Week One of 2022

This week was hard! Back to work after a week off is HARD! It kicked my butt! Not much stitching took place.

I have chosen to work on one of my UFOs and just get it done. Turns out, this will probably not be fast.

I started this sometime in the past year. This was actually two jelly rolls and some white grunge in a kit I got for Christmas in 2020. It also came with the pattern which I opted not to make. I chose the 60 degree Stars pattern by M*QC. I am laying mine out differently with more negative space so I can have a bit more fun quilting it. I have the top portion of the quit sewn, and its overall shape will end up being a hexagon.

The next two rows that needs to be sewn, I noticed my edge half star I do not have the right pieces to make this right to match how I have done the rest of the row. I was going to go with left overs on this row on the ends (right not shown-out of design wall lol). So I will have to make some time to cut and sew some more strip sets to get this right. I am almost out of strips for this jelly roll set. There are some that I have deemed to light. I may have to incorporate these in anyway.

This pattern is a relatively easy pattern, but keep in mind most of your edges are bias. Bias has stretch, which could lead to problems if you have not prepared your fabric correctly. I recommend heavy starch for all pieces before sewing or cutting. The crispness of the bias will help you piece this together. This also requires a 60 degree triangle ruler. This would be fun to make with strings! Perhaps I will need to revisit this.

I have started off this first week of the year with some fabric purchases. My stock of neutrals is probably at a all time low. I have purchased a place mat pattern which has not arrived yet. I will be working on those for a service project for hospice. I have some silverware fabric that I am looking forward to using for the placemats, as well as using up some of my yardage.

In the meantime I will just have to adjust to working again, on top of all the chores that call my name, and I talk a little pirate talk because there is just not enough time or me to go around.

I have made a final decision on the 365 quilt challenge quilting. After shopping around for pantos and finding nothing I had I liked or what is out there, I decided to make my own. It is less of a panto and more of a small medallion that I will put in each 6 inch section. I will have to come up with something different for the very center of the quilt I think. I got out my compass and drew some circles and crosshatches and came up with a very folk-art style quilting motif. I recently watched a video by Susan Lawson and a technique that is new to me.

This is the technique I will use for each 6 inch section. I have made my drawing and will need to make a master copy and will be tracing it on to fine clean newsprint. This will be a tedious process but I think it will mash well with the quilt pattern. If it warms up I will be able to demonstrate. Eventually for anyone interested I will get my small medallion loaded into pdf format for download. (This reminds me I have some ripping work do to on the quilt top before I can quilt…ugh).

Ta Ta for Now! And thanks for reading my blog!

A couple of days off….

You give me a couple of days off, and I will get a couple of things done! Having time off is a marvelous thing!

First, the patriotic postage stamp quilt, is now quilted! And when you are close up at the machine, you don’t see the whole picture. During the photo shoot I discovered something!

The stars created a lovely argyle pattern that I could not see close up, I love this! Here is a picture of the fabrics I chose for the backing.

I will be binding this in the coming days.

And I worked hard again this past week to get more blocks done on the 365. I failed to snap all the photos. I have rather tired of taking pictures of all these blocks individually. I did have one block that was worthy. This 6 inch block has 121 pieces! Photo worthy indeed! I think this ended up being my favorite block. This took me about 4 hours straight.

And guess what? I now have a 365 Quilt Block Challenge QUILT TOP! Yippeeeeeee!

It is so big, that I could not really display it with my arm span.

Disappointingly, the woman that I was going to have custom quilt this, no longer does that. She only bastes or edge to edge quilts. 😦

So, change of plans, I loaded it today, and tried out a new ruler I purchased. I realized, I wasted my money on this ruler. My hopping foot is quarter inch 270 degrees around the foot. The back side is more like 3/8ths. So the hexigon template that is an inside template does not work right. It works great provided you never stitch behind the hexi. So those of you who have a Nolting quilting machine, do not buy this template, it will be foul and will not work!

So, I quilted a bit with it, and now all of this will have to be ripped out. 😦

So I started a different approach. I decided to quilt in the ditch for now and figure out what I really want in the future. *sigh*

These blocks deserve to be quilted pretty, but I am at a loss for what exactly. It will come to me in the coming days. I am in no hurry, it took me 2 years to get to this point, it can sit on the machine for a bit.

