9 Patch, Pants, and Put Back

This week has not been a very productive week, and not all of them can be. We all live life, and life gets in the way. This week the hives have showed up. Amazingly they were not bad. And I am so thankful they seem to be gone. I am not gonna lie, the last time I had the hives I was bedridden with them and vowed to go to the doctor right away when they present themselves. This time I had very little itching, and the histamine reaction was low for swelling.

But, being on 24 hour allergy medicine knocks me out. And the doc said to take two 24 hour in one day. I might as well have taken bendryl because that knocks me out but for a shorter amount of time. Through my hiving, I continued to work, only missing an hour and a half for the doc appointment. As successful as this flair was, the doctor told me the stuff I had this time can affect my organs and to make sure I do not have any throat swelling shut!!! He said I really needed to figure out what caused them.

Since I am a creature of habit, the process of elimination was very easy this time. I believe it was something I ate. Last Saturday I made brownies. After mentioning this in my discord server, the ladies ooooed and ahhhhed over my picture. I made a brownie post on my other blog, the cook book project. If you are interested in that recipe, make sure to click the link and make some for yourself.

I have made brownies from scratch around 4 times. This involves a higher than normal amount of cocoa powder than cake which I also make from scratch. The whole pan of brownies was gone by Tuesday morning. Since I don’t make these often, I induldged. I do believe I am allergic to the cocoa powder. I have no other symptoms yet. After looking at the cocoa powder, it had expired 3 years ago. After looking into “does cocoa powder go bad” the answer I got was no. But I think it does. You cannot believe everything on the internet. And because this is a nut or bean that is processed to death, I believe I had a reaction to the high alkali content. I was telling mom when I cooked them on the stovetop, the alkali stained my stainless steel. Turned the pan blue. My mom used to work in a bakery and I was telling her it blued my pan, and she said the cocoa powder was probably good stuff!

Brownies was the only different food I had eaten all week. All of my creams, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and “beauty” regiment had not changed. Although there was some new gold bond cream that I had been trying out, but had used that for over a week before the hives showed up. I suppose the brownies could have raised my alkalinity enough to react with the lotion???? As the week got farther from my last brownie, the hives disappeared.

So, as life came back to normal, the sewing commenced!

I dug around in my projects determined to get going on this.

And I almost forgot why this became a UFO, I could have sworn it was for lack of fabric in the triangle settings since this was on point. But low and behold as a dug through the bin, I had plenty of fabric. But that fabric just did not speak to me. I have decided to take a scan of these blocks on a copy machine and upload it to spoonflower to fill in the setting triangles. Because I am on a no buy fabric diet, this went back into its bin until next year.

In digging around in the bin, I found the backing for this, as well as several large pieces of white fabrics. Even a lovely gradient I had purchased thinking that would be what those triangles needed. I also found some vintage feedsack fabric in the bin. These bloomers I made eons ago and wore them out. And then they quit fitting. My grandmother was still alive when I raided her small fabric stash. There was half a yard of each print. Not enough to make shorts of one color. So I made each side a different color and contrasted the gathered fabric too. These are so soft, and because the fabric was from my grandmother, I cannot get rid of them. Eventually these shorts will end up in a quilt!

As disappointed as I was to put this away, I got out yet another project bin. Spinning 9 patch it is!

And when I got this out, I realized I used up all of my green bar fabric for other quilts and have very little left. This quilt needs the blocks homogenized so the spin shows up. So I grouped them by color which seemed to do the trick. I will eventually sew some greens to go around the perimeter of this. I think this will work.

When the design wall is full and you need a photo op, who says sewcialites2 cannot photo bomb the spinning 9 patch? hehe

That was last weeks block. And here is this weeks block…

The above block was designed by Doug Leko and I just LOVE IT! This looks complicated, but it is just some folded corners over some rectangles and some flying geese, with a pinwheel HST. I can just imagine a whole quilt made with this pattern. Perhaps this will make my new bucket list page on my pinterest board. Yes, when I have started to get inspired by all the quilty pretty things out there, I made a bucket list for quilting. No, I cannot share it, because I have made that board private.

Additionally, this week I was gifted two major patterns, the Dear Jane book, and the Tula Butterfly pattern. There is currently a sew along going on with the Tula Butterfly. As much as I want to dive into that, I am holding off.

I look forward to making both of these and maybe as a reward for getting some UFOs done I will dive into these makes. The Tula pattern since I Have no Tula fabric, I will have to plan big for the fabrics I have. I am thinking of a theme with the monarch butterfly. So blacks, yellows, oranges and whites….there is a coloring page for this pattern so I will probably play with that quite a bit and may totally reassign colors within the blocks. Believe it or not, this pattern is not hard at all if you just take it one block at a time.

