Tatting and Quilt Along Announcement

Hello everyone! I feel like a gob of time has passed since I last posted, but not really. I have been busy busy. I have noticed as I age, that the 40 hour work week is no more complicated as it once was. However, the older I get, the more I am slowing down. My energy reserves maintain while at work, but once I relax on the commute home, I am finding it harder and harder to stay active in the hobby. I am apparently a quilting weekend warrior now!

I want to keep my hands busy in the evenings, but do not have the energy to sew. So what does one do? Well I could bind several quilts, and that did happen in the last week.

Citrus, as I have named the quilt above, has been bound and placed in the done pile ready for exhibition.

I have also started binding on another quilt.

Last July, I was trimming the excess from the quilt edges and I felt myself cut more than I should have. No I did not have it all flatted out on a table. I was careless. I accidentally cut into my #embroideryflowersquilt more than a 1/4 inch. This quilt was on my list for the year to get bound. I was uncertain how I would fix this. As this sat on the back burner and at the back of my mind, I have figured out a fix, plus added greatly to the asthetic of the quilt. Be looking for a post soon on how I recuperated this mistake. I am hand binding this now. Amazing how each quilt I make, I learn just a little tidbit from it. I have learned much on this one! Be looking for a video to post about that soon!

Also, in the evenings, I have had the itch to pick up my tatting shuttles and give it a go. Very pleased at my success. A new spool pin doily for the old featherweight!

Isn’t this the prettiest of pictures? The purple backdrop is just all this stuff laying on a bolt of fabric. I tatted the blue one. The other doily was a gift from Gina Butler when I met her in person back in 2018. I guess I am my own worse critic, as I was tatting the replica of Gina’s, I kept thinking my gapsosis was terrible and that I was just not perfect in my hitch knots. And then I took the photo, and that little doily is so photogenic. It looks perfect (but it is NOT). I will retire Gina’s creation and change it out randomly through the year. Nothing like putting a little lipstick on the featherweight to doll her up eh?

This picture however, is not photogenic at all! LOL! I have been working on the Tildas Vase Embroidery pattern. So I am happy to report that I am officially a bag lady with this project, and all my squares have been cut, minus many of the background fabrics. I have announced a quilt along on youtube for this project. Be looking for this to post on youtube as well with tips and tricks as I create the content there. Be sure to go to my playlist to get all the details as they post.

And I cut what interfacing I had left. I will be buying more for this project. I only managed two panels. So the fabric diet will be broken again. However, one could argue is interfacing really fabric? Isn’t it more of a notion? And if I were dieting with food and fall off the bandwagon, I can just jump right back on. So a little diet cheating it is! If you are interested in the pattern for the above video, make sure to snatch the PDF and print this in color to get you going on this journey. You will be glad you joined in.

This is now quilted! My binding pile, as I complete one, another takes it place. Not sure when I will get to this one, and not sure what I will bind it with. I could dive into my kaffe drawer, but those pieces are relatively small. I am still scratching my head on what to bind this with. Once day when I am searching for fabric I need in my stash, I will come across the perfect solution. In the meantime, it can stay as it is.

And may I pose a question to the readers? What are you working on? Please comment below with your details. I love hearing from each and every one of you!

And Thank You for reading my blog!


5 thoughts on “Tatting and Quilt Along Announcement

  1. Shuttle tatting is something I always wanted to learn, but I never have. Your blue one looks great to me! Beautiful photos of quilts. Now I’m curious about your fix for the extra cut! I’m working on at least 3 quilts – pumpkin faces, churn dash, potato chip, and an American Hero quilt. Oh. That’s four. =)

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