UFOs, Scraps, WIPs

Mid year goal check in. All quilters start every project with good intentions of finishing. I am no different. So far this year I have worked on a couple UFOs.

The 60 degree stars is now finished.

Jack’s chain is now a top.

Baby quilts galore this year. Here are some that are finished now.

And there are a couple more to go. One is in progress, one is in the planning stages.

I have longarmed a large quilt for mom with custom quilting that took a gob of my time.

I have made a few small projects.

And I have written patterns and gave away for free. This is one of my WIPs.

And all the quilts sewn from scraps. I think most of what I have worked on is scraps!

I am trying to grow my youtube channel. The competition is fierce out there! Please visit my channel.

I have taken judges training for textile arts for county fairs.

This will be loaded on the longarm Monday. I have stressed about how to quilt this. I will be custom quilting the #EmbroideryFlowerQuilt.

I am linking up with Quilting Jetgirl in #2022MidYearCheckIn. Make sure to check out her blog with all the links!

TTFN and thanks for reading my blog!

EPP Fussy Cutting Tip

The summary of my week. It snowed! This left me with extra days to hobby! And quilt I did!

Great progress was made with Jack’s chain. I have all the triangles sewn. I have 4 rows left to sew and two blocks to stitch to the large row. This is time consuming because all the intersections are Y seams. I think I have mastered the Y seam. The only thing I do not like about sewing Y seams is all the thread waste because you cannot chain piece and sew through until the end. I am very close to having this UFO in the “finished flimsy, take me quilting bag”.

I made such good progress on Jack’s Chain I opted to get out another UFO which is probably in the most infantile state because it has much growing to do.

I selected to work on my La Passacaglia Millifiori. I only have completed one full cog. I am working on a large partial cog directly to it’s left in the pattern.

According to my records I have not worked a stitch on this cog since April of 2021. This snow weather event changed that.

The remaining red was added. Also the outermost white with the tan diamonds. Yesterday I decided to fussy cut these hexagons. I also decided to make a short stop gap animation video of this outermost work.

This video was hard work, but fun with fabric!

And, I am not sure if anyone who does EPP knows this, but there is a fussy cut tip that I invented. It may already be out there, I have not researched it. But this was thought up yesterday on how to get my fussy cuts exact without just using the eyeball method using what I had around the house since I was iced in.

I first cut a strip of chevron fabric and made one cut from that strip. I then laid the template over the fabric and took a sharpie and drew the pattern onto the template. You can see my zig-zag line on the video clip above. The line drawn allowed me to perfectly line up my template for all 16 cuts that are exact.

You are probably thinking, what is wrong with you? Don’t you know that sharpie is a permanent marker? Indeed it is. By using this marker you will never have to worry about the ink rubbing off onto your fabric. Did you know that sharpies are alcohol based markers and therefore NOT permanent? Yeah, you can rub off the ink using 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

If you would like more of a tutorial, I created a video on that as well.

If you don’t want to watch the video, there is a picture towards the end where it shows I have wiped off my template with alcohol. It is a still photo, but this does work. I use a sharpie in my 40 hour paid job and know that alcohol removes ink. I was so confident in knowing it removes ink, I marked my template without a care in the world.

You can somewhat see the ink on the paper towel.

After marking the top of the template, I then thought how am I going to align this on the paper to make it perfect every time. That is covered in the video. You turn the template over, the template already has the seam allowance, you just put the paper piece on and make sure the lines on the template match the line placement on the paper.

Viola, exact fussy cutting for EPP!