Not feeling good today, feels like I have the flu. Others in the house are sick too. Hopefully I will get some sewing done. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


First UFO finish of 2023

It all started back in October of 2019. I was anxiously awaiting the start of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt along Frolic. According the the Life’s Little LumberJacks post, I had made 43 of these and said I would be tearing off the papers. Fast forward to January of 2023 and pulling out this ufo, the majority of the work was done. I had pulled this out in Dec of 2019, called it a UFO then, and worked by adding some of these fans to muslin. See the Running Strings post to read more. And on another note, I had no red in my stash and that is why I was inspired to make the 365 Quilt Block Challenge quilt in all reds (needed red strings).

In one of those posts I thought that I needed more variety in my strings. So I started saving more. And now I have a bushel full of strings. This project hardly put a dent in my strings. Just last weekend I only emptied a gallon ziploc bag and half another. So I will eventually either make another string quilt, or sell my strings. The variety of the strings fetches a pretty good price on Etsy.

Am I glad to be done with this UFO? Yes! Am I glad I saved all this scrap fabric? Yes! Is this quilt busy? Yes! This will get used and as I sewed each tidbit scrap, I reminisced about each of the projects the fabric made. So many baby quilt memories. So many quilts made me remember the pleasantness of my life at the time.

Drum Roll Please…….

I looked through my stash and found a backing that I dislike and was an accidental purchase (don’t ask). I will pair it with this. It is now folded up and moved to the project bag that goes with me to the longarm.

What UFO awaits? It is one that I failed to put on my list to finish for 2023. I have just decided to plunge forward and ignore what was nagging me on this…an oldie but a goodie. I was stuck on this and still am at a loss for fabric. I thought I was short white fabric, but looked in the bin, and have two different whites in the bin. Then I thought maybe I was short turquoise…nope plenty of that in there. I have even purchased a large amount of yardage for the backing. What does this lack? I do not know???? It has been tucked away for so long, my memory bank cannot recall. I am determined to get this one into a top. I will get this out and take some notes on what it needs. Since I am on a no purchase fabric year, it may be difficult to pull off this year. Hopefully I am wrong on needing fabric….

If feels good to put one away and get one out!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Scrap Happy New Year

Welcome fabricologists! Welcome scrap savers! Welcome 2023!

What has been going on with my scraps?

I have done the nestea plunge into my 2 1/2 inch squares and pulled out turquoise, mint, yellow, pinks, reds, and a touch of lavender. After some gathering and some cutting, I have amassed over 1000 squares and have been making a triple irish chain quilt. I have four 91 patches complete, and need to make 9 more.

The project above my 91 patches on the design wall is a long standing UFO of 5 years (gulp). I am determined to get these scrap bits and bobs into a quilt top (and no my scrap pile is not dented from all this scrap work).

I have done some hand stitching this past month, and the La Passacaglia large cog is coming together. I made a promise to myself for this pattern, I have promised to work on this once a month. This project is large and all hand work, so it is going to take me a while without it languishing as a UFO. This, I hope will make several appearances in Scrap Happy.

And I am putting my scrappy stash to work on the fat quarter shops free sew along called #Sewcialites2. A block a week sew along is a perfect pace for me, and enjoy my Thursday or Friday evenings selecting fabrics, cutting, and making. A very satisfying sew.

I am in the middle of a prairie point quilt, and making dragon scales. This is using a gob of fabric, lets get the greens used I say.

As my scrappy makes come together, the scrap pile gets bigger. They are like rabbits and multiply at lightning speed. I have deemed it impossible to eradicate them! After a couple of these projects complete I will probably be liquidating all my strings. I have been saving them now for 7 years. I have a 40 gallon tote full of nothing but strings. They are all pressed, and neat. But gosh, I cannot sew fast enough, or perhaps I do not have the stamina to sew them. OUT they will go. I will find a good home for them. (GASP…..continuing to do something over and over and expecting different results is a lunacy…..hehe! Yes, let the great scrap purge commence! When? Soon!)

Please make sure to check out all the lovely Scrap Happy enthusiasts, always amazing projects at a click of the button.

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And thanks for reading my blog!

A Pattern Year?

