This weekend was a whirlwind! It was like something sucked the time continuum to go FASTER! Whew!

Today when I was driving home from work (yes I worked overtime), I stopped to snap some photos of flowers. These flowers catch my eye every year. But in previous years I have never stopped. I do not know what these are it is a bit of a mystery, but BOY HOWDY, they smell good! A good fragrant perfumed flower smell is good at 6 foot away. They must be old (old flowering plants always smell better than new).

Can anyone tell me what these are? They certainly are a vibrant lavender color! April Showers bring may flowers and my goodness the Queen Anne’s Lace in some places is as tall as the hood on the ford! We have had oodles of rain in the last two weeks. I think the sun made a minor appearance on two days. The rest of the days it has rained.

These flowers hang out in the low spot in the ditch, not the high spot. They must like water???

Perhaps before it dries out and the mowers remove these beauties I can get more of a closeup. I was afraid I would sink in the mudd!

And speaking of flowers, I got two more flower blocks sewn for the Corriander Quilts sew along. I am making all my flowers different, including the backgrounds, for a good scrappy affect. We will see how it turns out. Not so sure after I sewed this one:

The neutral gray print is kind of loud!

I do like how the flower turned out below:

And speaking of mysteries, I have made good progress on the Laundry Basket Quilts mystery quilt 2021. I lack cutting some corner pieces from the economy block and sewing those together. And tomorrow will probably be oodles of info to cut the remaining blocks out of just 4 1/2 inch squares in neutrals. I failed to snap photos. You will probably get to see great progress on this next weekend. This reminds me I need to re-install my miniature design wall so I can sew, LOL.

And the last two evenings, I have kicked my feet up and started a new doily. I am using a light pink Lizbeth thread. After not using it for the last doily, I struggle with that darn twist. I need to investigate how to remove the twist out of my rings, because my thrown rings are suffering as a result from this ailment.

This is the center of the doily. When I get to part of the outer rim, it is filled with these rosettes. This time I am remembering to do front side/back side tatting so I don’t suffer from the gapsosis. The next round is several oblong pieces that attach to the outer thrown rings. Crossing my fingers that this will turn out. I find that I know enough to make the stitches, but sometimes have a failure of execution to make it look right. Made by hand is naturally made imperfect. The beauty of this lace is one person could tat this up and it end up looking totally different because of the picot loops being smaller or larger. I am also using a picot gage to keep them uniform. That has helped much. I have also graduated to the large tatsy sized shuttle so I do not have to keep filling my shuttles. I am now also using a crochet hook since my shuttle dolphin nose is ginormous and this is pretty dainty.

I have had a bit of insomnia lately, waking up at around 3:30 and then dozing off about 4:45. The alarm goes off at 5:00. I can say I need a nap in the middle of the day. That did not happen, so I struggle to stay awake now. I will probably be wide awake in the middle of the night. I so wish I knew what was interrupting my serotonin levels….?

The words of this post happened within a matter of about 20 minutes. As this 20 minutes goes, my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Wish me luck in the sleep dept!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

4 thoughts on “Mystery/Flowers

  1. Everything is looking good. I have no idea what the flowers are but they are beautiful. I haven’t tatted before but I do love to crochet doilies. Hmmmm. I haven’t done that in a while. I love crocheting with pearl cotton.

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