A week’s worth of quilting

This past week has flown by!

I have accomplished much!

I managed to quilt on this only one day because it is HOT in Texas! Summer finally arrived.

Not sure how good these angles are, but this is how I am quilting my Laundry Basket Quilts Mystery of 2021. I managed to sneak this in while I was on a zoom call. I joined up with Sew Yeah and we made the jelly roll race pattern during this long distant sew along call. I loved this!

Last week I cut these strips from my stash and love how the scrappiness shows through. I madly went through my stash later that evening to make sure I did not need any fabric for future progress. I found border and backing! It pays to shop the stash!

Border found, cut, and stitched. Backing selected. I probably will still need to seam this to make a bigger piece. I have 4 pieces of this that was gifted to me. I know one of these pieces is at least 5 yards. Quilt backing it is!

That project was a bit of a squirrel in my plans, and a last minute decision. So, a bit of time for two weekends took way from my UFO that I am working. Those UFOs stand for unfinished objects and by golly represent all my good intentions. At least I am not stalled and am progressing.

I finished two more blooms from the corriander quilts quilt along. These blooms just make me smile! They are so happy!

I managed to get to my goal of 7 blocks this week. I like some of these, and some just look like mudd. I could extend my stash and sew with new pieces of fabric for the reds, but I am getting down to the nitty gritty of things and want to try NOT to do that just yet. Some marry well together, some are surprises in the marriage, and some should divorce! But it will be great variety in my quilt and that is what I am going for.

The last block I sewed for the 365 quilt block challenge was this little 3 incher. It contains covered corners (which I think I have mastered) and mitered corners which are doable, just hard and you have to be oh so careful to be really precise. This one I am pleased with!

I am all the way to October 4th!!!!! I am in the home stretch! I am kind of wanting to get this out of the shoebox and shelf and see how many blocks I need to go. I have been sewing the extras, so I may be close.

This is the favorite part of top making, bringing the blocks together. I have had this much done for quite some time but have stalled because, well….this is a gob of work. And sometimes you have to work on something else so you don’t spoil the milk in your MOJO!

My parents neighbor has a fancy 3d printer and printed a seam ripper of all things. This is nice and heavy in the hand. And if you have a relationship with “jack” like I do you can purchase on of these for $30. If anyone is interested let me know and I can try to hook you up. All of them are different. I love mine because my parents gave it to me, but also because of the color! One end is the ripper, one is the stiletto or awl. I hope I don’t have to use it, but will enjoy it if I do LOL!

I had my demonstration today on chenille quilting. If you missed the how to’s of chenille quilting you can click here and read all about it and there are some lovely videos included. I think the demo was successful. I think I had one very interested person. I had engaged questions. I hope I sparked some creativity with those who are the keepers of fabric stashes. 🙂

I got to see some amazing quilts today and be around people other than work or grocery store! I got to thinking, this is my first outing since Sept of 2019. I also got to see my quilts hanging and snapped some better photos of those. I will try to work on the upload and get those posted next week.

In the meantime, I have cut out several paper plates worth of patterns for each block. They are stacked and ready to sew.

Much accomplished…sew much more to go!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


Chenille Quilting Tutorial

Were do I begin? I will start by saying, if you have a sewing machine with a walking foot, you can chenille Quilt!

Tools necessary :

  • Sewing Machine
  • A new needle (I use 90/14)
  • A walking foot
  • A sharp pair of pointed scissors, or a rotary chennile cuter
  • batting
  • 4-6 pieces of fabric

Lets get started. First, make your quilt sandwich. This will consist of your backing and batting and top fabric. Your top layers of fabric can be as many as you choose. The more layers, the more “bloom” you will achieve.

For all chenille quilting it is MANDATORY you sew with the bias. Do NOT sew with the grain or against the grain. That would be a lot of time and money wasted. It will result in shredding of fabric instead of bloom. Pin baste your layers.

I have seen a technique of layers 4 of the same fabric panels in chenille quilting. It gives a soft and fuzzy look to the panel, and a soft and fuzzy feel to touch. I do not own matching panels so I grabbed fabrics I had.

