The Scrappy Blues

I have not done much this past week. I was waiting for interfacing last week. They sent on point grid interfacing and I wanted regular 820 pelon. So I ordered more and am still waiting. If the pandemic has taught us anything is to be patient with what ever mail service you are using and expect delays. So the Embroidered Flowers Quilt is on hold for now.

And Texas summer arrived last weekend, which left me feeling tired and drained all week. So no quilting happened in the garage.

And I found out today another coworker is expecting a child, and knowing the time line, I have to get off my keester and get busy!
Most of the parents are not going to find out what they are having and others it is too soon to know. I kind of went into panic mode with the news of someone else expecting because I have one top to quilt for that regard. I have oodles to get done between now and then. So today I searched for a block that I could go scrappy. After clicking around with Moda Block heads I found the buckeye beauty block. Perfect! I had to go all the way back to Moda Block Heads II. If you are interested in this free pattern click here.

So after a few hours of starching, ironing, cutting and sewing, I have a nice scrappy sampling and am pleased with this so far. I shall get this top sewn this weekend, or at least that is the plan.

Scrappy Buckeye Beauties, what are you working on?

I am participating in the second annual #Scrapathon2223. I wonder how many scrap quilts I will happen this year. I think I have three that will probably fall into that category. We shall see, eh?

Make sure you swing by my youtube channel and hear about all the things judges look for at county fairs as far as quilts are concerned. Lots of good information. See below.

The blog is rather short and sweet this week. A first time for everything LOL! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

One thought on “The Scrappy Blues

  1. Happy Sunday!! What am I working on… I love to have a stack of projects waiting for me. Stack n Whack 3 part class. Part one was cutting so that is currently under the needle…. The Scrap a Thon looks like fun, 30 blocks??? hmmmm Will have to see how much I can get done after the last class of the year and a retreat are done. I am loving the idea of a virtual retreat… getting the knowledge, meeting new people… and I don’t have to pack or travel!!! Woot! Blessings, Karen

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