Longarm Quilting Tip For June

Hello readers! TGIF! I have pushed myself hard this week to bring you content. I hope you can take away something and spread this quilting tip to help others.

Squirrels seem to be finding me bad lately. I really do not want to stick with one thing for too long. Is my attention span child like all of a sudden? Or Am I switching gears to try to get the most out to my readers for content? Or am I just being lazy? The answer to these questions is probably yes! HAA.

The Texas weather presented itself Monday. A huge cold front came crashing through our neighborhood. With it came quilting temperatures suitable for some garage quilting! So I took advantage. Next week the highs are only supposed to be in the 80s so I will again take advantage of it when it presents itself.

I took this quilt top…

And started quilting it.

Monday was the storm. Little did I know it knocked the electricity out where I quilt. This delayed me a couple of hours, but I did get some quilting in on Monday and Tues. Wed it was back to being too warm

I will donate this quilt as soon as I finish. This was mindless sewing when it happened. It was a moda scrap bag and some yardage. I chose lavender thread to ease the color vastness from light to dark. The lavender is a good choice.

While I was quilting, I learned to do something that helps me when I do Pantographs from the rear. Those of you who make money with your longarm, this could help you too. When I stay stitch the sides readying the quilt for the next row of quilting, instead of stitching straight up the sides, I do a squiggle. This assists with the random flip of the side seam when you are focused at the back following your line on the paper. (This actually happened previous on this quilt and it is so frustrating that you do not know it has happened until after you have finished your row and are advancing. I made a little video. Sorry everyone the sound quality is lacking. But you get the idea.

I hope this technique works well for all my subscribers/followers. Please give my video a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel.

I got over halfway done. Here is the last photo I snapped. Perhaps this will finish out in the coming weeks.

I have made no more progress on this. Because of all my issues with quilt focus lately I am going to set some goals and get stuff done!

In the coming week I aim to do the following:

  • Finish Laundry Basket Quilts mystery 2021 top
  • Bind Laundry Basket Quilts mystery 2021 green quilt
  • Complete two more flowers for the Corriander Quilt along

In the coming month:

  • Finish the Moda scrap bag quilt pictured at the very top of this blog post
  • Send the moda scrap bag quilt and the green laundry basket quilts mystery to Sew Yeah Brothers for their chairty drive for Quilts for Alaska Homeless.
  • Bind the quilt below and get that ready to show at the quilt hop
  • Work on the Jan Stawasz doily

I have more than enough to keep me occupied for quite awhile. Will I stick to my plan? Stay tuned to see!

Thank you for reading my blog!


3 thoughts on “Longarm Quilting Tip For June

  1. Great To-Do list. It’ll be fun to see your finishes if your weather is on your side. Here in Western Canada we are experiencing a horrendous heat wave the likes of which we have never seen. It means I’m staying in the basement at the studio. Just so happens it’s where my longarm lives! Your video was perfectly timed as I’m trying my first ever pan to this week. Thank you 😉

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