Jack’s Chain progress

For those of you following along in my quilters journey, last week I deemed I was not sure which project I would work next. I really refrained from starting a new project. Good thing the table was cluttered with mount scrapmore!

Let’s talk about my table full of fabric. I had done a large fabric pull for the placemats I made and had not put that fabric up. That just needed to be put back in the chest of drawers. Then there were left over pieces of the 60 degree stars quilt top I just finished. There were enough of those pieces I will be able to make a baby quilt with the left overs/orphans. So into a project bin it went. That cleared off the majority of my mess.

What did that leave? I am rather ashamed of the answer. I found two bills (paid those), some change, a zipper pull, and SNOW. I know right? Snow on my fabric table!!!! I forgot I had this.

One summer day, this will be fun, a snowball fight. I have been hanging onto this for about 8 years.

I also found some hexis that needed to be glue basted. That may have taken 10 full minutes, but they are now done.

Here are the remnants I chose NOT to keep.

Some of these pieces would have been great strings, but they were about 2 inches. I tossed them. But I did retrieve several strings for that bucket project (which seems to keep growning).

And here is what I got out of the mountain…..

In the lower right corner I have some left over pieces from a project which are some 4 patches and some unsewn four patches. They are in the keep pile for now. I ended up with a nice stack of 2 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inch squares for another scrappy project on another day. Into their bins they went.

And at the upper portion of this picture is a bundle of fabrics that were too small or oddly shapped to put anywhere, so they are randomly tied up for whenever I need to grab some smaller pieces. Usually I do this in a particular colorway, but all of those are already put up and I did not go back and unbundle to rebundle. It will be with all the other bundles and easily seen when the time strikes I need a specific size/color.

And I did have a finish this week. I recently purchased the Moda Matchbox project (which is dated and old but new to me). This sewed up really quick. I took a stab at hand quilting. The perfect project for non-busy hands.

For Christmas our household got a knock off Addi Express knitter. These knitted up in about 15 minutes.

At work the area I work in stays between 67 and 69 degrees, which for someone who has hot flashes, ITS GREAT most of the time. But on cold days, when laying wrists over cold objects all day long, you can get chilled. These are now wrist warmers and basically clothe my arms between my elbows and wrists. I find if you are extremely hot and hold an ice cube to the wrist, you tend to cool off quickly. It is a thin part of the body and I suppose can act as a heat sink. Or the opposite, a cold sink!

This was made with this little knitter. I know I have had my eye on the Addi Express knitting in the round machine. But they are just too stinkin expensive! This was around $25 according to my Mom at Walmart.

And for the last couple of weeks we have heard a woodpecker pecking in the neighborhood. Could never see him but heard him several times. Finally he was in a tree close enough to see. Turns out this is a red bellied woodpecker. I will enjoy his knocks whenever he visits, it is quite charming!

And, on the design wall, Jacks Chain is in all its glory. I am not ashamed, but surprised how little I needed to sew to bring my blocks to a state that will be a quilt top. I needed to sew 4 whole blocks, and 6 half blocks. All of my 9 patches were already made. All of my pieces were already cut.

Those few blocks are sewn and installed into the pattern of how I will be sewing it together.

And just like that, I have set in the missing triangles and have two whole rows sewn together. I should have forced this together long ago, I was so close. And I am so glad it lacked so little. I will have another major finish sometime this year! Glad I did not attempt a new project. Very little effort went a long way. Gosh, this design wall kicks butt! It has more than paid for itself! It streamlines everything!

Whadyathink? I am a bit disappointed that I used part of the fabric line in the fat quarter bundle of the creams. It does make the circles somewhat translucent and interesting, but boy, I sure do like seeing the circles in the dark fabrics. It really pops. My Y seam woes from so long ago, are a very distant memory. And these are going together beautifully (I think in the back of my mind I was terrified to get to this point if I had done the sewing wrong on the blocks. In my mind I thought it would not come together so easily, but it is).

It seems like I have gotten a bunch done, but most of my progress was something in the past. I think this project is about 6-7 years old. Tsk Tsk! I can’t wait to quilt this one!

