Scrap Happy? October

I am questioning my happiness lately. I have no will to sew. I have not done much of anything. I don’t really want to do much of anything. I am not finding joy in my normal routine. I think the pandemic is really starting to affect my mind! Are any of you experiencing this? I am in quite a bit of funk. So not much scrappy sewing has happened this past month. (I somewhat feel like an old lady ready to yell at the first person who gives me any kind of crap. My intolerance of the once tolerable is odd and NOT me.)

I did get the spring brook blossoms quilt completed. That was not much sewing, I made one block and part of another. Sewed these large blocks together and added a border. I am still enjoying the quilting leg of my life, but I ran out of quilts! Mom has given one of hers to tide me over so I am currently working this.

No sewing, so I did get the design wall cleared and filled. I will probably bring this to a top next in my project pile. But I am just not feeling the sewing vibe lately.

I did find joy at the thrift store. I found two packages of rayon thread all brand new in their packaging.

This will eventually be put to use. I was thinking during some EPP. But I have no want or desire to do that either.

I searched out some scraps to cut down to 2 1/2 inch squares. Meh….eventually I will use these in something.

I searched my string baggies and fetched out some more neutral prints and made a scrappy binding for the spring brook blossoms quilt. The egg fabric always makes me smile….breakfast eggs/cracked eggs on fabric LOL.

I did get the quilt bound and had a finish, but it does not excite me. If anything for years, when I finish a project there is a let down after. The joy you had bringing the project to its finish, means that it is all done. No more to look forward to in that project. Does this make sense?

I just can’t bring myself to start much of anything.

And we all know all too well when we sew anything, we make more scraps! I have another pile ready to file away in my scrap system.

Apologies for not much scrap work to show you. But I am certain if you visit these other ScrapHappy bloggers you are sure too see some exciting projects!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

14 thoughts on “Scrap Happy? October

  1. The joy will come back, I promise. Be kind to yourself: there is no obligation to create, we do it because we are inspired to, and if inspiration is lacking, just wait and put it in the lap of heaven to resolve.

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t seem to get myself motivated either. I have a queen size quilt ready to go to my daughter for longarm quilting and I have a Christmas banner that I am planning but just get seem to get started. As for lap to queen size quilts, I have run out of people to gift them to so that might be slowing me down as well.

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  3. I know how you feel, my enthusiasm has drifted off to some distant cloud. Every day I plan a small project – even if it is tidying a drawer or stash, It helps to keep me moving forward and does actually get things done, It will all come back in time.

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  4. I hear… and I understand. I’ve been there too many times to count. For me, it signals that I need to change up my crafting for a time. I go from sewing to art, or embroidery to yarn. It’s about that time of year when I switch up to embroidery and cross-stitch. I have a sampler 75% finished that was supposed to be finished by last August for our 25th anniversary. Pandemic took our celebration of such a milestone. Pandemic has taken too much, please, don’t let it take your joy. Take a break, learn a new technique or craft until you get your mojo back, but never stop your forward momentum. I’ll be praying for you. Shalom, Bear

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  5. I can empathize since I’m feeling the same way. It’s been a strange month. My birthday was last week (65) so I am officially retired. The day passed with no celebration since my children, grands and great grands live in Alberta or Mexico. I didn’t even put a needle to thread that day. It’s a good thing I need to finish two pattern tests and 3 blog hop projects to keep me motivated, but I haven’t touched any scraps; not even to trim them to put into my scrap system. November will be better, right?

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