Uno Mas

I knew this weeks post was going to be meager. Overtime ruled my life this week. My 8 hour days turned into 10. And when you add an hour commute, being away from home for 12 hours, basically leaves the necessities left; eat, sleep, cook, bathe.

I did get one more block done!

That is why I am calling this post Uno Mas. That is Spanish for one more. There is a famous movie line in one of my favorite movies with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon. Click here to take you to that scene on Youtube.

When I looked this up, I found out that they have announced a 3rd movie with Jackie Chan playing Chon Wang (prounounced John Wayne LOL). I look forward to seeing this one.

I also had a moment of brainstorm that resulted in a larger pocket bag. Daisy and Grace and Missouri Star have given excellent tutorials for making this zipper pouch.

Right now we are in a time of use what you got. If you do not have any of the poly or see through fabric but want to make one, or if you do not have a zipper in the house, I have figured out a way to get you working on this project.

All of us quilters have baggies. Ziplock baggies full of scraps, strings, fat quarters, projects, notions, and thread even. Ladies, you could make this project with the ziploc if you wanted to. Or if you want a zipper bag, go through your baggies. If you have ever purchased new bedding, they come in a zippered bag. Don’t let the shape of the bag fool you. It is not square, it is actually flat with the top and bottom sealed into a square like pouch. Cut the bottom and top off your bag. It will result in a flat piece of clear poly with a zipper already installed! You can also use the rear of the bag for a see through pocket on the back without a zipper. You cannot tell in the photo below but there is another clear pocket within this one. It was for the sheet manufacturer to place the picture of the sheet set. Not sure that will ever get used, but it is there invisibly if the need ever calls for it.

Not the prettiest bag, but it will certainly get the job done. And for whatever reason, this zipper was easier to sew over than the nylon zippers I previously showed you in their respective pouches.

If you would like more details on how to make this pouch click here for my full post.

And I decided yesterday to take the whole weekend off. I vegetated most of the day. When I wasn’t one with the couch, I was doing laundry or making masks. My order from Spoonflower came in and I am making masks for coworkers. This will lead to the intent of selling masks to those who want one too. Spoonflower fabric is expensive, the most expensive I have ever purchased. You can get anything you want put onto fabric, that is why it is so much. It has a 6 week lead time before arriving.

One of my coworkers wanted a plague doctor’s mask. I was going to make him one, and saw how ridiculous and meticulous it was and opted to simplify by just making him a reg mask out of plague doctor’s fabric. He is going to love it!

I made a monarch butterfly mask for a lady who gave me a gob of tomatoes from her garden. She love the color orange. And I bought PC board fabric for a lady I work with who works on PC boards. She will love that!

The farthest I got this week in the quilting dept is printing off another months worth of patterns for the 365 quilt block challenge. I have more than 30 days of blocks ahead of me, and just do not want to work on it right now.

I am very close to having the Sew Quester quilted. But I am tired. Maybe one of these week nights I will make it down there to work some more on it. I lack probably less than 4 hours. Not sure how many hours I have in it. I probably need to get me a timekeeper on my machine so I have a clue how long my quilts are taking. Pebbling takes a long time. Ruler work takes a long time. But I am in the home stretch.

I am ready to buy a new house and move my machine into a house I occupy. It would just be more convenient and less planning involved. I am waiting to see how many lovely homes go on the market due to the non-essentials not working. I think there is an executive order to keep those people in their homes, but I have money and am an opportunist.

I fantasize about living in an old house, one that has been renovated (I already live in a old house, but this one is in the primitive state still). I dream of a day I can run the vacuum while the air conditioning is on. I fantasize of the day I turn the hot and cold water in the bathroom sink and it comes out of one spout mixed (yeah I have two spiggots on my bathroom sink, one for cold one for hot, it is OLD and probably worth a lot of money LOL) I dream of a day turning on the hot water without the clatter of the pipes LOL. I dream of the day of adjusting a thermostat on the wall to regulate the temperature of the whole house. I dream of the day I can retire the high velocity shop fans that push air from the window air unit to move it all through the house with it’s deafening sound. That noise interrupts the serenity of the mind and can put you on edge all by itself. A torture of noise, an increased frequency, seems to decrease patience. And the dream of more square footage for my machine to be just in the next room ready for 15 minutes of quilting, or whatever each evening would permit.

