Focused on the Quilting

With Spring, comes better temperatures for quilting in the Garage. And as a direct result, more quilting has happened and is still happening. It has energized my soul and made me feel so good.

I guess I was pouting because with all the cold weather this winter, I could NOT QUILT. I was a bit cranky about it too. I can’t wait until I get a house and move the quilting machine in! Without it being here, it creates a flow issue.

I can piece and piece and piece, and those pile up over the winter. With the nice weather window open, I have been able to quilt three, now all at different stages. One has binding applied and is being stitched down by hand. Two need binding cut and sewn. A flow issue, I can only work one project at my table at a time. So, I have focused on quilting this week.

I got some amazing pictures of my Midnight Alaska quilt. Gosh this thing is pretty!

I quilted this in a panto called “Etched Lace” using black thread. I wish I was keeping this one. I can make another, not sure when, but I do have the pattern and templates. This currently measures 61 1/2 square. Midnight Alaska is SOLD!

Here is a closeup of the center.

Beautiful if I do say so myself!

Ready for binding. I am thinking this would be magnificent in a flanged binding. Not sure yet.

And this week I purchased some pantographs from Urban Elementz. I can’t wait for those to arrive! I will probably purge some of the old stock hand-me-downs I have as they are not that great. The bread and butter of the quilting industry, I have been schooled you choose pantos you can make the most money from. Dense or confusing patterns are not quick and therefore not appealing for the quilter’s timeline. I think I have made some wise decisions. We will see when they arrive.

While I was at, they have freebies. And had a freebie that I was looking for. This is currently printed and now being used. An easy quick pattern with very nice texture!

This is what I am using to quilt the crazy patch quilt top.

Getting as much practice as I can in so maybe I can start taking in some revenue. Anyone out there interested, message me and I will try to work on it after my day job.

Again I have learned something on the longarm. All tops I float. There is a way to keep them square, but for some reason, the tops always seemed to scootch. Using my centering tape and everything, still unsuccessful. Frustrating. And then I tried out my cordless steam iron while everything was loaded on the longarm. This is NIGHT AND DAY for squareness. Holy Cow, what a difference the right tool makes. I am loving the invention of a cordless iron!

Now I will be on the hunt for needles. I can get needles from my longarm vendor. But they have to be shipped to me, and I really do not want to pay for shipping. There is Linda’s Electric Quilters in McKinney Texas. I am needing to make a batting purchase soon, so I bet I make it down there to get both. I am ready for that outing. Ain’t happening right away.

Tomorrow the Vacuum gets out of the shop. My floors are grosser than gross. Gosh children are filthy animals! Ready for filth removal…

In the meantime I will be binding away at the pace I can afford. Life is good!

Thank you for reading my blog!

9 thoughts on “Focused on the Quilting

  1. Can I ask what you mean by using your cordless iron to keep the quilt from scootching on the longarm? Mine tend to migrate ½” on one side every time, too, and if you’ve figured out a way to outsmart that I’m begging you to share!

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    1. When I load a quilt all is good. As I progress and roll the quilt using my centering tape it used to scootch. The last two quilts I used my cordless iron to make it perfectly flat. That scootches no more. The center stays true. The sides do not scootch, they stay right at the marks on my tape measure. While the quilt is loaded, I steam iron it. Not sure why, but it stays square. Perhaps there was just enough ripple on a not so flat quilt that the steam iron prevents movement? Perhaps I am wedging the seams into the batting making it stay, by setting the seams in the batting? Both tops were starched pre-piecing.

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