The block count

My last day off, ho-hum. The thought of going back to work out of my safe cocoon, is depressing. But the bills gotta be paid. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. And will look forward to snippets of time off soon!

Yesterday I broke in to my tubs of squares. I am quilting along with and making scrap quilts. The goal is do what you can do. So I got out my tubs and determined my largest tub count of blocks is of the 2 inch variety. Then I took them all out of their tubs and separated by color. The winning color was neutral LOL. Second runner up is brown. So, I did some easy stitching yesterday with NO cutting required. This:

Became this:

I am not hugely fond of brown, but the earthen tone of these blocks will have a very homey feel. I have made 11 of these so far and have more for sewing today. The suggested amount of blocks is 25. I don’t think I am going to follow their directions. I will probaby stop when the tub gets low, and these may get paired with another color instead of sashing the browns. To be determined.

I have decided to do a block count of all the blocks I have made while I have been away from work. I got a few more made of the 365 quilt block challenge.

For the most part these were all very quick blocks. I may have to visit block number 3 from the left again. This block you sewed two different size strip sets together, and then sewed the two strips together again to make 1 strip, then you cut them at varying lengths. By flip-flopping them, it created a nice affect.

And the final block count is……..drum roll please. 110! I did not count sewing sub units together creating a different block, just blocks.

I had many of these:

And then there was some larger ones:

And some churn dash, A big THANK you to Gail at for the free sew along!

Amazing what you can get done with a little extra time. A little math here, 110 blocks divided by 23 days off equals an average of 4.78 blocks per day LOL. 5 blocks a day is not normally a lot. But the fact that I was making such tiny pieces and having to re-trim every HST, flying geese, or QST really adds time to the sub units of each block.

In comparision, yesterday while sewing the browns to make my 16 patches, I breezed right through these. 11 happened in one day, and that was just a few hours of sewing. I am loving my speed trimmer great for breaking the threads while chain piecing. Best 10 bucks I ever spent. (Mine is attached to a hand turned {lathed} piece of wood).

This device sticks into the end of a spool (coats and clark). I suspect there is a rotary cutter blade within. This is also equipped to wear on a string around the neck. They run around 7 dollars, but you could probably find them for 1/2 price and wait for them to go on sale. I have used mine so much! It is worth its weight in gold.

Today is getting ready for the ho-hum coming. The house is pretty much clean, I need to tackle the kitchen a couple of times today because I am making pies and breads, and homemade pizza. Laundry will get to its most caught up state, ready to go back to the grind, *SIGH*.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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