Well, I am off to get some breakfast in my tummy. Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog!

Out with One Problem, in With the Next!

I got a call on Wednesday from my Dad offering me cat food and treats. I asked him what happened, and sadly he had to put his cat down. A couple of weeks ago, when I was down in the garage quilting, a massive rain storm came up and dumped quite a bit of rain. It did not let up and I needed to get home. Dad offered me a ride, and I declined. It is only rain, I walk farther at work from my car to my desk and walk in the rain. My house is about one block away. I wait just a bit for it to let up, and step out onto the porch steps. My Dad’s cat is out there, drenched, wanting in the house, which my parents said no she is drenched. I asked Dad if he wanted me to get her to go into the garage. His reply was “Sure.” She would not come. Normally she would just follow you and you could put her up.

So I physically picked her up, and was stunned. I am not sure how much the cat weighted, but in picking up a cat, they are usually bendy and mushy ready to sleek out of your arms in case they want to flight, not fight. Dad’s cat was hard as a brick. It almost felt like a solid mass of concrete, that is how not right the cat felt.

This cat was born on my son’s lap back on May 26th, 2006. We were just getting back into a nasty house, after a horrible divorce. When we left, I knew the cat was pregnant. I had called the neighbor who liked cats and asked him to feed her (because it was a scary divorce) and he said he would. That was the first weekend, I was back into the house, and I had missed that cat so much. She was such a good kitty. My son was sitting in his gaming chair, and she crawled up into his lap, and he asked me what was wrong with her. I took one look at her owly eyes in the brightest part of the day, and new something was wrong. I felt her big belly, she was contracting. I told my son not to move, and by golly a tail was being birthed by this momma cat while it was sitting on his lap.

I am not sure if that cat was comforting my son, or if she sought refuge and needed human love. I carefully moved her off, and said we needed to go, let her do this in peace and quiet. When we came back there were three kitties. There was Pancake (who became known as Dummy), Manson (who was named as such because of the wild look in his eye which reminded me of Charles Manson), and a black kitty (who was the runt).

I have had so many cats in my lifetime and in thinking back do not remember what happened to the black kitten. Pancake became my Dad’s shop door greeter and a real nasty one at that. She would always get up high and take a swat as the customers walked by. If you messed with her, she really could get nasty. My Dad taught her how to be a very junk yard dog kind of cat! LOL.

When Dad retired, the cat came to reside in the garage. My quilting machine came last. And the machine and the cat became room-mates. I always worried about the cat messing with things. In the newer days of my machine, I would do my darndest to make sure she would not mess with the machine by leaving all the bars to roll if she used them to walk on. I kept all step devices away so she could not lazily get on the machine. I could tell when she would visit the machine, my leaders would be hairy. But that is all she done. I knew better than to leave anything drape from the machine and always picked that up.

The day I started quilting SewQuester, was the day it rained so hard and I had to carry her. I had not gotten back down their to quilt in almost two weeks, and now my junk yard dog cat of the garage dome is gone. I am not going to lie, I have been cursing litter and vacuuming up her messes for quite sometime. But now there is no one to guard the garage and the quilts.

Lat night I was able to go and quilt. And I’ll be darned, I relized how much I missed the cat in that one pass. As I was quilting, I found Gecko poop on the quilt. Yeah, she was probably always chasing them, and they probably entertained her. Living in Texas, that is one thing I do know what it looks like. Our shed has it. The sad thing is, when they decide to use the restroom, they are like a cat and use the same spot over and over, making a mess.

I figure glue traps is my answer. I will have to figure out a way to put them like termite caps on the legs of my machine, so when they climb they do not make it.

