Quilts on the Frame

The Spring Brook Blossoms, is now a top! And oh sew scrappy! Not very photogenic, but cute and humble. That is fine and dandy with this household, it will fit right in with this rag-tag group!

And I had the urge to quilt. Because this is a humble gem, I thought it was best to quilt this in a nice geometric pattern that would add nice texture for snuggling. A pantograph it is!

Goal achieved. Lovely Texture! I feel snuggles in the future!

And BAM, just like that, it was quilted! I really like this pattern, but if I ever quilt for others I will not offer this to customers as it is very hard to follow a straight line. This pattern shows every wobble. You probably can tell when I would take a step while stitching at the rear of the machine. I suppose part of this is because I did not clean my rails (clears throat). But when you start, there is no turning back!

I snapped this photo at around high noon over the weekend. It was shady in this spot. Since this photo was taken, these shade trees were cut down. I am a little sad about that, but there is no threat of said trees crashing through the garage and damaging my quilting machine. On the screen on my camera, I did not like how this photo looked so I retook one in full sun.

And it probably was not full sun because the sun disappeared behind a few clouds. This shows off the hexagon texture beautifully.

And I had a piece of floral that I wanted to use for the front border, but then realized I would not have a decent piece for the backing. So I found this border instead in the stash. It is perfectly muted to frame this out. The backing was perfect as well except for one thing. It was not big enough. Long enough, yes, wide enough, no. So I got some solid and sewed to each side of the floral, and a backing was born.

And I have no more quilts to quilt! So I reached out to a resource (MOM) and she had a top ready with backing. So I am working this now at the machine. I decided to custom quilt this one. I am very pleased with the outcome so far. One of mom’s quilting friends came over today and saw my work. I got complimented by a very advanced quilter. This made me feel good. Mom’s top is beautiful, I just wanted to accentuate it just right.

A tad of ruler work. The border is getting quilted in a scallop, and the squares are perfectly simple quilted in a grid to match the patchwork. And then the stars are getting a bit of ruler work too. I like this even more!

I have not done any sewing this week. My thoughts are a bit stressed. I have no desire to sew. I did get out a bunch of scraps and am cutting those down to 2 1/2 inch squares. As I work through my thoughts (I will probably post about this after my decision), and sewing/quilting is put on the back burner, I tackle the fork in the road which I am currently at.

Much deep thought, the stuff that will wake you up in the middle of the night, and steals your sleep. I think one night I only had 4 hours sleep. But my brain must work this problem out, and be confident in the road I take. I suspect it is the rocky road and the road less travelled. I still have a few weeks to really think hard, deep, and ask as many questions as I can before I take this leap of trust.

So….as my jury summons…..my stitches stop. I am the type of thinker that thinks while hyper focused on something tedious. It works for me. Some of my best ideas and thought come while I focus. Some how it focuses all my thoughts. Not sure how my brain does this. I guess it likes to multi task all the hard stuff at once. I feel sorry for those of you who cannot focus. Without focus, life would be so scrambled. That would be no good, unless you are an egg!

Thanks for reading my blog.

3 thoughts on “Quilts on the Frame

  1. Love the quilting on the stars. SIMPLE is good. Very bright and pretty flowers. Great snuggle.
    I am quite OCD and have half dozen things going at any given time. Focus can be difficult when your plate is full…and I pretty sure I might be one of those scrambled EGGS…. LOL Thanks for all you share, enjoy reading blogs with my coffee in the morning!

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  2. The octagons look great with the flower garden, and the work on your mom’s quilt is beautiful! Thinking of you as you consider the issues your are contemplating! When ai get too busy, or too many things going, I have to stop and reorganize or I become unable to get anything done! Canning season did that, I now just want projects finished. I am putting my list on paper this am, and then going to attack it with a vengeance. I did assign myself some tasks earlier this week, which has gotten me moving forward, so now I just want to be able to cross things off the list once it’s made!

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