Sew from corner to corner on your quilt sandwich using you walking foot. It will help you to know if you change out your needle before you start this project, it will help sew through the thickness. Does it have to be perfectly on the 45 degree bias? No, you can be off, but try not to deviate more than 9 degrees. How much is nine degrees? Think of a Dresden using a 10 degree ruler, or a 9 degree ruler. The angle in that ruler is about how far off kilter you can go before you run into problems. Your next stitching line in your quilt will have to be determined by what tools you have to perform the cut on the bias. If you are using scissors, you will space your next line of quilting parallel to the first, but the distance of your parallels will be according to the width of your scissors. Note: If you are using scissors keep in mind that this is hard on the hands.

Space your parallel lines equally spaced. If you deviate a tad, this shows up as you see it now before bloom. After bloom the stitches disappear on the front and it will not be noticeable. After you have stitched all your parallel lines approximately equidistant, it is time to cut.

Regardless if I am using the chenille cutter, I always snip about 1/2 inch in ensuring I am not getting through too many layers of the sandwich. When doing the cutting step, do not cut the backing or batting. You will also refrain from cutting the top layer of fabric that is against the batting. If you cut through that layer, you expose the batting. The batting will not necessarily be stabilized enough for longevity nor will it be good for your quilting mojo. All that work, and no fix for this mistake. Keep the bottom of the top layers uncut.

If you are using a chenille cutter, you will select the foot of the cutter most snug between your parallel lines. Turn the dial of the cutter to cut at that foot. Slide between the parallel lines not catching the batting, backing, or bottom top layer. Slide cuter. Your one row is cut. Move to the next row the same as the first, and so on.

If you are using scissors carefully place between the correct layers and snip, and snip, and snip. if your cuts are jagged, that is ok, it will be lost in the bloom. This is the most physical aspect of chenille quilting. You cannot really open the jaws of your scissors far, so the lever action is HARD. you will feel the burn. You may do a marathon of cutting a feel it for days. If it hurts stop and rest. Ask a loved one for help, or come back to it later when your hand is not fatigued.

Now you are ready to bloom your fabric. You can achieve bloom in one of two ways.

  • Wash in the washing machine and throw in the dryer
  • Use a nylon brush to scrub the cut side of the quilting

It will bloom either way you chose. One is a workout. One has a softer outcome. Chose your method.

Here is the example I threw in to a load of laundry. The bloom is more significant after washing.

Tada, that is chenille quilting!

But wait……there’s more!

Did you know you can make a chenille sweater using bias tape and a wash away stabilizer?

List of items needed for making a chenille sweater

  • Sewing machine (or longarm)
  • rolls of bias tape
  • sewing pattern for a top of your chosing
  • washaway stabilizer

Your first step is to trace the front and back pieces (and sleeves) onto your stabilizer. Stitch your layers of bias tape to the stabilizer. You will be stitching down the bias as close together or as far apart as you wish for the sweater to be dense or less dense. You will come back perpendicular and cross over with new bias making a cross hatch pattern. Make sure to outline your pattern piece and stitch down layers of bias around the perimeter of each pattern piece. This bias will need to be 5/8 thick bias as this is your seam allowance. Sew your pattern pieces together according to the pattern instruction. (there is no right side or wrong side) Try it on, ensure it fits. Throw it in the wash, and then in the dryer. Depending how close you sewed your crosshatch bias will determine the hole size in the bloom of your new chenille sweater.

There are varying widths of bias by the roll. You can sew the 5/8 and layer with layers of 3/8 on top. This will give a nice rounded affect. You can trim raw edge appliqué with bias. You can cut 1/2 inch pieces of bias and bar tack them through your layers of your quilt sandwich as an embellishment. You can stitch down your binding of your quilt and add raw edge bias on top. The quilt edge will be finished but you will also have bloom. The possibilities are endless with color and size. Placement is all up to you.

Here is a wonderful video published by handiquilter and full of ideas. Notice the quilter in the video is wearing a chenille sweater she made on the longarm.

Here is a video showing how to use the chenille cutter as well as a layer of panels.

You can make scarves, mittens and jackets, even potholders and placemats. You could probably even make a tote.

Here is a tutorial on scarf making.

There is so much you can do with chenille. If you are using the precut bias tape method, you can outline raw edge applique. You can add extra pizzaz to your binding and make it bloom. You can snip 1/2 inch pieces for the stack up and quilt using the bar tack method on your sewing machine every 2 to 4 inches for a tied quilt look with fuzz instead of yarn. The internet is a great resource for ideas involving these techniques. I encourage all of you to at least try a pot holder sized project. You will be glad you did.

I hope you have found inspiration from this post and sew up that stash! Thank you for reading my blog!