And so it goes I went from one garage room-mate to another. The squatter room-mate is unwanted more so than the cat. The cat was old and predictable. Geckos are small and spry, and can go anywhere. Quilters in the south, how have you dealt with this problem?

I will just have to be better and get this one off the frame. I was able to make another pass last night, but I have a long ways to go. Custom quilting is time consuming.

I have gotten work accomplished on the 365 quilt block challenge. The easy blocks are over! I can start sewing those together for the next round in the medallion and may do that in the coming week. The 6 inch light blocks are now coming daily. I must say, working in lighter fabrics has been lovely, but there are sooooo many pieces that an evening is consumed by one block. I cut, then I cut some more, then I sew. Then I trim. Some of the pieces of fabric are cut on three times. Lots of HSTs and flying geese. Folded corners, or drawing a line and sewing a scant from the line. I am now missing the little dark blocks as those who have done this in years past said I would.

I am now on May 3rd, which I will start today and try to work a weeks worth in today and another weeks worth in tomorrow.

And yesterday I stopped by the quilt shop and had a blast. They are having very good times as many people have been sewing like the dickens! They have rearranged and added some things. It was glorious to be in a place to shop and have all that variety. I had not been able to go in there since March. It was nice to talk to the ladies too and see they are all doing well.

So today I will get to incorporate some of these fat quarters into the 365! I am excited!

The weather has went from so pleasant for a long time to HOT. Summer is here. It will be hot until October. After less than three days of it, I am ready for OCTOBER! LOL, I guess I am a heat wuss.

………….Another round of weekend laundry is calling my name. Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog, have a great weekend!

The new schedule and time.

I went from the mundane same ole schedule of getting up, bathing, brushing teeth and hair and then commuting to work, to all of that but at odd times of day.

I look at the clock during my commute now, if I was turning back time, I would see, the clock reading about an hour to go before I am done for the day.  Now that is the time I arrive.

All the same things I did before, are all done now, but without the rut.  No smooth flow, bathe a child in the morning if not both, step in the shower yourself at 1 in the afternoon, while supper is cooking on the stove.

The only difference of then and now, no alarm clock to wake me.  That is nice.  For a few days of this new schedule, I am not tired, but worry I am not sleeping right.  I got to bed at about 2ish and wake wide awake at about 7:30ish.  The rest of the house is still resting, so I am quiet.  But by 8:45 I go back down for a nap.  I thought this is crazy, but did you know before the invention of the clock how things worked?

You either had meet ups at dusk, dawn, or high sun.  Then someone went and invented the time piece which aligned with the industrial revolution, and we all fight this insomnia.  But I found out today, it is not insomnia, it is normal.

Before clocks, the masses would go to bed at dark (because they had no light).  And they would wake up around 4 hours later, and move about.  Read a book, talk to a neighbor.  And then they would lay back down to get up around sunrise.  This was the norm, and everyone did this.  A cicada rhythm.  Natural.  My goodness without the alarm clock my body took only a few days to resort to the old fashioned ways of the world.  I will worry naught about that furthermore!

This weird sleeping pattern has totally upended my quilting time.  There simply is not time for it.  The meager offering I will show you now is what I accomplished while I was taking my weekend last week!

I started quilting the jelly roll race, prints by Elizabeth Hartman.  I was not too fond of this color scheme.  But as I quilt it, I like it more.  This was going to go to a coworker, but now everything is changed.  I cannot gift something that could kill a baby or a parent.  I will wait for all of this to pass and then give it, if they will accept.

elizabeth hartmanelizabeth hartman1

I am quilting this with a very old panto.

old panto

This is in the same place as I left it over a week ago.  I aim to get back to it over my weekend which is today and tomorrow!

I tried to gift this quilt to a boss at work.


He would not accept.  Never said he would not accept, just left me a copy of the newspaper with Covid 19 headlines with the quilt.  This would have been for his grandbaby.  At first I was taken aback, but I understand.  I left it at work for him to take home when it is safe.