I see a few days of marathon sewing/quilting as ringing in the new year, there are several youtubers having 12 hour streams. The plan is to get a bunch done!

I have decided to join in a sew along that I will be keeping secret for the most part so I don’t spoil it for others. I know what the end result is before anyone else. I have carefully chosen my colors accordingly and will be working on cutting this out in the coming week. Not sure If I will show this on the blog though just in case any of those people accidentally happen upon it.

I have purchased a bag pattern with stays. I love my current tote bag. But it is starting to get soiled. My new tote will have leather handles, and it is a bit more muted or neutral in color. I will be working towards this as well.

And then there is the UFO piles I have. I probably need to get one of these going again. Perhaps this will be during the marathon days of sewing…dunno yet. After finishing the 365 to the point I have, it has lifted my spirits and really makes me want to grab one of the UFOs We will see what sorts out in the coming week.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

The forgotten Files

As a blogger, you snap photos, you get excited, you blog. Your project moves, or your project stalls. Regardless, as a human, I forget some details along the way. I have done very little this past week.

A long time ago, I trimmed up several boxes and containers full of 2 inch squares. Here are my posted pictures from previous in the year.

In going through my blog files some of these squares were trimmed all the way back in Sept of 2020. I try to tame my scraps in spurts. And I try to tackle this at least once a month.

The above pictures were generated in Jan of 2021. These projects went together very fast since all the squares were already precut. I think back then I sewed a few red blocks, and a few blue blocks. These colorways of neutral, brown, red, and blue were the majority in this scrappy stash. And not all those colors made the quilts above. So another UFO is found (shaking head in disbelief). Tsk Tsk….

My design wall is temporarily out of commission because I have a couch standing up longways in front of it. Someone gave us a leather couch. I felt like the Jefferson’s and was moving on up! We kept the old couch, and used the new/used leather couch for about a week. The way the couch is constructed, all the cushions are affixed and not removable. All the cushions are depleted. And there is no way to tear into the couch and add fluff. When you sit on the couch, you can feel the 2 X 4s between the cushions and on the arms. This transpired about two weeks after I got my design wall and we are waiting to put it to the curb on the day agreed upon by waste mgmt. It will happen soon. In the meantime, I can share these blocks finally. So instead of having two couches in the living room and not being able to walk through the living room without great contortion, we stood it up on end, and there it resides. Right smack dab in front of my wall.

I wanted to lay out the blocks on the wall, but that was impossible. So on the floor I crawl (I am getting to old for this!)

I have many more squares to be sewn before I can call this patriot postage stamp quit even close to a usable size. The good news is, I have plenty! This will get me to the finish line soon!

And if you recall several weeks back, I decided to custom quilt a top for mom. I never snapped photos of the quilty finish. Here are those photos. I am very pleased with the results. There is just the right amount of quilting, not too much, not too little. Much like goldilocks, its just right!

I am a bit disappointed that the camera did not capture the puff accurately on this quilt. That’s ok, I snapped a photo of the back which you can clearly see the thread.

So, I have been gaining skills at using Imovie and decided to take some of the file movies I took long ago and compose a video of that. This was fun! Enjoy the Quilting Blues Backwards, LOL!

We had one of the kittens born back in April get into a snarl with something on Monday afternoon. We came upon the kitten apparently right after it happened. Said cat had to go to the vet. Its hind quarters were torn so bad by a fight with something, there is a two inch hole exposing the cats muscles and innards. The vet said cats are resilient and it will probably pull through. The cats temperament is fine. It is now an indoor cat. With antibiotics, sterile wash, and packing of vaseline and no cone or bandage, she is a trooper. My daughter had originally named our cat Caramel (Karah-mel). But I think it will get renamed Meatball, as it has a ball of meat showing on its right rear hip/leg. The good news, she is pooping and peeing, eating and drinking like nothing is wrong. I don’t like taking any animal to the vet, because then you assign a dollar amount to the pet and it changes the emotional state of this adult. I hope, if it pulls through, that it does not go and step in front of a car. Although this will be a life lesson for a couple little girls, it becomes a life lesson to the pocket book too as an adult. If it ain’t one thing, its another! I spared you the photo. I do not want to gross out or scare away my readers, even if it is close to Halloween.

