Brushin’ the week away

Saturday, I had the itch to quilt, but it was grocery shopping day. No dice, or was it? I put my mind to it, I WANTED TO QUILT. And Quilting I did! I managed to get the mitten placemat a little warmer. It has batting and is quilted and bound. I did this on my Janome, which I only get out now for mending. I have become rusty using this machine! But a finish, nonetheless!

Sunday, it was a balmy 72 degrees which translates to perfect quilting weather! While I was quilting away in the garage, it poured rain. That was the hardest it has rained in a very long time. Dream Big Opal is off the frame, although not complete. Bare with me here. Dream Big Opal started events that kind of mushed up the week.

While I was quilting this lovely panel in the rain, the hard rain, a thunderstorm passed through. As you all know, the garage I quilt in, is offsite. Part of me wanted to power down the machine and let the storm pass. Even though I have it connected to a high Jules surge protector, it can be a costly mistake. I quilted on. And then I was done.

When I returned home, I found out the fridge stopped working. Said fridge was purchased in Aug of 2009. It only lasted 11 years. A disappointing 11 years. You see within the warranty of this fridge, it stopped working, and we had repair worked done while under warranty. An ice damn would form within the guts of the fridge, and you would have to defrost the fridge usually in the fall and in the late spring. Something that never got fixed. A disappointment. I presume lightening struck during that thunderstorm and found the path of least resistance, the fridge. Just a guess, dunno.

Because groceries had been purchased the previous day, it was a scramble to save the next two weeks worth of food. For whatever reason, the grocery store that we have relied upon for dry ice through the years while defrosting the fridge, had NONE. So that sent us scrambling further to get a fridge a soon as possible.

For those of you who are blessed to have trust worthy appliances during the pandemic, YOU ARE LUCKY! Because of the pandemic, it is slim pickens concerning all appliances, and most things are back ordered for months. Luckily there were a handful of fridges in stock. Did we get what we want? NOPE. Beggars can’t be choosers, so we are now the owner of a new fridge. Hopefully this one will be problem free for years. I am so glad I had the cash to purchase this, because there have been times in my life where I did not. So life is good right?

So Sunday evening, we had all of the normal stuff in the kitchen, plus an extra fridge. The dead fridge finally got hauled off on Friday. But having a 25 cubic foot non-working fridge in the middle of the kitchen was quite the gray elephant in the room.

Oh, and I almost forgot, remember we had torrential rains earlier. To make it easy to move the new fridge into this house, we backed the borrowed truck up in the front yard. Guess what? If you guessed we got stuck in our front yard, you would be correct. I have two large ruts in the yard, the truck sunk, LOL. When it rains, it pours. In this case literally. The neighbor pulled us out with no issue.

As we settled down for the night on Sunday, I started taking a scrub brush to the chennile on the Dream Big Opal quilt. My goodness, I have scrubbed on this quilt all week long, and it is not yet in full bloom.

You know, during the quilting of this, I really doubted what I was doing. I kept thinking, the pink looks garish against the yellows and blues in the quilt. My mind kept over thinking what I was doing, and there was a point I really thought I would remove what I had already stitched. But now, I am SOOOOOOO glad I persevered! Here is a small glimpse. I want to bloom the whole quilt before I bind, and then I will reveal.

Here is the same location on the quilt as previously pictured above. Except bloomed. I have brushed this week away. I will take my time and enjoy all the muscle building I am doing. Imagine scrubbing your bathroom floor with a toothbrush, that is kinda what it is like scrubbing this bias out trying to get it to bloom.

And finally, Monday arrived with a big Ole’ migraine. So, I did not go into work and slept a good part of the day. Glad I stayed home, as mamma kitty had 5 kittens. They are so healthy and cute and she is taking such good care of them. These kitties are quiet, not like the cry babies of past litters.

Tuesday came, and even though my headache was not gone, I trudged on into work. Or I tried, I had a flat tire. I was late, but I made it.

Wednesday, it was beautiful outside when I left work, so I decided to quilt. I got to the garage and realized the idea of a pantograph was not going to happen. I will save that story for another post. So now I am ruler working the brown scrappy quilt top. You know sometimes, when you have a quilting plan, and you deviate that plan, it can lead to an improperly quilted quilt. Yeah, you can ruin a quilt by quilting it with the wrong design. But, I have been doing this long enough now to ease the quilting with the right match.

I am pleased with this so far, and it will not take me long to finish. Quick ruler work, I never thought I would say those words in the same sentence.

A grid within the scrappy neutrals and browns. Orange peels in the snowballed blocks and outer ribbon. A simple zig-zag to line up the tiny HSTs in the outermost border.

Today I quilted some, but it was too cold. I did manage to make a full pass on the machine. The floating quilt top is already off the floor with progress.

I found out last night that a quilt show has been announced in the area in OCTOBER. I CAN HARDLY WAIT. I have been waiting for a quilt show for over a year now. And no, a virtual quilt show is not a quilt show (that is called pinterest to me).

And all this week I have tatted when I could. I failed to finish another full round on the lavender doily. But hey, I can’t do everything. This round is a bigg’un!

I am enjoying this so much. So much so, that I would entertain the idea of remaking this again. But on those long squirrely chains, I would make a SCMR at the first ring which would eliminate the squirrelyness. I will tat on!

What a week! I am looking forward to the weekend. If I accomplish nothing, that is something! Life was a bit fast this week. Glad daylight savings is one more week away.

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