A Quilty Kind of Week!

The AC has been not working in the garage. The culprit? Birds….

How is it possible for a bird to build a nest when they are too large to get into the AC? There was a massive nest on the inside chassis blocking the fan. My son and I struggled on Wednesday but got it out, cleaned it out, and now I have a cooler ride with the quilting buddy called the Longarm!

This was just in time too as the temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days to more muggy and hot. My neck fan came in as well so we should not only be cool, but breezy LOL!

Progress report for the week:

All that sweat has gotten me halfway complete on the yellow and black quilt. I snapped this photo because it really shows the orange peel quilting. I will continue to work on this as I can each evening.

The 365 quilt blocks are coming along nicely. I have many more to add to the shoebox!

I just LOVE the basket block! I will be working towards a new goal for the upcoming week on these.

And tomorrow I will be involved in a zoom meeting for a jelly roll race. I looked through my jelly rolls and have 4, but none were manly themed. So instead of splurging for a new jelly roll at the NEW HIGHER PRICES, I decided to do a major fabric pull of blues and make my own.

I also added some white and grays for eye appeal. And because most of my stash is somewhat scrappy size, I cut what I could and then sewed those together for a longer strip. I am all set for the group sew!

Goals for the past week almost met and exceeded.

I still have yet to work any on the La Passacaglia. Because of my busy schedule I am not going to put this on my list for the upcoming goals. Eventually things will settle down and I will be back at it.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Write a tutorial on chenille quilting.
  • Quilt as much as possible on the yellow and black quilt
  • Sew the new flower blocks for the corriander quilts sew along
  • sew at least 5 blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge
  • Make a video using my new camera equipment during the quilting of the yellow and black quilt.

I will be giving a demonstration on Friday on Chenille quilting, wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading my blog!

Quilt Documentation

This blog attests to dropping off 7 quilts for the quilt hop scheduled for july 30th and 31st. Due to the newbies running the show this year, and clearly not knowing what they are doing, I am creating documentation of what quilts I have placed in their care.

A wallet of a Tale

A few weeks back I purchased a kit to make a wallet. This wallet was relatively easy to make, except for the very last part.

The zipper went in flawlessly. The pockets were perfect. But the hemming stitch around the perimeter was a fail last weekend. My machine DID NOT WANT TO STITCH. I figured out it was operator error times two! When sewing through faux leather, you must use a walking foot…duh. But the true secret to get the last edge of the wallet almost perfect (still room for improvement) is to glue baste it down with a bunch of wonder clips and glue. GLUE being the KEY to SUCCESS! I am happy to report this Sallie Tomato Two Dollar Wallet has been gifted! It is not everyday you can sew something useful for an important man in your life!

This wallet did not cost two dollars as the name would make you think. It actually was a $27 kit plus shipping. It was a nice little project.

And I only managed to get two more 3 1/2 inch blocks sewn for my 365 quilt block challenge. This weekend I will probably manage a few more of these.

What has all of my focus this week, is the quilting job above. So, originally I decided to do an orange peel that would radiate from the center. My template was too small. So, each 4 inch block got two orange peels. I stopped in my LAQS and found a handiquilter half moon, that was perfect. So in all the blocks that I had already put two small orange peels, I then outlined in the same direction with a large orange peel.

And then I got to the center of the quilt, and wondered how I would make it cohesive, but make it different at the same time. I accidentally quilted it the wrong way. I put too many orange peels going in all different directions. That mistake, I fell in love with. So I went back and filled in all the directions of all the orange peels.

And remember the AC is out in the garage. So it has been bucket sweating HOT! But I am determined. If I manage a few minutes or an hour a day, I will eventually get this quilted. A pass of two rows of blocks and the outer borders takes longer than an hour an a half. It is all ruler work. Enjoying as it is, it is still hot!

I came across this on Amazon. I am going to get this ordered and try it out. A neck fan!

I had never seen or heard of one of these and was on there looking for a fan for my desk at work, my $5 fan from 15 years ago that I dry my tennis shoes when I get drenched walking into work in the monsoon season finally kicked the bucket and would not turn on. Gosh, the old dollar star bargains were really good stuff in the day. I don’t think I could find this again in the dollar store. So I will let you know if it works. You see, I cannot run a regular fan with my quilting machine. The company told me it would give me thread/tension problems. And I do not want to mess up a good thing!