There are still photos that I know I took that I cannot find. I suppose those will make a future forgotten file post.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Scrap Happy? October

I am questioning my happiness lately. I have no will to sew. I have not done much of anything. I don’t really want to do much of anything. I am not finding joy in my normal routine. I think the pandemic is really starting to affect my mind! Are any of you experiencing this? I am in quite a bit of funk. So not much scrappy sewing has happened this past month. (I somewhat feel like an old lady ready to yell at the first person who gives me any kind of crap. My intolerance of the once tolerable is odd and NOT me.)

I did get the spring brook blossoms quilt completed. That was not much sewing, I made one block and part of another. Sewed these large blocks together and added a border. I am still enjoying the quilting leg of my life, but I ran out of quilts! Mom has given one of hers to tide me over so I am currently working this.

No sewing, so I did get the design wall cleared and filled. I will probably bring this to a top next in my project pile. But I am just not feeling the sewing vibe lately.

I did find joy at the thrift store. I found two packages of rayon thread all brand new in their packaging.

This will eventually be put to use. I was thinking during some EPP. But I have no want or desire to do that either.

I searched out some scraps to cut down to 2 1/2 inch squares. Meh….eventually I will use these in something.

I searched my string baggies and fetched out some more neutral prints and made a scrappy binding for the spring brook blossoms quilt. The egg fabric always makes me smile….breakfast eggs/cracked eggs on fabric LOL.

I did get the quilt bound and had a finish, but it does not excite me. If anything for years, when I finish a project there is a let down after. The joy you had bringing the project to its finish, means that it is all done. No more to look forward to in that project. Does this make sense?

I just can’t bring myself to start much of anything.

And we all know all too well when we sew anything, we make more scraps! I have another pile ready to file away in my scrap system.

Apologies for not much scrap work to show you. But I am certain if you visit these other ScrapHappy bloggers you are sure too see some exciting projects!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

Sew a Jelly Roll Day!

You know you have them! Might as well get them out to play! It is that time of year again! Happy Sew a Jelly Roll Day to you all!

I am going to be playing with a couple of jelly roll projects over the weekend.

I started a new jelly roll project two weeks ago. I am several 9 patches in! I am waiting for yardage to arrive so I can start piecing the 9 patches into a bigger block.

I also will be putting the finished edge on this homemade jelly roll race quilt. I pulled all my blues and grays out of my stash back in June and cut 40ish 2 1/2 inch strips. I decided after I sewed them together I had some bluish anchor fabric and made that the border. I had navy and ship fabric for the backing. I managed to quilt this over the last couple of evenings. And keeping with a nautical them, went ocean waves for the free motion quilting. Some ocean waves are calm, some are turbulent, and some are pipeline waves. This was quick to quilt.

Here is the backing. I will be working this for binding in the coming week. This is ready for some pressing and cutting.

And because I am back at my crafting table, that means the puzzle is done!

I have made some fabric purchases. I found backing for my 365 quilt block challenge quilt. I bought 10 yards which is too much, but I know I will have enough since this is kind of directional.

I have gotten a few more motifs done for the Jan Stawasz doily. I think before, the background I used to photograph it interfered with the true color. Here is it, blush!

I finally have a rhythm on this and now that I have those non-reversed chains figured out with alligator join goodness, this is going a bit faster and smoother. I have already used up a 50 gram ball. That is the thing with working from a pattern out of the book I have. No instructions! No quantities called out. Just stitch counts. A schema only, LOL!

My list of to-dos in the coming week:

  • Bind the nautical quilt
  • handstitch the binding on the radiate quilt
  • work on the spining 9 patch pattern
  • tat a bit on the Jan Stawasz doily V

Happy Sew a Jelly Roll Day! Thanks for reading my blog!