He also has a second grandbaby on the way.  But I have lost steam in trying to hurry up and get it done, when he will not accept, why hurry.  Here I am quliting it with what I call a dog bone meander.

Need to hand stitch the binding down on this one.

I did get the diappering pinwheel basket quilt completed.

upclose quilting

I used an orange thread, probably close to a terra cotta.  I like it.

I am not sure what life will hold for me in the coming week.  I am essential and have to work but am socially distancing from my co-workers and working weird hours.  I have not found my rut yet.  I hope the rut will win, or the damn virus will let us all get back to normal, if that will ever be possible again.

Brisket is set out thawing, ready to go into the crockpot and turn into bbq beef brisket.  Our frost free fridge is being defrosted, yeah we have to do this a couple times a year because it is a direct result of nafta and being made in mexico.  Quality out the window.  When you make a choice to purchase a fridge, you are with it for the long haul.  Dry Ice to the rescue and it will hold us over until the ice damn melts.

All of this seems pretty boring and mundane, but at times like this, that is the way I like it!  We live yet another day, each day is a gift, that is why it is called the present.  Make the most of your present!  Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Zero, Zip, Nada

Well, as my last post stated I was torn about attending the Dallas Quilt Show.  The mayor called the show off at 11:59 p.m. after all the vendors and quilt displays were set up and ready for the quilt pilgrimage.  All of those involved, what a disappointment.

I am disappointed but I will see many quilt shows in my lifetime.  I understand.  I wish they would have called it off earlier on Thursday so those setting up would not have been out so much effort.

So, Friday on my way home from work, I thought I would support my LAQS and stop in to show my support.  They were silver sponsors of the event.  And they were mad.  And the shop is usually a calm tranquil, quite place.  Because they were working towards unpacking everything they had set up and their frustration was on the high side, it was loud, and angry.  And I understand.  I felt sorry for them as they had cut a bunch of fat quarters that would sell there, but they were trying to find places for them in their shop.

No raffle at the show, no pamphlets to give out (can you imaging just the expense of printing the pamphlets?), no added tax revenue, no best of show, no quilters eye candy, no fabric to pet, no quilting machines to play with, no featherweight booth to visit.  I am uncertain how much revenue the Dallas Quilt Guild brings in for just themselves, this will hurt their coffers.

I am kind of glad that I chose not to put one of my quilts in the show.  I now forget the theme of the show, but the quilt was perfect for it.  Stars upon Thars was a no show.  I would have put me out a bunch of effort, and I just could not see myself doing it so far away.  I think something closer appeals to me more.  This decision little did I know was for the best.


So, let me get out of the Zero, Zip, Nada attitude and show you some good ole quilter info and quilt tops.

As promised, here are the three tops I made in the past week.  One is at the binding stage.


One is at the top stage, but needs pressed.  Jelly Roll terrarium by Elizabeth Hartman.

eliz hartman

And one top is pressed ready for backing selection.  Flight by moda fabrics.


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish quilting Frolic (if you didn’t catch my videos posted on how I am quilting each section, please visit my youtube channel and get up to date videos to help you quilt your #FrolicQuilt)
  • Finish hand sewing the binding on the dusty rose baby quilt
  • Find a suitable backing for the blue HST quilt
  • Quilt the HST quilt
  • Blog about quilt lighting for longarms and how to deal with leg ache
  • Purchase fabric for this yellow jelly roll race quilt


Life seems to be at a cusp right now.  The normal eb and flow is getting disrupted.  I think life is going to be interesting in the coming weeks.  Things you thought would never happen probably will.  I seem to be anxious about it all, but will refrain from being too worried.  If I have ever learned anything in my 40 plus years, it is that worrying gets you no where.  I will cross the bridge as I come to it.  I will become smarter because of it, and if my grandparents can eat onion soup for all their meals 2 weeks straight and live to tell about it, so can I.  My big girl panties are on, if only I had more toilet paper.  HA!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


Let the Quilting of Frolic Commence!