Did I meet my goals from last week? The answer is YES!

Got the yellow quilt to a flimsy status, started quilting on the yellow quilt, and revealed my next UFO project to my readers.

My latest goals:

  • Quilt as much as I can on the yellow and black quilt
  • sew at least 5 blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge
  • Stitch some on the La Passcaglia rosette
  • Start working out details for the demonstration for the Quilt Hop. These details will end up being a tutorial for readers. More on this in the coming weeks.

In additional to my weekly goals, I am also reaching a bit farther into the future and setting a monthly goal as well:

  • Try to get some tatting time in on the Jan Stawasz doily

Wish me luck! I have much to do!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Scrap Happy July 2021

I have been messing with scraps this past month. I have broke down my scraps to manageable pieces utilizing my accuquilt.

I now have ooodles of 2 inch squares again! The tubs are full. In the back of my craw, I see a postage stamp quilt. Perhaps I will just set these beside my machine and use as leader enders? I have not worked out the geometry of this quilt yet, but I see a 2 inch scrap squares quilt in the near future.

First thing is first. I opened a poll and let readers determine what I would work on next. It would seem I have many unfinished objects (UFOs). There was a tie. Not sure how to settle a tie. I supposed since one is machine piecing and one is hand piecing I should be able to work both?

The viewers have spoken and they want to see progress on the 365 quilt block challenge as well as the La Passacaglia quilts.

I have a whole stack of blocks cut out for the 365 quilt, and managed to get one sewn before I ran out of weekend!

I presume as I watch many live feed videos on youtube that the handstitching will commence on the La Passacaglia.

Last month I showed you the Scrappy Laundry Basket Quilts 2021 mystery. This quilt I donated to charity.

I also completed the Moda Scrap bag quilt. This really was nothing special but fun to have the freedom of no pattern. This has also been donated to charity.

And because I donated the Laundry Basket quilt to charity, I wanted to make one for myself a tad bigger with a border selected by me. I made this in the same pattern as the green one, but what a difference contrast makes! I think the border along with the color scheme really makes the scrappy quilt radiate! I am feeling good that this was just an idea of color in my last scrap happy post. And now it is sew close!

Top sewn, I have it on the longarm now. I have decided to quilt the body of this quilt in an orange peel that radiates from the center out. I have taken the yellow part of the delectable mountains border and made lines that radiate out from the center. The black in the border has more of a art deco style with some ruler work.

The AC is currently not working in the garage so any quilting accomplished is a major electrolyte dump. Although it is a cooler summer here, the concrete pad is like a weather rock, if it is humid, is absorbs the moisture making your body condense at the speed of light! I suppose condense is not the right word….perspire……profusely. If it is hot, that concrete slap absorbs that energy, so there is no escaping the sweat shop environment. No pain no gain!

I have committed to quilting one more charity quilt between now and August 15th. Due to this commitment I do not want to leave this on the longarm long because I do not have a clue when the charity quilt will show up. A race against time. I made pretty good progress on this today, and have gotten down in to the orange peel part. The borders will be the time consumer. Hopefully this weekend I can utilize the weekend cool mornings and progress to the end.

Please visit and see what all the scrap happy blogs are all about! Click on their links below. Thank you Kate and Gun for this lovely sharing opportunity!

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Baby Shark

Anyone who has young’uns, knows this little ditty ah too well. Baby Shark, da-do, da-do, de-do-to-do.

You know, children can watch things over and over and be delighted every time they watch. As parents I feel this is a torture technique. I can only assume some place in the world is bellowing this song 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, very loudly to get an adult to succumb to telling secrets and torturing until secrets are spewed. Odd what one delights in, others spew LOL.

This is a catchy tune, and can easily become an earworm. It is fun for a while and then you move on. I had a little shark bite this week. I happened to be on youtube and came across a tutorial for a free pencil case. I had all the materials, so I dove right in. Here is the video in english for the pencil case. The pattern is in the link below the video. An easy afternoon project.

I starting looking for grays in my stash, had one selected, and thought, what does the inside of a shark look like? I hope I never find out! But in the process of looking for the insides I came across a scaly looking fabric that could be considered fishy. So the gray got assigned to the inside.

I found some old shank pearly buttons in the old button tin which remind me of shark eyes. And a pencil case was born!

And speaking of a shark being born, for kicks I thought I would load a kitten into the sharks mouth LOL. Not a good picture, but this is a kitten 1 day old, just born.

er…..On to more quilty things, I selected and sewed my border blocks for the yellow and black quilt.