The Quilting Dance

Ah, the struggles of juggling life and our hobby, eh? One week is feasting on a finish, the next week is famine for one reason or another. I would not know how to react if I did not have several interruptions while trying to quilt, sew, or piece.

My set up goes between houses and all rooms of the house. The longarm is down the street. The ironing mat is in the kitchen with the cutting mat. The sewing machine station is in the living room. The fabric stash is in the bedroom.

As clever as we may be, our time is dedicated. I have a 40 hour work week (which by the way, overtime looms). And then there is the dastardly deed of cooking because of the hungry mouths to feed. And then there are the lovely distractions of quilting youtube channels. And of course housework. And the more people that are in the house, the more interruptions you will naturally have. Some days are better than others. This week was focused on responsibilities and children.

So what did I get done? The yellow and black scrap quilt is QUILTED!!!! YES!!! I am ecstatic! Binding is sewn by machine and lacks my hand-stitching around the perimeter. So close. The day I finished quilting this, I walked home in the rain. Sorry everyone no pictures yet. Today was our first day of no rain.

I decided to video the last part of the border. I went back to watch, the 30 plus minute video was kinda slow. As I was scrolling through my video, I paused at just the right time and saw my foot hanging in mid air. It made me chuckle. I fast forwarded through to another part in the video and again, it looked like I was dancing at my machine. So I decided to save everyone the woes of watching a boring video and sped it up! I call it the quilting dance. It is silly. I tried to put it to music, that is a tad funny as it is so unprofessional, it is clear I do not know what I am doing. I tried to figure out what the hum was in the background of my video. It could be one of two things, the hum of the window AC unit, or more than likely the hum of the deep freeze which was right below the camera. I would have had more footage but the darn camera battery died.

And because this video acted as a timing device I can accurately add up the hours it took me to quit this over several weeks.

I estimate the borders took 12 hours. Each row took about 30 minutes and there were 15 rows. Seven and half hours for the body and 12 hours for the borders which equals 19.5 hours which is half a work week. It took me longer to quilt it than piece it oddly enough.

And as with any quilt finish, so to speak, there is a let down time for me. While I bind, my mind kinda gets a little down because I have looked forward to this coming together for so long. Now my mind has to process the next thing to look forward too.

And because my tables were filled with binding and not much sewing happened.

I only got two 365 blocks done.

I managed to sew two more corriander quilt blooms.

I did some more scrap maintenance. I got out my larger strip pieces of fabrics and utilized the accuquilt cutter. I cut out papers for english paper piecing as well as fabric to cover the papers.

We had a large bin of caramel corn and I saved this for sewing storage. At the time I was not sure what I would put it in, but that was defined this week.

I glue basted and glue basted and glue basted. Everytime I had a spare moment while watching quilting on youtube, I was gluing away. I actually ran out of the good glue. I had read you could also use school glue. I reloaded the pen two more times with just stick elmers glue. Glue is glue eh? And because it is school glue it will wash out. I did make sure before I did all this work that the glue does release a few days later. My jar inventory grew. I still have some pieces to glue baste, but gosh I sure did utilize some fabric scraps that have been lingering for a very long time.

These are one inch hexagons.

This was several days worth. It will look nice to display while I am not doing anything with them.

So in the coming week, I will be doing overtime. *sigh*. I estimate I will be too tired to do much sewing. Hopefully I can finish the hand stitching on the yellow and black quilt and get a good photo finish. I look forward to bringing you that post.

I am now posing a question to those that watch my youtube videos, what content would you like to see on there? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section and I will do my best to meet them. Perhaps I need to have a giveaway to spruce things up.

Ta-Ta for now! And thanks for reading my blog.

Chenille Quilting Tutorial

Were do I begin? I will start by saying, if you have a sewing machine with a walking foot, you can chenille Quilt!

Tools necessary :

  • Sewing Machine
  • A new needle (I use 90/14)
  • A walking foot
  • A sharp pair of pointed scissors, or a rotary chennile cuter
  • batting
  • 4-6 pieces of fabric

Lets get started. First, make your quilt sandwich. This will consist of your backing and batting and top fabric. Your top layers of fabric can be as many as you choose. The more layers, the more “bloom” you will achieve.