My daffodils bloomed beautifully.  Their gnarled blooms almost look normal this year.


And here are Mom’s daffodils.

moms dafodills

Been a productive week, this is going to be a big post.

I got the center medallion made, turned out great, and enjoyed the bigger pieces.  365 is on the back burner until further notice.  I will have no trouble of catching up as needed.


Made a baby quilt, sewed two charm packs together and to make a long story short, I need to bind, tis almost ready.  Want to see a quilting video Free Motion?  Click the link to see the machine in action.  

It was nice to get this out of my stash, and to get rid of this dated dusty rose I reckon from the 1980s.  *Disclaimer* it has only been in my stash 2 years.  🙂

I sewed another jelly roll race, not pictured, and aim to have it done soon too!

Started another baby quilt, am still piecing this one and it will reveal itself as a top hopefully this weekend.  A gob of manic sewing!

And I got the itch to quilt.  Got it so bad, that I just pieced some backing.  It ended up being two pieces sewn at the selvages and then I was just short a few inches in length, so I added a strip of pink.  The backing is loud, but complimentary of the top.  Let the quilting of Frolic commence!!!

frolic backing

I have uploaded videos of how I am quilting each design.  I have one for the borders, one for the star and one for the secondary block.  I am about halfway done, quilting a bit each night.

Here are the closeups of the ruler work and free motion.

frolic starfrolicborder

The Dallas Quilt Show commences this weekend.  I Have my ticket purchased, but am weary about going with all the COVID-19 speak.  I am not afraid of the flu, I am afraid of bringing it home to my loved ones.  I was planning for Sunday, still thinking.  I will re-evaluate the situation when the time is here, nothing to worry about now.   I want to pet pretty fabrics, and have a craving for replenishing the stash.    The weekend is almost here, and after a week of this dang daylight savings, my biological clock wants normalcy and to sleep a tad longer.

Overtime has been announced, so I suspect the crickets will be chirping in my next post as I will have nothing to show.  I will get something for your quilting eyes to feast themselves upon.  Until then, thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


It is 4:15 PM on Feb 9th, and……

I am done piecing Frolic together!!!!!

It has taken me three weeks to sew all 3400 pieces together.  They are now together forever.  As big as this project is/was, I am glad to move onto a smaller project with more instant gratification.  This just kept lingering, taking up space, preventing me from really working on anything else.


Today is not the best day for photos.  Drizzly, dreary, and too damp with a chance of showers for most of the week.  A photo op will happen, but probably not before my next posting.

I will be working my 365 blocks as now I am over three weeks in the hole.  This will be a welcome sew time each day again.

all together

I have a skirt planned to make for my oldest daughter.  That will not take long.

In the meantime I will be dreaming about how to quilt Frolic.  It deserves a custom quilt job.  But I have spent enough time on it, I do not want to showcase the quilting, I want to showcase the piecing.  My mind will brainstorm until the right thought hits the cloth.

Yesterday, I wanted to quilt.  I went through my quilt pile and found an orphan block from this.

flower basket layout

I pastorally quilted this.  Made a basket with a lone flower and some leaves.  This was an excellent way to try quilting on for size with the orphan block.  I doubled the batting, and it will be placed on my Grandma’s vintage 40 inch 1951 stove that I use every day.  An extra large potholder it is!

basket quilting

This is a disappearing pinwheel block.  All the raw edges in this are bias, hence the uneven edge, which is my fault for not blocking it correctly on the longarm.  I will make sure to avoid this in the life size version.

I visited some antique stores this week.  I love looking at the old textiles.  I came upon this.

red fabric

It was marked vintage red fabric.  When I picked it up and felt it, it did not have the vintage feel.  But I bought it anyway because I like it.  This looks to be block printed fabric.  But with block printing, usually it is the same block over and over.  This is not like that.  Each square repeats but at quite a distance.  It almost looks like vintage cheater cloth.  I really think this is old and handmade.  I figure it will bleed severely.  But it looks like it has already been washed by the frayed edges.  I will be doing a bit more research on this.  The color is right for it to be about a hundred years old.  Perhaps this is African fabric?  If anyone knows, please leave your wisdom in the comments section.