Goals met for the week:

  • Make progress on the Jack’s Chain—-check
  • Start thinking about next UFO vs new project—check
  • Start sewing some EPP—check
  • Tat on the Jan Stawasz doily—incomplete
  • Look into solution on the 365 quilt pantos I need to make—check
    • Turns out you can purchase clean newsprint for your printer. This has been ordered and am awaiting its delivery

So the week allowed many goals to be met. As much as I wanted to tat, I did not want to tat on the doily. I wanted to tat hearts. I refrained. I do not need to start another project. I behaved myself LOL.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish Jack’s Chain into a top
  • Sew some more on the La Passacaglia cog
  • Start a new project or restart an old project!!
  • Rearrangement of fabrics because I have 7-8 bolts of fabric coming and I have not a clue where it will all go. Sew Yeah has hurt my pocketbook once again!
  • Share some mystery sewing from December

I am excited to see what I can get done in the coming week. I also have a mystery subscription box that will be arriving. Well, I am off to keep warm and quilt on!

Thanks for reading my blog!


We nearly have 2021 licked! If you are reading this post, you lived through it. The past couple of years have been tough. We are seeing things we never thought we would see. I hope everyone gets their act together and practices the slogan, kill ’em with kindness. The world seems to be very divided. I ask everyone to put all that aside and remember we all put our pants on one leg at a time. There is enough negativity in the world. So, STOP THE SPREAD of negativity, it is snowballing. We are all trying our best. Our best may not be your best. We all walk in different shoes. Embrace the world and love one another. This will go a long ways.

I think because of the hardships many of us have faced have caused us to grow. Perhaps we are awakened. Perhaps we see things differently than 3 years ago with the same eyes. Our minds have been altered.

“Life Shrinks or Expands in proportion to one’s courage.”—Anais Inn Because of the turmoil on planet earth I can say we have expanded exponentially for the better of the human race. 2021 was harder than 2020. I hope that things ease in 2022 for all of us.

Today I am reflecting on the year. These are my finishes. And in comparison to other years, I think I was lacking! But there were many big project finishes.

This year seemed to be the year of starts. I think I became a serial starter!!!

So as a quilter I have expanded my abilities. This is good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

This is the time of year I like to look through all my photos and memories well up. Once I add the things I did not get done to the mix of getting things done, I accomplished quite a bit. I have added one more project this past week and have two more finishes.

I decided to make a new tote bag. The bag I have carried for two years, hand made by mom, it starting to show wear on the cloth handles. So I purchased the pattern and made another bag just a smidge larger. I love how this turned out!

I have put this fabric into many quilts. I still had a sizeable piece and wanted to incorporate this into a bag. So these are the pockets trimmed in faux leather.

Here is the bag unzipped.

And here is it zipped. I just love the foundation of the bag and the shape of the bag.

And here is the inside of the bag. I am loving my neutral colors. We will see how well this one holds up. This was a couple days effort.

And my second share I cannot share, but I have made another quilt top. The mystery quilt. The quilt top only took two days to make. As far as mysteries go, it is ok. The pattern call outs for fabrics is very vague, so it is a crap shoot LOL. I will keep it a mystery for a bit longer. 🙂

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It is weird to know the outcome of a mystery quilt. I will share sometime in march when everyone else has had time to do their clues.

I wish I could tell of what the future holds. I can vaguely say, it will contain quilting in my life, but content and volume is to be determined. Words of Wisdom by Bobby McFerrin

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Merry New Year!!!!

Technical Problem 2021

I discovered a problem this morning when I went to retrieve photos from the cameras memory card. The camera would not let me take photos, *pout*, it gave me a memory card error. The memory card itself still works, I suspect my camera mechanism that determines if the card is locked or unlocked broke???? So until I remedy that, I will have to figure a work around for photos.

Since I cannot upload new content and it is so close to the end of the year I thought I could recap the quilt finishes in my life as well as other counts and milestones.

But first a statistic. All of you have been following along (thank you!) with my 365 Quilt Challenge journey of now two years. This is a long term project that did not intend to be that long, LOL. In looking back during this journey, these are the quilts that I have finished during its making.

Six large quilts (one of those being quilted now). Frolic was the monster of this group, but many squirrels happened. It kept me sewing without losing my mojo. You do what you have to do. The rest of these were smalls of lap size down to just a small wall hanging, but no matter the size, it is still deemed a quilt!