Goals from my previous week were:

  • Tackle mount scrapmore….completed
  • Make progress on a UFO…progress!
  • Determine next scrappy project…..incomplete
  • Trace Quilting lines onto clean newsprint….incomplete

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Make progress on the Jack’s Chain quilt
  • Start thinking about next project UFO vs new project
  • Start sewing some EPP
  • Tat some on the Jan Stawasz doily
  • Look into Fed/Ex Kinkos copying my quilting image to 365 pieces of clean newsprint.

My bins and shelves are becoming bare. I have had major large projects move into the completed state, so now my to be quilted bag runneth over. With this being winter, as soon as some nice weather hits, I could be in the garage for days and days and never run out of work. And that reminds me, I have a saddle chair to move into the quilting studio to try out while at the longarm.

Stay tunned for more quilting news, and thanks for reading my blog!


60 Degree Stars!

About 5 milestones took place this week. The major milestone was completing the 60 degree stars top! I chose to make this quilt Octagon shaped for fun. This UFO is now into the ready for longarm pile.

Lets discuss some other milestones. Its been about 5 years since I sorted through my scraps. And since then the scrap system got wild! This needed a zoo tamer team! I have a 4 over 4 chest of drawers for my main system. Two small drawers are for my neutrals and neutral scraps. One small drawer is for fat quarters. One last small drawer is for Kaffe. And the 4 large drawers at the bottom held fabric a lot less organized. I had one for sheets, one drawer for unfoldable odd shaped fabrics, one for feed sack, and one for ”the everything else” category. To make room for some fabric purchases, I removed the sheets from the drawer and placed those with the tote of vintage sheets. The feedsack drawer got folded nicely and only took up 1/2 a large drawer. The other two drawers were dumped on my table. Large cuts, 108s, 5yard , and 3 yd cuts move to the other 1/2 of drawer. Two drawers were left for yard or larger cuts and were folded nicely and placed on edge to easily see pattern and color. This allowed me to condense and fit my new fabrics.

And there are fabrics I have been hanging onto, I purged some that were ugly or ones I knew I would never use. Also purged were the 1980s prints that I have used to the point of never wanting this to take up valuable real estate anymore. (1980s mauve print was used in the making of the silverware placemat as the trim fabric below).

What’s left? I still have a table full of odds and ends that either need to run through the accuquilt or donated to someone else. Enough is enough. Scraps will over take you if you let them. Tackling Mount Scrapmore is quite a job!

Last week I had a run of good luck! My sew yeah mystery bundle had $20 in it. And, Becky Goldsmith has her giveaways every Wed. I left a comment and won a paper pieces package for EPP to make a nosegay quilt. I never am this lucky! Thank you @BeckyGoldsmith! @PieceOQuilts blog.

Additionally my Basics Subscription box from Sew Yeah Quilting arrived. Am I going to rush into this project? Nope….not really fond of the pattern this month. The thread and fabric is pretty!

I got some placemats made! Felt good to sew this fabric up! For a great cause, hospice placemats for the meal when they call the family in to help to transition from earth to heaven. Hopefully things will be regarded by recipients as a nice compliment to that time.

Because my design wall is empty I want to get out another UFO and work that for a bit. Or perhaps I will start something new. Undecided….

Goals for the week:

  • Tackle Mount Scrapmore on the table.
  • Make progress on one of my UFOs
  • Determine next scrappy project (new or old)
  • Trace quilting designs onto clean newsprint of 6 inch squares

Some time has lapsed and after asking the quilt masters of the mystery quilt, I cannot show any of the mystery quilt yet. I could have shown my fabric pieces cut out, but failed to take the stinkin’ picture. Doh! Next month I will be able to share some sewn snippets of that completed project. Until then it will remain a mystery!!!

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

And speaking of sew a longs there are some free ones going on now

These all appeal to me, but there are not enough hours in the day!

Hmmmm…off to decide what I should do. I will let my heart take me where it wants quilty style. Leaving logical mind behind for now. I will let you know how this goes LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Scrap Happy January 2022

I would like to share some ideas with you for January 2022 scrap happy post. Those of you have scraps and just aren’t sure what to do with them, there are sew many great freebies out there just waiting to help you trim down that fat bin of scraps.