I have posed the question, black to the out or black to the in. I can debate this and one day it looks good one way, and then the next it looks good the other way.

I like the feathered star look of the black inwards, but then I look at the yellow zig zaging out, and like that too. This weekend, I will just sew this what ever mood strikes me in the moment and will have a top to show soon.

I am almost done sewing wallet. I have to get out the big sewing machine as the featherweight, as much of a work horse as it is, is not enough for going through 8 layers of vinyl.

Lets discuss goals. I set three goals for the week. I met two of the three. I have failed to work on the tatted doily. That is ok, when it happens, it happens. When it don’t, it don’t. My monthly goals I have yet to meet, but seen this successful in the coming weeks.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Get the yellow and black quilt to “top” status
  • Start quilting the yellow and black quilt
  • reveal the viewers choice for the next UFO, WIP, PHD and start working that project. The results seem clear, but I am going to leave the poll open just a tad more for more voting.

Having a long weekend sure did help me. But at the same time it hindered me too. As much as I got done here at the house, it left me tired wanting more time off from work. I was tired all week. It was like having the extra day off gave me jet lag or something. Can any of you relate to this? It put lead in my derriere and took my get-up-and-go, away it went. Perhaps it will set itself straight this weekend? Tally ho, TGIF!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Border Selection and a Finish

Last weekend, I got binding accomplished, hand stitched in one day. I watched a marathon of live sews on youtube at the kitchen table, which helped pass the time. It seemed it took no time at all.

This has been sent off to #SewYeahQuilting. The binding was another nice accent on this quilt. I may have regrets I did not keep it.

And everyone who follows my blog knows I was willing to part with the green one, and started work on the yellow and black one. Since I am keeping THAT one, I am making it a tad bigger. Border selection has commenced. Although going the scrappy route is somewhat more difficult. The construction of this takes 10 inch strips, sub-cut into HSTs (half square triangles).

I was going to do a bow tie undulating border. This would have added a meager 6 inches to each side and would have brought the measurement up to 82 by 82 which is a decent size quilt. But then something else caught my eye. I loved the edge line this created with the pattern, and so I decided against bow tie and went with delectable mountains.

Due to the measurements of this, I will first have to sew a 2 1/2 inch strip all the way around the quilt. I am leaning towards a black strip.

Yellow to the inside and….

Yellow to the outside…..

Decisions, decisions!!! This should finish out somewhere around 90+ inches square. And the good news is, I have a nice black and gold flannel for the backing. (note to self: need to wash the 108 flannel backing.)

And while watching more live stream on youtube (thank you Sew Becca and Stephanie Stitches!), I managed to get another finish for the #SewYeahQuilting Alaska quilt drive for the homeless. If you have ample quilts and want them to go to a good cause, send them to Sew Yeah in Las Vegas NV. I now consider the Moda scrap bag quilt complete.

I found a hand dyed fabric in my stash, that had purple, turquoise, green, and pink. So, it now resides on the edge. This ended up being almost 80 by 88. I laid this out in the road on the blacktop to take the picture. It being a holiday, the road is not that busy. I live in the sticks in the middle of a small town that will be growing into bigger britches soon!

Here is that fabric. This looks like ice dye???? Not real sure. I know I did not purchase this fabric, it was gifted in a large assortment of fabrics. It looks like something you would see from vendors at quilt shows that hand dye fabrics for beautiful blenders.

The back of this quilt is pink batik seen at the top of the below picture (sorry about the shadows).

As ugly as this quilt started out to be, it has really grown on me. Another one hard to part with. But the recipient will need it oh so much more than I. That brings me joy. I hope this will hug them when times are hard, and remind them that others do care and there are still good people in the world.

And while brainstorming on direction of the border for the yellow and black quilt, I got out the accuquilt and started trimming down my scraps to a more manageable size. Most of my pieces were around 2 to 4 inches. So I now have gobs of squares. Postage quilt planning in the works! Or perhaps an irish chain. There is something about simple squares sewn together that really appeals to my eye. No tricky angles to gaze upon, linear lines.

I received my two mystery fat quarter boxes from sew yeah and was disappointed they did not have the golden ticket. I will not be buying any more fat quarters. My drawers are now FULL.

These boxes runneth over….These will go into tubs.