During frolic as well as spring brook blossoms, I did both the 365 as well as that monthly or weekly project.

This quilt was also included in the “during 365” gallery. I made this in about two weeks. I came down with Corona Virus and could not work. And, I am happy to report I was one of those that was asymptomatic with only a couple of days of aches and low fever. I recall one of my posts late in 2020 pondering what I would tell my grandchildren about this pandemic. I really had no idea. Boy, how this year has made a difference in knowing exactly what I would say. The quilt above cost me two weeks of vacation.

So, the fact that my camera has a malfunction combined with the crazed new attitudes (new normal) I have named this post what I did. My only side affect from this pandemic is pandemic FATIGUE!!!! I know all of you can relate.

And then there are the projects that I started….(I became a serial starter, YIKES)!

And I have all of those UFOs mostly from years past.

I am not going to make blog promises for 2022. After the past two crazy years, my logic cannot rule anything out. So for that reason I am going to set goals for myself and may or may not note that in the blog. Just know when you visit my blog in the coming year I will bring content approximately once a week, if not more. It will be sewing. It could have tatting. You will see quilting. As far as defining the specifics…..here are some quotes that may make sense of life.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”—-Allen Saunders.

“Reality continues to ruin my life.”—Bill Watterson, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes .

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

And on that last quote, thank you for reading my blog!

Waiting for 70 Degrees

I am loving the colder temps in Texas! A few frosts in November, and wearing the jacket, breathing in the fresh colder air with holiday spirit in the air has become my favorite time of year. My favorite month used to be October. A month when the airconditioner gets turned off, the fans are switch off, and the house becomes more quiet. A month for baking because it is practically between 50-70 degrees all day. Much gets accomplished because your energy that was drained during the summer heat some how gets restored.

I never knew October was my favorite month, until twenty years ago. The chain of events, my Grandfather died in August. He lived several states up, so I was off from work for about a week. He had been sick for a long time and I never spent any of my vacation time, so I had oodles to spend. When I got back home things were not going so well for the telecom sector for which I worked (Sept 11th caused it to tank). So I job hunted and put in my resume to my employer now. We went back to his estate for all the contents to be auctioned off in late Sept of that same year. When I returned home and back on the job, the happiness and joy the job once gave me, was still there, but because of the telecom bubble burst, many of my coworkers were laid off. It made me glad I still had my job, and so very thankful, but at the same time I was the only one who provided for the family and knew the writing was on the wall. I had to get out and get into something else.

I submitted my resume to my current employer, and heard back from them, I got the job. I took a $2 paycut, but my job would be secure. I knew how much vacation time I had left, so I told them I could start on Nov 12th.

I gave my two weeks notice, and then burned the rest of my vacation. I got to spend 2 weeks in October off with no work and paid. My son was two at the time. It was so energizing this time of year for me. I started my new job on Nov 12, 2001. I have now been at my job officially for 20 years. Perhaps the month of October resembled freedom from any job and the gentle sigh that came that year when I was not working.

This patriotic quilt is all about my 20 year anniversary on the job. My current employer is a gov’t contractor, so it is all about patriotism.

And with 20 years comes change. I still like the month of October for the renewed energy. But with all the time off from work for the holidays makes me able to relax in the month of Nov and Dec.

So I am waiting for a 70 degree day to start quilting on the patriotic postage stamp quilt. I thumbed through my larger pieces of fabrics and selected a couple, and then thumbed through them some more and resettled on a couple of pieces for the backing. Here is one. I purchased this at an antique store. It said this was old. I don’t think it is necessarily old, but I do think it is made with an old technique. This is some kind of dying or printing on muslin. It is very folk-art themed with crows, the letter A in various directions, many lines but mostly each square has a motif inside which does repeat. It was a perfect backing, but was not large enough. So this got paired with the patriotic flag material, which also suits the theme.