For all chenille quilting it is MANDATORY you sew with the bias. Do NOT sew with the grain or against the grain. That would be a lot of time and money wasted. It will result in shredding of fabric instead of bloom. Pin baste your layers.

I have seen a technique of layers 4 of the same fabric panels in chenille quilting. It gives a soft and fuzzy look to the panel, and a soft and fuzzy feel to touch. I do not own matching panels so I grabbed fabrics I had.

Sew from corner to corner on your quilt sandwich using you walking foot. It will help you to know if you change out your needle before you start this project, it will help sew through the thickness. Does it have to be perfectly on the 45 degree bias? No, you can be off, but try not to deviate more than 9 degrees. How much is nine degrees? Think of a Dresden using a 10 degree ruler, or a 9 degree ruler. The angle in that ruler is about how far off kilter you can go before you run into problems. Your next stitching line in your quilt will have to be determined by what tools you have to perform the cut on the bias. If you are using scissors, you will space your next line of quilting parallel to the first, but the distance of your parallels will be according to the width of your scissors. Note: If you are using scissors keep in mind that this is hard on the hands.

Space your parallel lines equally spaced. If you deviate a tad, this shows up as you see it now before bloom. After bloom the stitches disappear on the front and it will not be noticeable. After you have stitched all your parallel lines approximately equidistant, it is time to cut.

Regardless if I am using the chenille cutter, I always snip about 1/2 inch in ensuring I am not getting through too many layers of the sandwich. When doing the cutting step, do not cut the backing or batting. You will also refrain from cutting the top layer of fabric that is against the batting. If you cut through that layer, you expose the batting. The batting will not necessarily be stabilized enough for longevity nor will it be good for your quilting mojo. All that work, and no fix for this mistake. Keep the bottom of the top layers uncut.

If you are using a chenille cutter, you will select the foot of the cutter most snug between your parallel lines. Turn the dial of the cutter to cut at that foot. Slide between the parallel lines not catching the batting, backing, or bottom top layer. Slide cuter. Your one row is cut. Move to the next row the same as the first, and so on.

If you are using scissors carefully place between the correct layers and snip, and snip, and snip. if your cuts are jagged, that is ok, it will be lost in the bloom. This is the most physical aspect of chenille quilting. You cannot really open the jaws of your scissors far, so the lever action is HARD. you will feel the burn. You may do a marathon of cutting a feel it for days. If it hurts stop and rest. Ask a loved one for help, or come back to it later when your hand is not fatigued.

Now you are ready to bloom your fabric. You can achieve bloom in one of two ways.

  • Wash in the washing machine and throw in the dryer
  • Use a nylon brush to scrub the cut side of the quilting

It will bloom either way you chose. One is a workout. One has a softer outcome. Chose your method.

Here is the example I threw in to a load of laundry. The bloom is more significant after washing.

Tada, that is chenille quilting!

But wait……there’s more!

Did you know you can make a chenille sweater using bias tape and a wash away stabilizer?

List of items needed for making a chenille sweater

  • Sewing machine (or longarm)
  • rolls of bias tape
  • sewing pattern for a top of your chosing
  • washaway stabilizer

Your first step is to trace the front and back pieces (and sleeves) onto your stabilizer. Stitch your layers of bias tape to the stabilizer. You will be stitching down the bias as close together or as far apart as you wish for the sweater to be dense or less dense. You will come back perpendicular and cross over with new bias making a cross hatch pattern. Make sure to outline your pattern piece and stitch down layers of bias around the perimeter of each pattern piece. This bias will need to be 5/8 thick bias as this is your seam allowance. Sew your pattern pieces together according to the pattern instruction. (there is no right side or wrong side) Try it on, ensure it fits. Throw it in the wash, and then in the dryer. Depending how close you sewed your crosshatch bias will determine the hole size in the bloom of your new chenille sweater.

There are varying widths of bias by the roll. You can sew the 5/8 and layer with layers of 3/8 on top. This will give a nice rounded affect. You can trim raw edge appliqué with bias. You can cut 1/2 inch pieces of bias and bar tack them through your layers of your quilt sandwich as an embellishment. You can stitch down your binding of your quilt and add raw edge bias on top. The quilt edge will be finished but you will also have bloom. The possibilities are endless with color and size. Placement is all up to you.