Yesterday was a glorious day spent with my son and my parents.  It doesn’t happen this way enough.  I should be ashamed and make this happen with greater frequency.  A good day spent quilting in the morning, antiquing in the afternoon, and eating a meal out with family.  Puts a little more gladness in the heart!

During the antiquing, I found a Fireking swirl jadeite bowl (my reproduction bowl broke a few years back and I have been looking for its replacement ever since, how I have missed that bowl!)

The bowl was purchased for a measly $25.  I thought it was a repro.  Got home, compared it to the known repro I have.  And I’ll be danged it is the real deal!  I paid more for the repro new at the dept. store than what I paid for it’s antique counterpart.  I am very happy.  But am a little afraid to use it, because I know it’s value.  I bought it to use as a popcorn bowl for our Friday nights (how the last one was broken).  But gosh, perhaps I will only use it for special occasions.

I am going to set some goals for the upcoming week:

  • Bind the potholder basket blockbasket quilting
  • Bind the Dream Big paneldreambig
  • Work on the 365 blocks that I am now three weeks behind on.
  • Make a skirt for my daughter

Life is full, this makes me happy!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment in the comment section.

Frolic and Dreaming Big

My two halves are joined!  Two sides of HSTs are sewn together!  I am so ready to be done!


This Frolic quilt top reminds my mom of Spring!  And boy howdy, here in Texas the skies are blue, not a cloud in sight, and highs are in the 70s.  Windows are open, fresh air is IN!  Because of the climate warming up, I was able to get in the garage for some quilting time.

I wish I could do this every day, it is most enjoyable.  On my frame is the orange dream big panel.  It has been 1/3 of the way quilted for a couple of weeks.

These are the first photos I showed a couple of weeks ago.  Today, it quilted!  I look forward to binding this one in the coming weeks.

I put a smiling sunny face in the center with rays radiating.  I rather like the child like appearance of this flower.


I tried to do a different doodle in each petal.  I have no idea if I made that goal as some of this was rolled up in my previous quilting which happened and my memory fails me now.

I certainly got creative with what I put in each petal motif.


Yes this is green grass….er weeds behind that come up every January and last through Feb in the yard.


I actually spelled out “dream big” and “sun shine” in text on the petals.

Sun, moon, stars, even a pair of lips made their appearance.  I enjoyed this skill builder.  It really makes you think about what to doodle, and in using the petal shapes, made my brain go in certain directions.

Here is the backing.  I had just barely two pieces big enough but needed a tad extra.  So the orange print got added, rather than going and purchasing fabric.  It works!

This also has franken-batting as a layer.  I don’t stitch mine together like some, I just over lap a tad.  Tis fine.  And perfectly suited for small projects such as this.


Looking at this, it looks kind of like candy corn, YUM!

This will make its appearance at the quilt hop in town and then gravitate to one of the children’s beds.  I know the last dream big purple panel I did was latched on to by my oldest daughter.  She sleeps with it every night, not that it is even big enough to cover her.  The more this panel gets washed, the more it becomes like old faded denim.  Where it is quilted reminds me of seams of well worn jeans.  Soft and comfy.

I am not going to set any goals for the coming week as work will be in the way.  If I get to stitch, it will be a productive week, if I don’t get to stitch, I will get to rest my weary feet.  Either way will be a win win!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


Orange Dream Big!

A lot has been accomplished in the quilting dept this week.  I have kept up my 365 blocks.  I am certainly enjoying petting fabrics and taking my time trying to figure out what dark dark, goes with a medium dark, or a medium light LOL.  Continuing to crank one of these out per day.

