Quilt Fail

This title is so negative. Us quilters no matter how experienced, do come upon failures every now and again. I must say it has been a while since I have “failed”. But I ask myself if this is really a failure? I have obtained two objectives, with the 3rd missing in action. I have used fabric in my stash, and used up scraps. I have enjoyed the process of the make. The missing in action is actually gazing upon it and liking it. Those are my main quilting objectives. Use, Enjoy, Love.

Two out of 3 ain’t bad, LOL! I like the scrappiness of this. But the competition of darker neutrals with the lighter greens is the problem. I causes the eye not to see the prize. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

The good thing about this fail, I have used up many scraps and have had a purge of green. Some of these fabrics were hand me downs. Better to be used than not.

I did have a little sense of humor with all of this. There are squares in this quilt that are called broken dish. So next to some of these squares I placed my silverware fabric. This just makes me giggle. As a quilter I can laugh about this. I think I will be sending a hidden message to all quilters. I think they would get this joke, HA!

I wonder if this quilt survives for 100 years, long after I am gone, what people would say about it. I would love to hear futuristic comments from readers. Please leave your comments in the comment section. You do not need to be kind or nice. You can be in agreement or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

“The poor girl must have been daft”

“The person who made this, must have had gobs of fabric”

“The chap who received this probably stayed warm with all that extra seem allowance hidden in the layers.”

“Green does nothing for this quilt, she might as well have just sewn whites together with other whites and tans”

Antiques roadshow “The quilt was an average quilt of the time, but much of the color has faded and is worth $50,000″…hehehe (a quilter’s fantasy/legacy eh?)

There is a design in this. I would entertain the thought of re-making this with a black background and yellow for the color. I still lack three rows before I can call this a top.

Am I being hard on myself? No, I think I enjoyed getting rid of some loud neutrals (there are rainbow cats, Christmas trees, brown moose, little house on the prairie, V8 logo, circuit board, and silverware in this quilt). I guess I am forgetting the most important thing, eh? It will bring warmth when needed. A hug with it’s use. Appreciation from those who know not this craft.

A quilter’s fail is still a win!

This is a risk we quilters take when we join a mystery sew long. We only know fabric recommendations and yardage. My last fail was also a mystery quilt. The pinks, lavenders, and blues were muddied by their piecing. This was months worth of work, whereas the green quilt above was less than a month.

I like the black contrast of this. This started black friday and this photo was snapped in the following summer (and yes this was worked almost every day from mid january thru march).

The news of the fail for me allows me to grow as a maker. Will I do this again? Fail, that is? Yup, probably. I just hope it is far less frequent than once every 2 years (the time span between these two quilts). The best thing, not everyone sees with my eyes. They will gaze upon this and love it. That makes me happy!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!

10 thoughts on “Quilt Fail

  1. I agree with you that the pattern doesn’t stand out consistently throughout the quilt, BUT when I look at it, I see the variety of blocks and all the little points that match up beautifully! That is something I aspire to, but I am a genius at avoiding patterns that require it. So your quilt is a win to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. True, the pattern may not stand out like you hoped, but it is a lovely combination of greens and lights, and will be warm. If I had lost my house in a fire, or was a client at a safe house and received this quilt I would be thrilled and thankful. Perspective is everything!

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  3. I agree about the dangers of mystery quilts. One of the quilts that I least like is one done during a mystery weekend. The colors just didn’t work, especially when you see the fabric combinations that other quilters used.

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  4. Well, if you bind it in green it will help bring out the green. There are also a few pieces that show orange or something that could be replaced with green. It isn’t awful, just not quite what you wanted.

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  5. LOL – quilters sure are snarky in the future ๐Ÿ˜€ But I love that Antiques Roadshow is the one tv show that survives the apocalypse

    That there’s some pattern evident makes your ‘failed’ quilt look like a overgrown vegetable garden – someone sowed everything in rows, but the plants themselves had other ideas!

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