If anyone can tell me the process of how this fabric was made it would gladly be appreciated. Educate me please. 🙂

This brings me in the meantime to get cracking on another UFO I have. A while back I polled my readers and the results were 365 quilt block challenge, la passacaglia, and jacks chain. I lack so few blocks on the 365, I will probably tackle this next. I have my tables cleared off, but my time is not in alignment. I have just a few more dark blocks and then the lighter blocks start up again. I am so very close.

But working this project now for almost two years has become hard for me. Harder than I ever thought. Mind over matter, but many of you know what I speak of. I have grown very tired of it. I have asked myself why am I tired of it. The simple answer, the color. I am not a fan of red. I decided to go out of my comfort zone when the decision was made to do this quilt. I had no reds in my stash so I changed that. Perhaps if this were started in a turquoise or a green, I would have already been done. I believe also that my combinations have ran OUT of the current reds I have. I will perhaps make this more appealing by adding fabric to this now to inspire me.

So while waiting for 70 degrees to quilt in the garage, I will be hemming and hawing over the 365, hopefully sewing!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

A wallet of a Tale

A few weeks back I purchased a kit to make a wallet. This wallet was relatively easy to make, except for the very last part.

The zipper went in flawlessly. The pockets were perfect. But the hemming stitch around the perimeter was a fail last weekend. My machine DID NOT WANT TO STITCH. I figured out it was operator error times two! When sewing through faux leather, you must use a walking foot…duh. But the true secret to get the last edge of the wallet almost perfect (still room for improvement) is to glue baste it down with a bunch of wonder clips and glue. GLUE being the KEY to SUCCESS! I am happy to report this Sallie Tomato Two Dollar Wallet has been gifted! It is not everyday you can sew something useful for an important man in your life!

This wallet did not cost two dollars as the name would make you think. It actually was a $27 kit plus shipping. It was a nice little project.

And I only managed to get two more 3 1/2 inch blocks sewn for my 365 quilt block challenge. This weekend I will probably manage a few more of these.

What has all of my focus this week, is the quilting job above. So, originally I decided to do an orange peel that would radiate from the center. My template was too small. So, each 4 inch block got two orange peels. I stopped in my LAQS and found a handiquilter half moon, that was perfect. So in all the blocks that I had already put two small orange peels, I then outlined in the same direction with a large orange peel.

And then I got to the center of the quilt, and wondered how I would make it cohesive, but make it different at the same time. I accidentally quilted it the wrong way. I put too many orange peels going in all different directions. That mistake, I fell in love with. So I went back and filled in all the directions of all the orange peels.

And remember the AC is out in the garage. So it has been bucket sweating HOT! But I am determined. If I manage a few minutes or an hour a day, I will eventually get this quilted. A pass of two rows of blocks and the outer borders takes longer than an hour an a half. It is all ruler work. Enjoying as it is, it is still hot!

I came across this on Amazon. I am going to get this ordered and try it out. A neck fan!

I had never seen or heard of one of these and was on there looking for a fan for my desk at work, my $5 fan from 15 years ago that I dry my tennis shoes when I get drenched walking into work in the monsoon season finally kicked the bucket and would not turn on. Gosh, the old dollar star bargains were really good stuff in the day. I don’t think I could find this again in the dollar store. So I will let you know if it works. You see, I cannot run a regular fan with my quilting machine. The company told me it would give me thread/tension problems. And I do not want to mess up a good thing!

Did I meet my goals from last week? The answer is YES!

Got the yellow quilt to a flimsy status, started quilting on the yellow quilt, and revealed my next UFO project to my readers.

My latest goals:

  • Quilt as much as I can on the yellow and black quilt
  • sew at least 5 blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge
  • Stitch some on the La Passcaglia rosette
  • Start working out details for the demonstration for the Quilt Hop. These details will end up being a tutorial for readers. More on this in the coming weeks.