I am even taking pleasure in spinning those seams!  Not all blocks end up with this, but it sure is enjoyable to see if you can make it pretty on the back too!

Here are a lot of the 365 block a day blocks together.  I looking forward to start sewing these together, but I have heard that does not occur until sometime in April.

all together

This is kind of sparkling, and as simple as some of these are, they are magnificent when paired with other blocks.  It is looking a bit more complicated, but if you just take it one piece at a time, and then one block at a time you do not get overwhelmed.

And Frolic was finally revealed yesterday.  I posted this two weeks ago, and I guessed right!


With as much going on at the eye of my needle, I just had to get one of these stitched up, made a couple actually.  I worried about my quilt looking like an easter egg and being really washed out with pale colors.  Turns out my worry was for nothin’!

12 inch frolic block

frolic 2nd block

These go together so easy.  I still have a bit of cutting to do.  These will work themselves into blocks in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to get this to top status!

Thursday, I was in a funk.  I was in a fowl mood, and no matter my thoughts they were negative.  I chose to not talk much to coworkers and decided before the morning was even halfway that I needed a good does of quilting at the big machine.  I made those arrangements and got going.  I had not a plan, and my improv free motion quilting, was just that FREEEEEE.  I felt so free doing this.  It made my mood improve.  Gosh, I just need to do this as much as possible.  A good dose of color each day is good for a quilters soul and keeps the blahs away!

orange dream big startorange dream big 2

Fire flapping, fish scales stacking, flower swirls, feathers, lines, leafy vines, and a tad of meander, I just really needed this.  It has been three weeks since I stood at the machine.  I got the top half of the flower almost done.

And today I brought home 3 large bags of fabric!  FREEEEEEE!!!!  My bosses wife decided that the pile she thought she would get to, years have passed and the children are now older and it is just sitting there not getting used.  Gifted to me, I need to make her something, any of you have ideas?  More than a mug rug, less than a quilt.

So I have some lovely large pieces of fabric added to freshen up the old stash.

Truth be told, I would have loved to receive this before frolic, but it looks like now, I will not have to buy backing fabric.  I will be trying to work this into the stash drawers and totes over the weekend.  I had just worked the stash down to where I could rummage through without making a disaster area.  Back to the fabric disaster status, always ongoing LOL.  I’ll take it!

And sweet goodness has arrived, the weekend!  Batteries charging……

May your weekend be ever so charged!  Thank you for reading my blog!

Frolic Clue 5

I was excited to see clue 5 from the quiltville mystery went up early.  Although not feeling well I pushed through and got the clue done.  I laugh at my whimsical fabrics I sewed together yesterday.

There were solids and prints, pinks and blacks.  Horseshoes, flowers, cheerleader equipment, bows, dots, bars, baseball logos, chandeliers, mermaids, bees, pigs, and hearts.  None of that character goes together, but because they are all in the the same color family, it works ever so randomly for a nice scrappy look.


My fun is over this week for frolic, everything is now in it’s shoebox.  I will start a second shoebox when clue 6 is completed.


I am getting good use out of my binding clips.  I have had them since Sept.  Have used a few periodically.  I was not a fan before I purchased, but I am using them more and more and they have come in handy during counting.  Pervious years I would count, count, count some more and recount, still to find I needed 9 more blocks.  This year, stacked in 10, then clipped, and easy to count.

I have the binding attached to the antique wedding ring quilt.  I must say, I probably need to go buy a lottery ticket.

I cut what was left on my belly bar of my quilting machine after quilting, hoping I would have ample fabric for binding (I usually make way too much binding because I am scared that I will run out).

This is all I had left after making the two ends join!


I have two sides hand stitched and I cant wait to show you this one.  The binding is the backing on this as well.  This fabric has backed two quilts and bound one.  I really got this to stretch further than I ever thought I could.

This weeks Goals:

  • Making side leaders for my quilting machine (have the canvas now….thanks Mom!)
  • work more on sewing strings
  • finish hand stitching the binding on the antique wedding ring
  • take outdoor photos of antique wedding ring
  • start quilting the orange dream big panel

I only have off a few more days before I have to return to work.  Gosh I love time off like this.  This helps to mend my tired soul.

