Quilting Poll-Viewers Coice

Well, this weekend was pretty successful with my tasks. I am saving all my photos to share on my weekend post. Goals met! And since we are up to the Independence day celebration I thought a fun thing for the blog readers would be to vote on content. Polls are open.

A while back, while I was making a quilt, during the construction choices, I ran a poll to question which layout and what direction I should take the quilt top. This was the viewers choice quilt and it turned out beautiful.

So, I have decided to make a list of things that have become ufos. I would like viewer input of what they would like to see as topics, projects, and ufo completions. I am going to set up a poll and leave it open for a couple of weeks to see what you want to see happen on my blog. Viewers choice.

Here are my current unfinished objects (ufos).

  • 365 quilt block challenge
  • Be Colorful Quilt
  • La Passacaglia
  • MSQC Triangle Quilt
  • Embroidery Quilt
  • Jack’s Chain Quilt
  • Quilt as you go hexagon
  • Row Scrap Quilt

Those are the projects I have on my shelves waiting to be finished. I am certain if I were to dig, there may be some I am forgetting. Some of these are a ton of work in the past or in the future. Some of these are all by hand projects. Regardless I need to move product. Your vote will determine my direction. I am going to try to keep the squirrels at bay.

Answering these question will help me out and it can also help you out.

Thank you for answering my poll and reading my blog!


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