In additional to my weekly goals, I am also reaching a bit farther into the future and setting a monthly goal as well:

  • Try to get some tatting time in on the Jan Stawasz doily

Wish me luck! I have much to do!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Scrap Happy July 2021

I have been messing with scraps this past month. I have broke down my scraps to manageable pieces utilizing my accuquilt.

I now have ooodles of 2 inch squares again! The tubs are full. In the back of my craw, I see a postage stamp quilt. Perhaps I will just set these beside my machine and use as leader enders? I have not worked out the geometry of this quilt yet, but I see a 2 inch scrap squares quilt in the near future.

First thing is first. I opened a poll and let readers determine what I would work on next. It would seem I have many unfinished objects (UFOs). There was a tie. Not sure how to settle a tie. I supposed since one is machine piecing and one is hand piecing I should be able to work both?

The viewers have spoken and they want to see progress on the 365 quilt block challenge as well as the La Passacaglia quilts.

I have a whole stack of blocks cut out for the 365 quilt, and managed to get one sewn before I ran out of weekend!

I presume as I watch many live feed videos on youtube that the handstitching will commence on the La Passacaglia.

Last month I showed you the Scrappy Laundry Basket Quilts 2021 mystery. This quilt I donated to charity.

I also completed the Moda Scrap bag quilt. This really was nothing special but fun to have the freedom of no pattern. This has also been donated to charity.

And because I donated the Laundry Basket quilt to charity, I wanted to make one for myself a tad bigger with a border selected by me. I made this in the same pattern as the green one, but what a difference contrast makes! I think the border along with the color scheme really makes the scrappy quilt radiate! I am feeling good that this was just an idea of color in my last scrap happy post. And now it is sew close!

Top sewn, I have it on the longarm now. I have decided to quilt the body of this quilt in an orange peel that radiates from the center out. I have taken the yellow part of the delectable mountains border and made lines that radiate out from the center. The black in the border has more of a art deco style with some ruler work.

The AC is currently not working in the garage so any quilting accomplished is a major electrolyte dump. Although it is a cooler summer here, the concrete pad is like a weather rock, if it is humid, is absorbs the moisture making your body condense at the speed of light! I suppose condense is not the right word….perspire……profusely. If it is hot, that concrete slap absorbs that energy, so there is no escaping the sweat shop environment. No pain no gain!

I have committed to quilting one more charity quilt between now and August 15th. Due to this commitment I do not want to leave this on the longarm long because I do not have a clue when the charity quilt will show up. A race against time. I made pretty good progress on this today, and have gotten down in to the orange peel part. The borders will be the time consumer. Hopefully this weekend I can utilize the weekend cool mornings and progress to the end.

Please visit and see what all the scrap happy blogs are all about! Click on their links below. Thank you Kate and Gun for this lovely sharing opportunity!

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Quilting Poll-Viewers Coice

Well, this weekend was pretty successful with my tasks. I am saving all my photos to share on my weekend post. Goals met! And since we are up to the Independence day celebration I thought a fun thing for the blog readers would be to vote on content. Polls are open.

A while back, while I was making a quilt, during the construction choices, I ran a poll to question which layout and what direction I should take the quilt top. This was the viewers choice quilt and it turned out beautiful.

So, I have decided to make a list of things that have become ufos. I would like viewer input of what they would like to see as topics, projects, and ufo completions. I am going to set up a poll and leave it open for a couple of weeks to see what you want to see happen on my blog. Viewers choice.

Here are my current unfinished objects (ufos).

  • 365 quilt block challenge
  • Be Colorful Quilt
  • La Passacaglia
  • MSQC Triangle Quilt
  • Embroidery Quilt
  • Jack’s Chain Quilt
  • Quilt as you go hexagon
  • Row Scrap Quilt

Those are the projects I have on my shelves waiting to be finished. I am certain if I were to dig, there may be some I am forgetting. Some of these are a ton of work in the past or in the future. Some of these are all by hand projects. Regardless I need to move product. Your vote will determine my direction. I am going to try to keep the squirrels at bay.

