Scrap Happy June

Scraptologists! Welcome! HeHe! It is that time again where us scrappy quilters get together virtually and share our scrap projects.

Last month I worked on the Laundry Basket Mystery of 2021. I still need to bind this. So close to being done. I am thinking of donating this quilt, perhaps to the Sew Yeah brothers for their Alaska quilt drive for the homeless.

It is no secret that I did not like how this turned out, and by adding the green border I like it a lot more. But I have quilts and quilts, and more quilts so this one can go for donation.

Here is the pieced back.

So I decided to re-do this same pattern. I opted for scrappy again. But more of a controlled scrappy. I am going with yellow for the color and black for the neutral. I am still working on the pinwheel block which is the last blocks to sew.

I could not wait to finish that block, I had to see if I had made the same mistake twice in my quilt construction. The mistake being too loud or high volume neutrals. I have sewn a few blocks together, this is the center of the quilt. I am liking this!

What a difference! There is definition! There is contrast! There is still color associated with the black! I am scrap happy with this one!

In the last month I have purchased a non-running vintage sewing machine and got that running. That was a fun challenge. I figured everything out on my own. There is not much info out there about clone machines. Especially how to fix the tension dial. But it is all figured out, rewired, and works like a champ. I have rehomed it. If it’s new home does not work out, that is ok. It can come back here and be dropped into the cabinet.

I uploaded a youtube video of this sewing. I must say, the audio quality does not capture the true sound of a Japanese machine. Those of you who own a Japanese vintage machine know the sound it makes. It makes a hum unlike any other vintage machine. The sound reminded me of my mother’s old kenmore. It also reminds me of my first sewing machine gifted from my grandmother. They certainly have a distinct sound.

Sorry about the autofocus. The camera repeatedly wigged out. Might be time for a new one, or perhaps to start using my phone.

What does the future hold for this scraptologist? I am currently working overtime, so any tidbit of crafts will keep me afloat until I can be back at it with more time.

I have started a new tatting project. A new doily pattern by Jan Stawasz. His patterns are flawless and the beauty comes through with every hitch of every stitch.

In the upcoming month, I will be stitching a couple more flowers for the corriander quilts quilt along. The centers change each month. So far I have these done.

Maybe I will get back to the 365 quilt block challenge. Or hand stitching on the La Passacaglia

My options are certainly open. Now if time would permit!

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

7 thoughts on “Scrap Happy June

  1. you’ve had a very busy time, quilting, tatting and saving old vintage machines ^^
    I love all your patchworkings but, if I was going to take the time to make up different blocks & make a pattern, I agree that contrast is what I prefer ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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