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Last weekend our little town hosted a quilt hop. I failed to bring my trusty camera. I had my phone and it has a camera. Photos were snapped. Mini movies taken (a glitch/accident). Photos in the cloud. Photos uploaded to instagram. Photos deleted. Then I panicked! I had only shown a handful. Photos have been recovered, whew. Welcome to the quilt share!

First, I made sure to get good photos of my work. No matter how good of a quilter you may be, when you snap the photo the rectangle quilt turns into a trapezoid. To snap photos head on and straight is very pleasing to the mind, er…my mind anyway.

At the Creative Arts Center there were portrait quilts, and oh my they were lovely. A talent this person has! Quilts by Leo Ransom.

And then there is the air force quilt. This was beautiful! Simple and formal at the same time. My favorite of the show.

And then there was the small church with all the vintage quilts draped over the pews. Lovely and serene.

There were quilting demos. My experience tends not to go to these, but because of not being around other quilters for almost 2 years, I decided to enjoy the people aspect, not so much the project aspect. I was pleasantly surprised. It was lovely to laugh and see smiling faces. Human bonding interaction. I am not one who necessarily bonds with strangers, but this time it was different. Perhaps a good thing to come from the corona virus is the appreciation for people around you.

There was the chicken wire quilted quilt. There is something about chicken wire that I adore!

Two years ago at the hop I purchased a charcoal fabric with batik style chandeliers. I have used this in many of my quilts. I found more of this fabric and got one continuous piece of 4 1/2 yards. Did I need it? Nope, but have had buyers remorse I did not get more. It will get used, eventually.

It was an overall good experience. And I speak only for myself, but when I gaze upon a beautiful quilt I did not make, My mind romances at the notion of all the tenderness and caring and time the maker put into the make.

Now onto normal weekly news, I got a ton done!

Plenty of 365 blocks got complete. I believe I am not on October 17th!

I got so excited I decided to layout my project.

Apperently not enough room in the kitchen! Jeez this thing is getting big!

I have quilted at the machine too! Texas weather this year never seems to surprise me. We had a cool front come through at the beginning of August (this never happens). This made garage quilting a lot more tolerable temperature wise. And the neck fan is amazing! I have one more rows of blocks, as well as the borders to quilt. I am close. To make a pass of two rows of blocks is about an hour. This will help me tabulate how many hours I have in just the quilting.

Because the quilt hop is over, this is the time of year we start getting to use new quilts. There are a couple that need to be retired out of usage at this house. Eventually I will get photos snapped of those so I can dream of their recreations. Either I will donate to the thrift store, or make a robe or coat out of the least worn parts. Not exactly sure the direction, but my house is bursting with quilts! Perhaps I should list some for sale on etsy?! I have never sold on etsy. There is always a donation opportunity. Not sure where to donate in this area.

The kittens are old enough now to be afraid of the vacuum. Poor babies, but gosh they are so cute. Momma cat has not been feeling well. She does not have much appetite. She is barely keeping up with feeding now. I know she is hungry. She tells me just looking at me. I thought she might have hairballs, but that is not it. I thought she might want to eat something different. That is not it. All of a sudden she begs for human food but will not eat it. We have had her for 5 years and she has never shown interest in our food. I know she must be very hungry. I do not want to turn her and the babies out into the heat because the heat will make her not eat either. A trip to the vet may be necessary in the coming days. I called out vet to schedule an appointment. It is closed because of self isolation and covid. I would hate for the cause of the virus to kill the cat.

Well, this wraps up quite a week in the quilting department. I hope you enjoyed the slideshow of quilts. Thanks for reading my blog!

4 thoughts on “Quilt Share Quilt Hop

  1. Thanks for the walk-along to the quilt hop! Our town is supposed to have one in October, but I wonder if Covid will change those plans.

    And I can’t believe how much you get done, especially considering you are making new and different blocks all the time! Your 365 quilt is amazing!


    1. You are welcome! The whole time I was at the event I wondered if it would be a “super spreader” and worried about all the old matriarchs that were out and about. I hope you get to “hop” safely when the time comes!

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  2. What a beautiful slide show. I enjoyed seeing your quilts and the others as well. The Air Force one touched my heart since my father was RCAF. Your poor momma cat. Hope she feels better soon. It is sad with the numbers increasing with the Covid variant, especially since it seems to be kids and the 20-40 year olds getting hospitalized. You must be doing a happy dance with so many of your 365 blocks done and more quilting, too.


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