Here is a wonderful video published by handiquilter and full of ideas. Notice the quilter in the video is wearing a chenille sweater she made on the longarm.

Here is a video showing how to use the chenille cutter as well as a layer of panels.

You can make scarves, mittens and jackets, even potholders and placemats. You could probably even make a tote.

Here is a tutorial on scarf making.

There is so much you can do with chenille. If you are using the precut bias tape method, you can outline raw edge applique. You can add extra pizzaz to your binding and make it bloom. You can snip 1/2 inch pieces for the stack up and quilt using the bar tack method on your sewing machine every 2 to 4 inches for a tied quilt look with fuzz instead of yarn. The internet is a great resource for ideas involving these techniques. I encourage all of you to at least try a pot holder sized project. You will be glad you did.

I hope you have found inspiration from this post and sew up that stash! Thank you for reading my blog!

A Quilty Kind of Week!

The AC has been not working in the garage. The culprit? Birds….

How is it possible for a bird to build a nest when they are too large to get into the AC? There was a massive nest on the inside chassis blocking the fan. My son and I struggled on Wednesday but got it out, cleaned it out, and now I have a cooler ride with the quilting buddy called the Longarm!

This was just in time too as the temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days to more muggy and hot. My neck fan came in as well so we should not only be cool, but breezy LOL!

Progress report for the week:

All that sweat has gotten me halfway complete on the yellow and black quilt. I snapped this photo because it really shows the orange peel quilting. I will continue to work on this as I can each evening.

The 365 quilt blocks are coming along nicely. I have many more to add to the shoebox!

I just LOVE the basket block! I will be working towards a new goal for the upcoming week on these.

And tomorrow I will be involved in a zoom meeting for a jelly roll race. I looked through my jelly rolls and have 4, but none were manly themed. So instead of splurging for a new jelly roll at the NEW HIGHER PRICES, I decided to do a major fabric pull of blues and make my own.

I also added some white and grays for eye appeal. And because most of my stash is somewhat scrappy size, I cut what I could and then sewed those together for a longer strip. I am all set for the group sew!

Goals for the past week almost met and exceeded.

I still have yet to work any on the La Passacaglia. Because of my busy schedule I am not going to put this on my list for the upcoming goals. Eventually things will settle down and I will be back at it.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Write a tutorial on chenille quilting.
  • Quilt as much as possible on the yellow and black quilt
  • Sew the new flower blocks for the corriander quilts sew along
  • sew at least 5 blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge
  • Make a video using my new camera equipment during the quilting of the yellow and black quilt.

I will be giving a demonstration on Friday on Chenille quilting, wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading my blog!

A wallet of a Tale

A few weeks back I purchased a kit to make a wallet. This wallet was relatively easy to make, except for the very last part.

The zipper went in flawlessly. The pockets were perfect. But the hemming stitch around the perimeter was a fail last weekend. My machine DID NOT WANT TO STITCH. I figured out it was operator error times two! When sewing through faux leather, you must use a walking foot…duh. But the true secret to get the last edge of the wallet almost perfect (still room for improvement) is to glue baste it down with a bunch of wonder clips and glue. GLUE being the KEY to SUCCESS! I am happy to report this Sallie Tomato Two Dollar Wallet has been gifted! It is not everyday you can sew something useful for an important man in your life!

This wallet did not cost two dollars as the name would make you think. It actually was a $27 kit plus shipping. It was a nice little project.

And I only managed to get two more 3 1/2 inch blocks sewn for my 365 quilt block challenge. This weekend I will probably manage a few more of these.

What has all of my focus this week, is the quilting job above. So, originally I decided to do an orange peel that would radiate from the center. My template was too small. So, each 4 inch block got two orange peels. I stopped in my LAQS and found a handiquilter half moon, that was perfect. So in all the blocks that I had already put two small orange peels, I then outlined in the same direction with a large orange peel.

