I quilted!!!

Hello everybody! As you can guess by the title, the weather, mind, and spirit finally cooperated with the hobby! I got three projects moving.

First let’s talk about the prairie points dragon scale baby quilt.

I decided that the amount of fabric I was putting towards this baby quilt was ridiculous on my fabric diet. If I kept at it, I would have no greens left afterwards and may not be able to bind it. I decided to finish it with a QAYG method or quilt as you go. This is probably how the whole quilt should have been made. Even though the theme was green, and I used up some questionable fabrics. I am very pleased how this finished. I say finished, but I still have to trim and put the binding on. I also told more about this quilt top on my youtube channel. Here are more details.

When I went to cut this off the quilting frame, I could not believe how heavy this turned out. Definitely a weighted blanket. And because of the weird construction, I am going to offer advice to the parents of the baby I am giving this to, make it a wall hanging and don’t use it. This thing could suffocate a baby!!!

The very last picture of prairie points are my leftovers and will end up quilted down with the binding at the top edge. I probably will not even use them all.

You will need to watch the video above to see how it all looks! And that is when I realized how heavy a work of art can be. So the temperature when I went home was only 58 degrees. It was rather chilled in the garage. But when you are working, you don’t really notice it. There were a couple of times my hands got cold, and my nose was always cold, it was totally worth it! Gee I have missing quilting. It has been since August since I felt the cushioned handlebar grips in my hands.

Since the dragon scales came off the frame, it was time to load my next top. I have them all right here in the garage with the sewn backings just waiting to be quilted. I went with the Spinning 9 patch. It was my most freshly ironed top.

I selected a pantograph that reminds me of citrus slices. I think I am going to call the spinning 9 patch citrus. The colors on the front, along with the backing I chose, give a tangerine, lemon, orange, and red grapefruit vibe!

This is now quilted!!!

And I decided to load yet another quilt on to the frame, and selected the gray quilt, which I have named 50 shades of gray. The quilt is wonky and not square. The construction is much like a crumb quilt, but on a large scale. Since this really had no rules and there really was no pattern, I opted to quilt a meandering dogbone free motion.

And this, is now quilted!!!! I managed to quilt these between 8:40 am and 2:30 pm. I was very productive!

Today I will be back at it! I can’t wait to get there and start quilting some more! Although this time I will curb my enthusiasm to just a couple of hours. I have many quilts to bind, but will probably stick with my priority, the dragon scales quilt. The parents have been waiting patiently since the end of December when the wee one was born.

It was so nice to work uninterupted! But after I was done, I was pooped. My body was actually sore. This was a workout that I was not used to. Ibuprofin and I became reunited, because it understood. hehheheheehehhehe.

Thanks for dropping in and reading my blog!


5 thoughts on “I quilted!!!

  1. I love the spinning citrus quilt, and that dragon quilt is amazing! I watched both videos and they were really interesting; I have never even watched a long arm working before.


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