Feb 2023 Check List

January has flown by, jeepers! I have reviewed my accomplishments this month and also setbacks. Let’s see how I am doing.

  • No fabric purchases ✅
  • 1 UFO is now a top ✅
  • 2nd UFO needs a fabric purchase so it is moving to next year
  • Do not allow youtube influencers to influence me.
  • Worked on Scrappy Tripple Irish Chain ✅
  • Stay up to date on Sewcialites2 ✅
  • 3rd UFO is out and on the design wall with a few more 9 patches made✅
  • La Passacaglia hand sewing project to be sewn on each month
  • Work on the prairie points Dragon scale quilt ✅

As you can see my list has some checked off and others not. Allow me to show and discuss all.

This string quilt was actually not that much work. Much of this was in a state just waiting to be sewn in a row. UFO #1 is happily a top and this turned into a nice useable size. It has now made the list of the many quilts I have ready for long arming.

I have determined to utilize this UFO #2 it will require scanning in the actual embroidered blocks to be printed via spoonflower. Back into the project tote it went.

UFO #3 is on the design wall for this photo with a few more yellow and pink blocks sewn. I realized I used up my seafoam green bolt, so I decided to group the nine patches in color coordinated circles. This will be a quick top when I get back to it. It is back in the bin waiting for the next top to be figured out.

I decided to try to get ahead on Sewcialites2. I do not regret this, and have a few more qst blocks to cut out and a few hst blocks to sew. This will make the coming together quicker come April or late march. I learned by laying this out, the simple 9 patch block has too much color and no background. I will be deconstructing to make an improvement on that. I really wanted to see if my vision of the black backgrounds would work as the setting blocks. I am pretty pleased. I will be taking this down directly to get UFO#3 back up and running.

Let’s talk about influencers. I suppose running a blog influences my readers which is a great compliment. I was gifted (sort of) the Tula’s Butterfly2 which I will be explaining how to select a different color way, because not everyone likes rainbows and most pocketbooks these days are gravitating to the stash. I want to dive in, but know I have way to much on my work table. And if this was currently not a sew along I probably would not have even given this any thought. So, eventually I will be posting about the how to’s on Tula Butterfly2. Stay tuned…

I have qty five 91 patches sewn for the Triple Irish chain sew along.

And La Passacaglia remains uncorked for the month of January. I had planned to work a bit on that last weekend and then caught the flu. Still recovering from that.

I was able to get a small window of time in at the longarm. The dragon scales had a few more rows added. But for the most part it has been too cold in the garage. This has doubled in length since this pic was snapped.

  • Feb 2023 goals
    • Sew some more 91 patches
    • Stay current on Sewcialites2
    • Get UFO#3 into a top (backing had been purchased long ago but it needs sewn)
    • Work on dragon scales quilt
    • Start filming the process for the Tula Butterfly2 pattern
    • Make a new lunch bag
    • some hand sewing on La Passacaglia

That is a lot for one month! Let’s see how many I can #crossitoffthelist. These are all my goal musings for 2023. And one more thing….I have been influenced! Although I was influenced last year, it will be made this year and looks like March is when the pattern becomes available for free. Last year I made #embroideryflowerquilt, they just announced the release of their next pattern. I am very excited about this one!

Thank you for reading my blog!


One thought on “Feb 2023 Check List

  1. I’m a list maker as well. It is very satisfying to check something off. I have 90 UFOs from prior years. Last year was a year of no new projects. I was a bit disappointed to only finish 4 quilts. So I’m back to being influenced by influencers 🤣🤣🤣. Good luck on your February goals. They appear to be very realistic. Good for you. Best wishes for checking things off this month!!!!

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