisy, and sometimes of moment of peace is few and far between. Reading a book is new again too. I will probably read myself to sleep tonight.

I feel such harmony right now. It is nice.

Thanks for coming by and reading my blog!

Vacation Time!!!

I made it!!!! I am happily done with work for the year. Not literally done, it will all be there when I return in January.

I am not sure how much overtime I worked this year, but I do know I used very little paid time off. Normally I burn a day or two each month on the days that seem harder than others. I have had very few hard days this year. And when I say hard days, I mean my body says nope, but my mind really wants too. I think the old arthritis pays visits, unannounced. This year, I am uncertain if it is the weather or better health, but I still have it but not as bad.

I did work overtime for the week. So, I accomplished little in the quilting dept.

I now have a new potholder (and threw a grungy one away). When I look at the shape of this it reminds me of a psychedelic sunflower. Wouldn’t it be fun to make one that looked like a sunflower?

And the boring back, LOL. You can definitely see my fabric folds here as it was light on too dark of fabric. But who cares, it’s only a potholder, right?

I have one pyramid that I stitched, I just need to press.

And I managed to get to the hobby store and buy some green thread, so I stitched on this one. I have less than half an edge to one of these pieces and this one will join the other in the press pile.

What do my weeks hold? In the quilt aspect, I dunno. But I am sure to enjoy the relaxation phase of this stay-cation.

All of my Christmas presents are bought. I started wrapping last night. Gosh, that plum tuckered me out. I really struggled with just having enough hands to hold the gift wrap in place while tearing off tape. And I made sure I used the paper scissors in the house to cut that thin wrap. But using child safety scissors was probably not the scissors I should have used. That was even a chore. I quit before I was close to being done.

That is ok, more gifts are on the way anyway, so the wrapping will commence again. And maybe next time fall on a day where I have not worked and am tired from the whole week. Jeez, I think I am turning into an old lady!! In my younger years I would get on the floor and just wrap until it was done. Oh the floor…..that floor is way too hard now. It is the same floor I have wrapped gift on since 1994. That wood has hardened or something!

I am off to make some hot chocolate and eat some powdered sugar donuts. I have not had a powdered sugar donut in a very, very long time. The first relaxing breakfast of many, here I come!

And thank you for reading my blog!