Play it again Sam…

With my recent quilt “fail” on the Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery 2021, it got me to thinking. It actually got into my craw, could not get it out.

The green Laundry basket quilt really bugged me. I quilted this up yesterday, woohoo! And going with the theme of green and bugs, decided to quilt an old Panto called Dragonfly by Linda’s Electric Quilters. I have only had my longarm since 2018, but I had traded scraps for a bunch of pantos someone did not want. So I used this panto for the first time (the date on this panto is old, 1997 LOL). This will probably get shifted to the do not use drawer because this panto does not utilize the shadow of the design at the top and bottom of the continuous line that you follow in the center. (That may be another post entirely).

Anywho, it is quilted. I will bind it, but am not committing myself to the time schedule on that. It happens when it happens. It did quilt up nicely, and I had the perfect fabrics for the backing.

These fabrics more than make up for the pieced other side. Pretty enough to use back side up! (Thank you Matt and Amy for these fabric hand-me-downs, I have put them to good use!) Sorry I did not get a photo of this today because it was raining and far too wet. I am enjoying the rain because with it comes cooler temps. (The yard now looks like a wildlife preserve, jungle style).

So today at 4:30 A.M., I utilized my extra day as much as I could and got to work. The thought presented itself many times after the Green Mystery quilt “fail”, so I got out all my yellows, and all my blacks and got to work. Play it again Sam! I am not usually one who makes a quilt, and then makes another of the same pattern right after. This is a first for me.

Clue one is completed. Two clue is completed, Clue three needs pressed and verify if it needs trimmed or not. Same for clue 4, clue 5 is half stitched, I need to cut out the other half (I counted way wrong this morning). Clue 6 is ready for stitching. I skipped clue 7 (how did that happen…probably lack of caffeine) , clue 8 is stitched ready for press and trim.

I got halfway through this quilt in one day, can you believe that? Here are the neutrals (black) with what I had originally assigned green, now is yellow. This is really going to pop. I see success in my near future.

I suspect next weekend I may have another top to show you. But we will see how the time continuum goes for the 1st week in June. You never know what life has in store.

Even though the black fabrics show color from a distance, it is enough contrast of the main character of yellow to perfectly show Yellow off to its’ full potential regardless of the shade. And boy have I used up the fabric for this already. I have consumed complete pieces of scraps and it feels so good to move them out of my stash. I think I have sewn these pieces into 4 or 5 quilts. It will be nice to update with new neutrals/black.

Whew, I got a lot accomplished this weekend, even got a second post out to readers. Can you tell I enjoyed my time off? That one little extra day lifts the crafty spirits to great heights. And quilting is GOOD therapy!

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