And on independence day of 2021, our momma cat had 9 kittens, two were still born. She really struggled. This will probably be the last batch for her. She is such a good cat. I was worried we would be taking a trip to the vet. I am keeping my eye on her, because the smell from this birth was not good. I presume it was two of the kittens that died before birth and therefore created an infection which in turned pushed her into premature birth. They are small but mighty, and oh so cute! As much as I hope they all make it, an addition of 7 family members all at once is a bit much. Kittens are hard to get rid of these days.

Tomorrow will be work around house and some light sewing and maybe cooking out on the grill. Taking it easy nonetheless! I see naming of cats…Americus, Sparkler, (we already have a Firecracker), Julius, George, Hamilton, Washington, Betsy, or even Ross LOL.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

More Flowers Bloometh

Last week, another flower bloom was released by corrianderquilts.com for free pattern download. I find such inspiration in these gems. You have the freedom to take these in any direction you wish, and they are not hard!

Viewing others progress on these flowers, I am stunned by creativity, as well as clever fabric placement. They are all so beautiful and will make the perfect flower “bed”. I will anxiously await the next bloom release. Until then, I am caught up!

I decided for fun to lay them out on the floor to see what they look like all together.

The gray one seems to be the black sheep of the family, eh? I will have to remedy that by careful neutral selection in the upcoming months.

Last week, I set some goals. I would like to take the time to revisit these goals:

  • Finish Laundry Basket Quilts mystery 2021 top. Completed!
  • Bind Laundry Basket Quilts mystery 2021 green quilt Not only completed, but handstitched in a day!
  • Complete two more flowers for the Corriander Quilt along Completed as seen above!

I find when I make a list, it is so much easier to tackle one thing on the list at a time. When you focus on one thing, it goes so much faster. You are less distracted. And it is ever-so-satisfying to check it off the list! I don’t know why I quit setting goals?????

I also set goals for the month:

  • Finish the Moda scrap bag quilt…Quilted ready for binding which will happen over the weekend.
  • Send the moda scrap bag quilt and the green laundry basket quilts mystery to Sew Yeah Brothers for their chairty drive for Quilts for Alaska Homeless. I have completed and sent this quilt.
  • Bind the quilt below and get that ready to show at the quilt hop. See below
  • Work on the Jan Stawasz doily

I put my big girl pants on and proceeded to bind yet another quilt.

I decided to do a little something different for the edge of this. I wanted it to pop. So I selected two fabrics for the binding. If you will noticed just a sliver of black outlines the turquoise edge. I need to do this again on one of my quilts. (This quilt is pre-sold). So I had yet another joyous fling with this quilt and the manipulation of fabric and colors. It will be a customer win, win!

This leaves two items on my agenda for the upcoming week, which I will have no problem achieving.

And I will be working a bit on the Jan Stawasz doily.

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to clean off your tables that were once full of your almost done projects! I now have one table completely clean. This will change with the binding of the quilt tonight.

Now I need to work down my shelves of projects. I have put up a poll and am asking readers to vote on what I should work on next. Have you voted on my poll? If you are interested in determining my blog content, please go vote! Click here and then scroll down to the poll.

Now, I probably need to set new goals as my list has dwindled to very little. For the coming week, I need to do the following:

  • Bind the Moda Scrap bag quilt and send it off to Sew Yeah for the quilt drive for the Alaska homeless
  • Figure out a new border for my yellow mystery quilt by laundry basket quilts, and start sewing on borders
  • Work on the Jan Stawasz doily

Monthly goals

  • In the coming month start back work on the winning viewers choice from the poll
  • Start quilting on the yellow mystery quilt by laundry basket quilts (I have picked out a pattern already)
  • I have been selected to do a demo for Chenille Quilting for our local quilt hop (really excited about this). I will planning and sewing some demo material for the chenille quilting technique. Be looking for a tutorial on this coming soon.
  • Enjoy some kitten goodness as we have a momma kitty who is ready to pop any day.

Ooops almost forgot to include the picture of the yellow and black mystery quilt. You have to stand a good distance away from this pattern for you to be able to see the pattern. Same held true for the green quilt. I thought it was me. Turns out it is just a busy pattern.

In the upcoming two months

  • I have committed to quilt a quilt for free for Sew Yeah Alaska Quilt drive. I am looking forward to this challenge.

Right now I will just enjoy my clean tables in all their project (or lack of) glory.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Be safe! And thank you for reading my blog!