SnowMeggedon is Coming

Here in Texas, it is unusual to get inches of snow, plural, more than one inch. The state of Texas is a large state, with millions of miles of roads and a very small budget for purchase of sand and salt. So the 4-6 inches we are expecting where I live will shut us down for days. The northern readers of my blog will laugh at this. It is ridiculous as up north this is nothing. Usually the only way interstates are shut down is when snowfall happens so fast and thick that snowplows cannot keep up demand and/or there are blizzard like conditions of very little visibilty and drifting upon the roads.

It has been years since we have seen an accumulation, let alone very cold. I am glad when this happens as it kills the mosquitos and fleas and other undesirable insects. It is a nice reset for the upcoming months of spring.

Because Texas has warmer temperatures, this can affect trees greatly. We all know that sap is in the trunk of trees and flows when the temperature is not freezing outside. Because many Texas trees are green year round, this snow and ice expected can also interrupt electricity, the trees cannot take the extra weight of snow, and it bends their boughs. And then the freeze happens, and greenwood is no longer green and snaps the largest of branches like it was a twig. The last time this happened was about 7 or 8 years ago. The house was as quiet as it could ever be, and you would hear a thump or a crash and wonder where the large limb fell in the neighborhood. It does make a distinct noise, one that you cannot forget. It tops the healthiest of trees, and falls the widow maker branches, or creates new ones. I have removed all the trees in my yard. That does not mean the neighbors tree will or will not fall. I hope not, but mother nature is quite an unpredictable lass.

This week has been pretty weird. My quilting mojo is practically flatlined. I have picked up my tatting shuttles and have worked on the hanky (ordered thread, coming in the next few days).

I have just made up my mind to take the plunge and make a doily. Here it is all finished. I used my old Rowenta to press it with the wool mat. Pressed it good and flat.

And I kept thinking I would love to have something beautiful to work on a little larger than the one above. After much looking around on the internet I found this pattern. Seems simple enough, very do-able. This is the lavender version and is practice. Imperfect yes in size 20 cebelia thread. I started this out on size 30, and have figured out, I need to make this with bigger thread until I understand the pattern and feel confident I can manage the smaller thread size.

I have had much frustration with this, and have taken out closed rings, and snipped off chains. And in error tried to hide my tails and made mess of this, but when it gets done it will be useable and pretty enough. I will continue with this during SnowMeggedon 2021. And maybe the quilting mojo will come back soon!

Be looking for a post summary of last months worth of quilt stitching for ScrapHappy, and a very themed post that goes along with the snow coming.

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TTFN, ta-ta for now!

4 thoughts on “SnowMeggedon is Coming

  1. Your tatted pieces are beautiful! Sure to cheer you up during this awful weather. I am in Texas too, and usually I look forward to cold weather, but this is ridiculous! And I am in the Piney Woods so lots of chances of a tree falling on a power line somewhere. But if we do lose power, our neighbors have wood-burning stoves so we will just go camp out on their floor. 🙂

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  2. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are expecting an afternoon and evening of sleet. Following two days of snow accumulating even in lower areas. More than we usually get. But rain and 40s start Monday. Short lived ordeal.

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