Happy Mother’s Day

Today was not a perfect day, but as a Mother, what day is? It started out rather foul, but turned into a wonderful day. Family gatherings, can we get a hoorah!

My Mom made this for me, a free in the hoop design. I have a wonderful new coaster to set my drink on. Isn’t it pretty?

I am preparing a post for the ScrapHappy middle of the month post. There is some nice eye candy coming soon!

In the meantime I will share the tatting doily I am working on. I am on the last round, round six. I sat down yesterday and got all focused and started stitching only to find out, in my knotting, I skipped one whole loop on the previous round on the rosette. How disappointing. I did not catch this until this morning. There is no un-doing. So I cut out all my work and started this round over. I figured out, with the enormity of this, you now have to work on it at the table. That was part of my problem. Trying to keep this untangled while working is difficult. The table helped immensely. I am just a bit past where I was when I cut all this round out. I gave it a good press with the iron. I am very pleased as this one winds down!

This doily was not difficult. It is actually a pretty beginner friendly pattern. I had trouble with round 3 and it shows. I guess I should not have worked with the ball and should have wound a second shuttle. Ah well, such is life!

Happy Mother’s day! Treat yourself to something you love. You have definitely earned your title!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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