Answering these question will help me out and it can also help you out.

Thank you for answering my poll and reading my blog!

Orphan Scrappy Blocks

I cannot believe it is already the middle of May! What has my scrappy dept been up to in the last month? A recap:

I have started rosettes for the La Passacaglia Millefiori quilt. This is harder than I thought. One rosette down, one still in progress, not much to go for that one’s completion.

I have joined in two quilt alongs, one offered by CorrianderQuilts and is FREE! I have two blocks done. Each month you will sew two more flower tops. You can finish the stems and leaves ahead of time as this is repeatable throughout the quilt. May 17th a new block posts, join in the flower fun!

Edyta Sitar has a free mystery quilt along, and so far this one has been easy. Making 4 patches. And guess what? I had to cut so few pieces to get to this point! My scrappy tubs filled with 2 1/2 inch squares and 1 1/2 inch squares are getting used. These are trimmings that happen with scraps with various projects along the way. I suspect the clues in the coming days will require me to get to the bigger pieces and work from those.

I am working diligently to get my doily tatted! I am on the last round and ready to start a new doily as I have new books with lovely patterns. I would be done with this but ended up cutting out what you see below amount wise. Tsk tsk, I thought I followed directions, but turns out I forgot one while ring to attach to the fourth chain on the previous row’s rosette and I did it twice!!

And my biggest scrappy announcement, orphan blocks! All us quilters accidentally make one two many blocks and then it just sits there or gets turned into a potholder. Some of us try to make it into one big quilt. Things that I have would NOT marry well together in one quilt. Way too many odd shapes and sizes. So I decided to finish my orphan blocks like I would if it were a pot holder and then hang them on the wall together, to create padded walls hahahaha. I mean our hobby is therapy, so why not add a little touch of the padding to help us with the crazies! Some of these are orphan blocks, some are starts with no finish in sight (that would be the bargello). I have moved much off that “orphan” shelf. All of these finishes have happened in the last two weeks.

This was left over from this:

This boot did not make the cut for this baby quilt:

And these baskets I turned to face the inside and this was left overs from this:

And my favorite block was this one, which did not make it into the quilt because it was the first block I engineered and it came out smaller than all my other star blocks from the quilt below:

And even though this wall hanging looks like a ribbon, it is actually a spool block but because this is all the spool blocks I had left, you only see one spool. This actually looks like a scrappy ribbon, eh?

And this was left overs from this!

And here is my padded wall!

As you can see I have room for more! I can even go over the door, or all the way to the floor (It would seem dr suess is in the house, LOL). As you can see my hanging system is just some push pins. This will enable me to add easily and move around the orphans. Just think you could do this for your Christmas orphan blocks and change your wall out with the seasons.

Taking a little detour here, but have you ever heard of acrylic pouring? It is a painting method of masterpiece! I took a local art class and learned how to do this. I decided for Mother’s Day, we could all do a painting for mom. Acrylic pouring is quite scrappy and random. Here is a masterpiece example in youtube form (ours were dry pours, so very different from what you see here.)

I used Dollar Tree paints with some metallics from Hobby Lobby. Certain paints really dominated our paintings, but each is a Mona Lisa from us to Mom. Here are ours:

I have certainly had fun in the last month especially with my scraps. Let’s see what everyone else has been up to:

Kate, Gun, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda, Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy Jill, Claire, Jean, Jon, Dawn, Gwen, Bekki, Sue L., Sunny, Kjerstin, Vera, Nannette, Ann, Noreen, Bear, Carol, Pretti, Edith, Hayley, and Me.

As this posts, I have had a migraine for days (thank goodness I do not procrastinate and worked this post last weekend!). As a result, next week’s post will probably be meager. Thanks for tunning in and reading my blog!

The Awe of the week

Us quilters like to gaze upon eye candy. We love beautiful fabrics, and we love to gaze at beautiful quilts. This week, I came across something entirely different and I was in total awe. More on that in a minute.