With my new “fabric diet” goal for the year, it has got me to thinking about patterns. I own a couple books, and very few patterns. This is simmering on my back burner. I am the type of quilter who likes to figure out the pattern and rarely purchase. I can think of Alaska by Laundry Basket Quilts as one I own. I am coming up blank for any more. Perhaps to help use my fabric stash, I need to delve into a pattern or two that I admire. I have been thinking about LegitKits for a very long time, but cannot afford their kits. The price tag is around $400 for the pattern and the kit. I can get the pattern only and print it myself for $79. If I were a computer, my asterisk would be thinking.

I’m afraid if I purchase a pattern such as that, I will totally focus on it, and not get the ufos done. And because you have to use a binder system for the pattern, it would keep my little sewing space cluttered and filled to the brim. Perhaps later this year. Perhaps this will be the year I take the plunge and commit to patterns. As I dream about my options, I am still sewing.

I have managed my sewcialites2 block. This was a gob of pieces and took a whole evening!

I made a Triangellow and it has got me to thinking maybe I need to make a nice pillow for my ipad using this technique and adding some elastic. Hmmm… This is a perfect head rest or arm rest when you need to get real comfy on the couch. The children like the size of it for pillow fights. I mainly like it because it used some of my stash, some of my left over batting scraps, and it is utilitarian.

Got another 91 patch done and now have 4 of 13 sewn.

And my masterpiece make for the week is my NCW, or also known as the Necessary Clutch Wallet. This has been on my list to make for about 6 months. All my materials I had gathered in that time. Extremely pleased with this make, and am using it everyday. Love all the card slots!! And my phone tucks in perfectly. It holds almost everything. The next one I make I am going to sew a little loop to the upper flap so I can slide my ink pen into it. It is perfect in the hand, and holds all the stuff that is hard to keep nice in my purse.

This week was back to work, it pays the bills and focuses my energy on a different kind of make. As I age, I appreciated the level of difficulty to my job some days. It really keeps my brain more cobweb free. My brain was glad I went back to work, my body, not so much. I wonder when I retire, if my brain will turn to mush? Or if I will retain my smarts? I see my dad and his mind is pretty good. My mom never really had a technical job, so her mind is kind of mushy. Things that make you go hmmm….

I have set my goals for the month and have met one of those. I still have a few more to get going on. Stay tuned to see my gradual progress in my little quilting corner. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog!

January 2023 Checklist

Happy New Year!

I have decided on a regular post schedule for each month to try to bring common ground and consistency to my blog readers. Today is the introductory post for the rest of the year. For those of you who follow my blog know I posted about some goals that I want to complete in the new year. Each month I will revisit my list and hopefully check mark the things I have accomplished. My list is long, so I recommend reading that blog post here. Posts that will not be affected by this are my ScrapHappy posts, which are also monthly posts. I have been doing pretty good to post weekly. I presume once a month the normal weekly blog post will just have a different title. Normal content will remain with my list and any successes or failures from the past month. Be looking for my checklists to posts around the 1st of each month. I am going to call this #CrossItOffTheList2023

So, let’s start right to business:

  • I had selected quilt backings to match with 6 quilt tops
    • 5 of 6 backings are pieced and ready for longarm quilting ✅
  • My list of quilts to bind is 2
    • One is now complete ✅
  • Quilting quilts is still undone. The weather must warm up for quilting in the garage.
  • Make new design wall ✅ See new design wall captured below
  • Recover ironing board✅
  • My UFO list has made no progress
  • Stay on track for sew alongs
    • Sewcialites2✅
    • Triple Irish Chain (I am ahead)✅✅
  • Do not allow social media influencers to get to me adding squirrel projects. One day in and I am still good.✅😂
  • No fabric purchases for 2023, again 1 day in and all is good.✅🤣 However, I did enjoy spending on the Sew Yeah Brothers new years eve sale, which will be the last for 2022 and 2023.

Here is my new ironing board cover

Here is my latest Sewcialites2 block

Here are my 91 patches for the triple Irish chain

Here is the bound quilt

And in reference to my Sallie Tomato Smith kit, I learned something that may be the reason for the failure. Faux leather comes in different weights. Is it possible they sent me the lighter weight? After thinking about this pretty deeply and really wanting a case, I will probably remake this with quilting cottons and bosal foam for rigidity and bind the raw edges, make a pocket without a zipper. I will not have to purchase anything for the make. But, first I want to work on UFOs before I come to terms with the Smith Kit.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Work on a UFO, I have pulled out my strings.
  • Work more triple irish chain blocks
  • Make weekly Sewcialites2 block
  • Make some more prairie points

Wish me luck! And thank you for reading my blog!