Scrap Happy April

Can you believe we are already halfway through April! I must be having fun with my scraps, time sure is flying!

What have I been up to in the last month?

This is quilted, bound, washed, and on a bed!

This is bound and gifted to new parents of a baby girl!

I had this quilted some time ago and never got around to finishing. It is also bound and gifted!

Both of these quilts were completely from my stash, no purchase necessary!

Gosh, I think I should be called Scrap Maven (maybe without the S) hahahahahaha!

The rosette round was finished on my tatted doily!

And in less scrappy news I started a new project with a jelly roll and some muslin. I am liking where this is going!

I have started on my La Passacaglia Millefiori! Rosette one is LOUD! I am liking the vast contrast. I just want to turn this up even more!

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Thanks for clicking by and visiting my blog!

12 thoughts on “Scrap Happy April

  1. What beautiful quilts.. and, OHHH LOOK AT THAT TATTING! She squeals with glee! I love needle-tatting. Please, don’t ask me to man a shuttle…it’s a knotting nightmare! lol! At the moment, my tatting supplies are packed for what may be a move soon.

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