A sigh of relief, things seem to be back to normal for us in Texas. I would like to thank all of you for worrying about our situation. I have come out rather unscathed, but far too many things we take for granted, vanished for a few days. Boil orders are subsiding. WE MADE IT!

Work is back to normal, driving is back to normal, laundry….back to normal, cooking back to normal. But I must say we have not bought groceries in 3 weeks. Mother Hubbards cupboards are BARE. This weekend will be normal too as it will be off to the grocery store for menu replenishment.

After the snow melted and Monday and Tuesday high being in the upper 70s, my daffodils did NOT freeze and will bloom soon. I could not believe my eyes to see those wonderful stems popped up about 6 inches after the great melt! Life’s little surprises. Looking forward to signs of spring.

I managed to stop into the quilt shop on the way home. I had a gift certificate to spend. I proved to myself that my sewing mojo is completely gone. I picked up fabric and looked at it and nothing appealed to me. I did get thread as I was completely out. I will be good now for several months once the mojo returns.

It was so very nice early this week, and I did not make it to quilt. I presumed it would be just a tad chilly in the garage as the residual from the winter weather would linger in the closed up heat sink of concrete called the garage.

No quilty offering again this week. Sorry. But progress has been made on the lavender doily. Another round is complete, and yet another starts. I am really liking this pattern as it is very repetitive and easy to just do without getting too fouled up. I highly recommend if you are a tatter and can make joins, this pattern is for you. Nothing complex about it. You can find the pattern here.

Round 4 above complete, round 5 is the same as the center medallion.

This took quite a bit of ironing to get it to set straight. Round 4 was squirrelly! My new steam iron came in handy. This helped it behave for those next wonderful rosettes. This will be surrounded by 8 more of these. This is what I am working towards. It still have one more round after this one. Another repeat of the clover and chains previously done. Joining in a different place is all.

I worried about those long chains not looking right, but I think after I get the rosettes all on, it will straighten those critters out!

I managed to stop by an estate sale today. Not much there. You could tell the man that did reside there, had lost his wife long ago. Not much fru-fru stuff in the estate. Lots of mens hats and nice furniture. I did find a ziploc bag with a few tatted pieces in it, so I snatched that for a whole buck. I discovered once I got home there were 3 small tea-cup doilies inside. One of these had been used in an arts and crafts steampunk something. It had a hunk cut out of it. I know it was canibalized for another craft because the tatted doily still was stiffened with starch.

Waiting for my mojo to return. If it does, you will be the second ones to know. Family will obviously see it first hand here at the house pre-post LOL.

TTFN….ta-ta for now! And thanks for reading my blog!

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