Martha Stewart gives a simple idea of two scrap squares with pinked edges sewn as a scented sache.

ILoveFabric gives a great idea to cover your switch plate cover.

Whatsmummyupto suggests making a fabric swatch memory match game. My mother made this for the grandchildren and they love it!

Recently Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop announced a scrap house free pattern. She had other annoucements in her video. Check it out! I have my eye on this cute idea.

Now onto more scrappiness….

For those of you who do not know in this past month I finished piecing the 365 Quilt Block Challenge quilt, its now a top! Horah!

I am waiting for warmer weather to quilt it. This was a massive amount of fabric, and a huge chunk of time. I have developed a quilting motif. This will allow me to travel from block to block with minimal retracing of stitches. My intention besides friendly travel is a folk art look. If you are interested in a crude rough draft of a pattern click here for my pdf.

I also finished the postage stamp quilt.

My goal this week is to get some more sewn on the stars (UFO) quilt I am working.

And I am working a community service project for hospice. I am making placemats to donate to those who are transitioning from earth to heaven. This may or may not make a difference, but it will be a keepsake for the family after the passing. A set of two placemats takes about a yard of fabric. I am using three fabrics in each mat. I am using the pattern called Inside Out Mats. They are on sale at sewthankful.com for $6.99.

What is everyone else working on? I would like to thank Kate and Gun for hosting! Click on the names to reach more scrap happy posts!

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Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
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ClaireJeanJon, DawnJuleGwen,
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Preeti, EdithDebbierose and Esther

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Week One of 2022

This week was hard! Back to work after a week off is HARD! It kicked my butt! Not much stitching took place.

I have chosen to work on one of my UFOs and just get it done. Turns out, this will probably not be fast.

I started this sometime in the past year. This was actually two jelly rolls and some white grunge in a kit I got for Christmas in 2020. It also came with the pattern which I opted not to make. I chose the 60 degree Stars pattern by M*QC. I am laying mine out differently with more negative space so I can have a bit more fun quilting it. I have the top portion of the quit sewn, and its overall shape will end up being a hexagon.

The next two rows that needs to be sewn, I noticed my edge half star I do not have the right pieces to make this right to match how I have done the rest of the row. I was going to go with left overs on this row on the ends (right not shown-out of design wall lol). So I will have to make some time to cut and sew some more strip sets to get this right. I am almost out of strips for this jelly roll set. There are some that I have deemed to light. I may have to incorporate these in anyway.

This pattern is a relatively easy pattern, but keep in mind most of your edges are bias. Bias has stretch, which could lead to problems if you have not prepared your fabric correctly. I recommend heavy starch for all pieces before sewing or cutting. The crispness of the bias will help you piece this together. This also requires a 60 degree triangle ruler. This would be fun to make with strings! Perhaps I will need to revisit this.

I have started off this first week of the year with some fabric purchases. My stock of neutrals is probably at a all time low. I have purchased a place mat pattern which has not arrived yet. I will be working on those for a service project for hospice. I have some silverware fabric that I am looking forward to using for the placemats, as well as using up some of my yardage.

In the meantime I will just have to adjust to working again, on top of all the chores that call my name, and I talk a little pirate talk because there is just not enough time or me to go around.

I have made a final decision on the 365 quilt challenge quilting. After shopping around for pantos and finding nothing I had I liked or what is out there, I decided to make my own. It is less of a panto and more of a small medallion that I will put in each 6 inch section. I will have to come up with something different for the very center of the quilt I think. I got out my compass and drew some circles and crosshatches and came up with a very folk-art style quilting motif. I recently watched a video by Susan Lawson and a technique that is new to me.

This is the technique I will use for each 6 inch section. I have made my drawing and will need to make a master copy and will be tracing it on to fine clean newsprint. This will be a tedious process but I think it will mash well with the quilt pattern. If it warms up I will be able to demonstrate. Eventually for anyone interested I will get my small medallion loaded into pdf format for download. (This reminds me I have some ripping work do to on the quilt top before I can quilt…ugh).

Ta Ta for Now! And thanks for reading my blog!