The quilting dept has been busy here LOL. I got several wall hanging sizes quilted, and some bound!

Got these two quilted and bound. These are ready to hang on the wall. I will hang them exactly as they are here. How does one hang something on such a small scale? I suppose you could drive a nail right through all the layers (I just heard you gasp, lol). Better than that when you install your binding you add a couple of folded squares to your corners. This will create a pocket in the corners and a dowel rod will slip right in. You would then hang that on a nail.

This is the backing of this:

And there were more quilted, but I did not get the binding applied.

This is the disappearing baskets quilt block made from the disappearing pinwheel which was left over from this:

Amazing how turning the layout different totally changes the look. I will be binding this sometime in the next week.

I am calling this Bargello Ra. It looks a lot like the character named Ra from ancient Egypt. This was supposed to be a baby quilt over 10 years ago. I stalled big time. This is just the snippet of it that I had done, so the orphan block project is getting me some UFO progress too!

I will bind this one as well in the coming week.

Two things happened in the last few weeks which have changed up my sewing routine a bit. I have started watching/sewing along with SewBecca on youtube. I find the longer you watch her, the silly’s come out. Usually by 11:00 pm on Friday evening, she is giggling, and I am tired so I get the giggles, and I just can’t stop watching LOL.

A couple of Fridays ago she led me to a free pattern given by Corriander quilts. This is a sew along where you sew two blocks a month. The design is a mystery. But they will all be flowers. The stems stay the same, so you could sew those up. The flower themselves change. So I sewed a couple of these. Cute! You can click this link for the free pattern. There is a link once you get to her page that will bring up the PDF. This block is called Larkspur.

I decided to go very scrappy and random for one.

First you make the center, then the petals, then the stem.

Sorry about the flower chop off. For some reason my devices are not talking correctly to one another. I will get this fixed soon. In the meantime I will remain frustrated LOL.

And because the pattern calls for two I decided to make another with a sunflower theme.

I realized in the making of this you need almost a fat quarter for the neutrals. My neutral size pieces are smaller than this so I am on the hunt for a bundle. Which brings me to my second find in recent days.

How many of you follow Sew Yeah on youtube? On Tuesdays and Saturdays they have a live stream where you can buy fabric!!!!! Pretty clever set up they have. Tuesdays are the new stuff. Saturdays are the bargain stuff. All is quilt quality fabrics. A new place to buy fabric, yay!

For my goals set last week, I have failed to finish my rosette 4 (which is my second rosette). I have the papers glued and some of them stitched, but it is not finished. I aim to do this in the coming week too.

I have been tatting on my Field of Clover doily and am working the last round. Not sure if I will finish this. But I so want to start another doily. I got new books in that have some gorgeous doily patterns. I will refrain. I do not have enough thread all matching anyway to start one. So I will continue to lust with my eyes on the pages of the books. 😉

And you are probably wondering what has caught this quilter’s eye this week? Of all things, on a sprinkling Thursday morning, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I see the sun come up every morning in my commute. No surprises, it does it everyday. But the hue it cast on the trees in the west really grabbed my attention, trying to figure out why the trees looked red. Magnificent spectrum trick in the rainbow scheme of things. So I drove a tad down the road and waited for a clearing that was not tree line, and ooooo’ed and aaaaahhh’ed over the rise of the sun.

I was amazed by this color! Usually I never have a camera on me when I come up on something like this. But, I had my phone. I pulled over, and in the blink of the eye, the sun is just a sliver up. You gotta love life with the little things like this. Such insignificant, significance!

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Celebrate Mother’s day with my Mom and my Children. We are gonna get crafty!
  • Bind the disappearing pinwheel basket wall hanging
  • Bind the Bargello Ra wall hanging
  • Work on finishing the La Passacaglia Rosette 4
  • Watch some Youtube of Sew Becca and Sew Yeah to name a few
  • Purchase a new stockpile of neutrals!

Life is good! Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading my blog!