And then I got to the center of the quilt, and wondered how I would make it cohesive, but make it different at the same time. I accidentally quilted it the wrong way. I put too many orange peels going in all different directions. That mistake, I fell in love with. So I went back and filled in all the directions of all the orange peels.

And remember the AC is out in the garage. So it has been bucket sweating HOT! But I am determined. If I manage a few minutes or an hour a day, I will eventually get this quilted. A pass of two rows of blocks and the outer borders takes longer than an hour an a half. It is all ruler work. Enjoying as it is, it is still hot!

I came across this on Amazon. I am going to get this ordered and try it out. A neck fan!

I had never seen or heard of one of these and was on there looking for a fan for my desk at work, my $5 fan from 15 years ago that I dry my tennis shoes when I get drenched walking into work in the monsoon season finally kicked the bucket and would not turn on. Gosh, the old dollar star bargains were really good stuff in the day. I don’t think I could find this again in the dollar store. So I will let you know if it works. You see, I cannot run a regular fan with my quilting machine. The company told me it would give me thread/tension problems. And I do not want to mess up a good thing!

Did I meet my goals from last week? The answer is YES!

Got the yellow quilt to a flimsy status, started quilting on the yellow quilt, and revealed my next UFO project to my readers.

My latest goals:

  • Quilt as much as I can on the yellow and black quilt
  • sew at least 5 blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge
  • Stitch some on the La Passcaglia rosette
  • Start working out details for the demonstration for the Quilt Hop. These details will end up being a tutorial for readers. More on this in the coming weeks.

In additional to my weekly goals, I am also reaching a bit farther into the future and setting a monthly goal as well:

  • Try to get some tatting time in on the Jan Stawasz doily

Wish me luck! I have much to do!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Scrap Happy July 2021

I have been messing with scraps this past month. I have broke down my scraps to manageable pieces utilizing my accuquilt.

I now have ooodles of 2 inch squares again! The tubs are full. In the back of my craw, I see a postage stamp quilt. Perhaps I will just set these beside my machine and use as leader enders? I have not worked out the geometry of this quilt yet, but I see a 2 inch scrap squares quilt in the near future.

First thing is first. I opened a poll and let readers determine what I would work on next. It would seem I have many unfinished objects (UFOs). There was a tie. Not sure how to settle a tie. I supposed since one is machine piecing and one is hand piecing I should be able to work both?

The viewers have spoken and they want to see progress on the 365 quilt block challenge as well as the La Passacaglia quilts.

I have a whole stack of blocks cut out for the 365 quilt, and managed to get one sewn before I ran out of weekend!

I presume as I watch many live feed videos on youtube that the handstitching will commence on the La Passacaglia.

Last month I showed you the Scrappy Laundry Basket Quilts 2021 mystery. This quilt I donated to charity.

I also completed the Moda Scrap bag quilt. This really was nothing special but fun to have the freedom of no pattern. This has also been donated to charity.

And because I donated the Laundry Basket quilt to charity, I wanted to make one for myself a tad bigger with a border selected by me. I made this in the same pattern as the green one, but what a difference contrast makes! I think the border along with the color scheme really makes the scrappy quilt radiate! I am feeling good that this was just an idea of color in my last scrap happy post. And now it is sew close!

Top sewn, I have it on the longarm now. I have decided to quilt the body of this quilt in an orange peel that radiates from the center out. I have taken the yellow part of the delectable mountains border and made lines that radiate out from the center. The black in the border has more of a art deco style with some ruler work.

The AC is currently not working in the garage so any quilting accomplished is a major electrolyte dump. Although it is a cooler summer here, the concrete pad is like a weather rock, if it is humid, is absorbs the moisture making your body condense at the speed of light! I suppose condense is not the right word….perspire……profusely. If it is hot, that concrete slap absorbs that energy, so there is no escaping the sweat shop environment. No pain no gain!

I have committed to quilting one more charity quilt between now and August 15th. Due to this commitment I do not want to leave this on the longarm long because I do not have a clue when the charity quilt will show up. A race against time. I made pretty good progress on this today, and have gotten down in to the orange peel part. The borders will be the time consumer. Hopefully this weekend I can utilize the weekend cool mornings and progress to the end.

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