And there is more!

For those of you, visiting my blog in search of my #ScrappychurndashQAL, click here to get all the released blocks. As I was making my churn dash blocks, and the hyper activitity involved in getting the pattern on the blog and editing the film for youtube, it left me wanting to sew at a faster pace than once a week. So, I snuck some things in along the way. 3 quilt tops have happened. One I have failed to snap a photo of.

On my very first video for the ScrappyChurnDashQAL, I pressed my fabrics and attached them to my design wall. That was quite the inspiration to see all those random pieces together. My thought process really wanted to just sew my blues and neutrals together as they were. But I had a whole quilt to build. So, I decided to grab my scrap bag of greys. Grey is something I might use occassionally. But, I don’t really use it. So I made a crumb quilt out of my grays. And I would not just call it a crumb quilt, I would call it a TEXAS SIZED Crumb quilt. I randomly sewed my fat quarters, and strips, and wonky pieces. I have a very useful throw sized top, that utilized fabric which was stagnated in the stash. I promise to get a picture of this up soon.

And for those of you who follow along on youtube, you have probably seen the Tesselating tabbies quilt pattern that I sewed in a weekend. All of the pieces were already cut in the kit from 2001. It involved a block where the cat was in color, and one that was a negative of that where the cat was black and the surrounding was color. I have since sewed borders on and have failed to take a photo of that. Soon I promise. I love how this turned out. My middle child wanted a cat quilt, and this kit was only $10 at the antique store. A score, and a win!

This took hours to layout, and while it was on the wall I wanted to sew it together, so I would NOT have to struggle with the color alignment again.

And then there was the fat quarter disappearing 9 patch. I took all of my Kaffe Fasset fat quarters and trimmed them into large squares. I made 4 very large 9 patches, and then cut those into a disappearing 9 patch and resewed together. I did this for 4 quadrants of the quilt. This took only an afternoon. I love Kaffe, but never know quite what quilt to use it in. This shows off the wild patterns and keeps them whole for the most part. This will make a nice bed quilt. I am looking for a backing and can’t wait to quilt this up with a few new pantos I have purchased.

And then I decided to join in on the #Sewcialites2 sew along hosted by fat quarter shop. It has been going on for two weeks, and the more I looked at it, the more I wanted a whirl at this. So I went to the stash and pulled a bunch of brights to pair with a black background. Pleased as punch how they turned out. I am making the 6 inch blocks, but there are 3 inch and 9 inch options.

Very traditional blocks sort of, but with modern appeal. And most of all, enjoying the scrap usage of all my scraps! This past weekend I filmed my last block for the scrappychurndashqal. And I must say, that is scrappy, but a very formal scrappy, I can’t wait to show you! Stay tunned for several weeks of instructions. I plan to go live on dec 3rd to piece it together. So for those of you sewing along, you can hop on youtube and ask questions on any block construction.

I have been having fun, how about you? What quilty fun have you been having? Please leave a comment.

And lastly, I would like to thank everyone who supports me by liking, and commenting on my blog, or on youtube. It makes my day! Thank you sew much for reading my blog!


3 thoughts on “And there is more!

  1. Your Tesselating Tabbies quilt is so cool! I haven’t seen anything like it before!
    Great idea for using the Kaffe fabrics! I have some older fabrics that I want to use up, and I have been considering the DNP idea. 🙂

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