UFOs, Scraps, WIPs

Mid year goal check in. All quilters start every project with good intentions of finishing. I am no different. So far this year I have worked on a couple UFOs.

The 60 degree stars is now finished.

Jack’s chain is now a top.

Baby quilts galore this year. Here are some that are finished now.

And there are a couple more to go. One is in progress, one is in the planning stages.

I have longarmed a large quilt for mom with custom quilting that took a gob of my time.

I have made a few small projects.

And I have written patterns and gave away for free. This is one of my WIPs.

And all the quilts sewn from scraps. I think most of what I have worked on is scraps!

I am trying to grow my youtube channel. The competition is fierce out there! Please visit my channel.

I have taken judges training for textile arts for county fairs.

This will be loaded on the longarm Monday. I have stressed about how to quilt this. I will be custom quilting the #EmbroideryFlowerQuilt.

I am linking up with Quilting Jetgirl in #2022MidYearCheckIn. Make sure to check out her blog with all the links!

TTFN and thanks for reading my blog!

5 thoughts on “UFOs, Scraps, WIPs

  1. Love the tatting! Always. Great memories of mama, and we have a quilter in our group who is an accomplished ‘tatter’ 😀 Blessings, and Happy 4th!

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