I would like to take the time to recap my progress for the last 12 months.  I have made ALOT of quilts!  A few other projects slipped in too!  Some customer quilts are shown as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like to find new info on youtube about quilting.  I filter my search for posts within the last week.  I came across this one and thought I would share.  After watching this, I will be adding a button quilt to my bucket list as I was very taken by it.  Enjoy watching, thanks for reading my blog!

The next quilting chapter

I hope all of you had a wonderful time with famiily and friends if you were celebrating thanksgiving!  We will be living on left overs reinvented for a few days.

*sigh* what a relief, I have made it to the thanksgiving break all in one piece.  I was so needing this time off.  It is so great to get up when I want, nap when I want, eat when I want.  The clock does not harras me as time is a bit more precious when you are craming in all the things in a 4 hour night.

To update you on my quilting progress, I have met my goals!!!!!!!!

I have a pieced top.

m8dpb2m8dpflower basket layout

And it has rained the last two days, so not photo opportunity presented itself.  I set it on point and added sashing between the blocks.  The outer perimeter ended up being just plain ole muslin.  I am very happy how this turned out!  I could have stood to edit the layer cake just a bit more and remove more lighter fabrics.  Looking at this through the camera lense, I see bald spots!  LOL, no color in places.  To the naked eye, it does not look like that.

I will probably panto this with my spoon foot.  Not sure when I will get to quilting of it, but I put all of my mess away and cleaned off my cutting table as well as my sewing table.  I am enrolled in Frolic, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  I am all in.  All the fabrics are starched pressed, and waiting for their assignments.  I am anxious to get started, because the clock is not part of my routine.  No harrassing clock, equals luxurious sewing time with not a care in the world!

And I have finished quilting Stars Upon Thars!  This was a feat!  I recall starting this in October when it was still in the 90s, and too hot to quilt.  Then I got the flu, then I had a car accident.  It always seemed like something was preventing me from stitching.  Is it perfect?  Nope.  But it was wonderful practice, getting acquainted with my rulers.  I have learned the smaller the ruler, the more you can palm it, the better for you and the machine.  My 8 inch ruler is still too short, but when you are stitching and you are holding one end, and it comes off the platform, you run the risk of not stopping fast enough and hitting your ruler, because it comes upward, and very near the needle.  I will take that into consideration for any future ruler work.

last row

Here is the last row, just completed.  Each row was taking about 2 1/2 hours.  Ruler work is very precise, but time consuming.  I assume as I get more rehersed with the movements, my time will speed up.  No telling how many hours I have in this.

Here is my most favorite block, which I placed in the center.

my fav block

That blue just makes this look like shirting and vintage old.  That fabric might be about 8 years old.  But its placement makes it look like it might be from days gone by.  The 81 patches are indeed made from vintage fabrics.  These were originaly 49 patches.  They were wonky, handsewn, and needed help.  During the quilting of this, I noticed all the vintage fabrics.  There was silk, polyester double knit, cotton, shirtings, and even barkcloth.  I tried to add my modern day stash of fabrics to pull on the vintage charm of these postage blocks.

drape on the longarm

And again, raining, so I could not lay it out and snap a good photo.  This one is ready to bind!

I used muslin for the backing.  Very pleased with that as well.  The back of this looks like a whole cloth quilt.  A reversable quilt!!!!

whole clothwhole cloth 2

So currently I have no project to work.  The Next Quilting Chapter!  Idle hands……that is hard.  But the start of Frolic is just hours away.  I will just wait patiently.

Well I am off to Frolic sometime today!  Those of you who are getting out to shop, be safe.  We know this is kick off season of holiday shopping.  Watch out for the crazy drivers, or crazy shoppers.  Be kind because they are probably fighting a hard battle.

Thanks for coming buy and reading my blog!