Happy Mother’s Day 2022

I have been busy, but then again I haven’t.

In my last post I pondered who would win the battle of the backings. I am pleased to announce my Mom won that battle. I am custom quilting a dresden quilt with a dash of embroidered butterflies. I have uploaded a video of how to quilt and make a flower border using a circle ruler. The way the quilt is made, makes echoing around the dresdens the way to go. I have posted a video on youtube. I will share that here.

And last weekend I started making the Embroidery Flower Quilt. This is a free pattern offered by tilda fabrics utilizing solids. Click here for the pdf. I did a massive fabric pull and went through 2 cans of starch during the cutting and ironing. After deciding on which swatch matched what fabric best, I managed to find 44 different fabrics in my stash that were either blenders, solids, or a very close match calico print. I had to make a trip to my LAQS to get the remaining two fabrics. I have cut all my color pieces. I lack cutting the background. I have cut some squares. I have cut some strips. I will be assembling this using the grid interfacing method. Be looking for that tutorial soon. And I will refrain from cutting so many small blocks and utilize the strip method instead for large hunks of background fabric

My method for this? As I paired a fabric to the matching swatch, I wrote on a sticky note the fabric number assigned and how many squares to cut. After cutting I bagged the squares and the sticky note together and hung them on my design wall. I have seen this particular pattern done using the paper plate method. I do not have room for 46 paper plates to be lain about. So, I am now a bag lady! I started a Vlog on youtube to document this journey.

And because I pulled the majority of these fabrics from my stash I am claiming this to be #Scrapathon2023.

As of now I am a bit stalled waiting for the interfacing to arrive. I worked my day job today (on a Saturday, I know right?) to prep for my time towards county fair judge training this week. So not much sewing this weekend. This will work out just fine with a little time. I can’t wait to sew and my whip out a project from my open gates quilt box. Not sure yet. The body pillow pattern they enclosed look lovely. Perhaps I may stitch a bit on that.

Happy Mother’s Day! Take it easy ladies! Today is your day! Enjoy!

And thanks for reading my blog!

Orphan Scrappy Blocks

I cannot believe it is already the middle of May! What has my scrappy dept been up to in the last month? A recap:

I have started rosettes for the La Passacaglia Millefiori quilt. This is harder than I thought. One rosette down, one still in progress, not much to go for that one’s completion.

I have joined in two quilt alongs, one offered by CorrianderQuilts and is FREE! I have two blocks done. Each month you will sew two more flower tops. You can finish the stems and leaves ahead of time as this is repeatable throughout the quilt. May 17th a new block posts, join in the flower fun!

Edyta Sitar has a free mystery quilt along, and so far this one has been easy. Making 4 patches. And guess what? I had to cut so few pieces to get to this point! My scrappy tubs filled with 2 1/2 inch squares and 1 1/2 inch squares are getting used. These are trimmings that happen with scraps with various projects along the way. I suspect the clues in the coming days will require me to get to the bigger pieces and work from those.

I am working diligently to get my doily tatted! I am on the last round and ready to start a new doily as I have new books with lovely patterns. I would be done with this but ended up cutting out what you see below amount wise. Tsk tsk, I thought I followed directions, but turns out I forgot one while ring to attach to the fourth chain on the previous row’s rosette and I did it twice!!

And my biggest scrappy announcement, orphan blocks! All us quilters accidentally make one two many blocks and then it just sits there or gets turned into a potholder. Some of us try to make it into one big quilt. Things that I have would NOT marry well together in one quilt. Way too many odd shapes and sizes. So I decided to finish my orphan blocks like I would if it were a pot holder and then hang them on the wall together, to create padded walls hahahaha. I mean our hobby is therapy, so why not add a little touch of the padding to help us with the crazies! Some of these are orphan blocks, some are starts with no finish in sight (that would be the bargello). I have moved much off that “orphan” shelf. All of these finishes have happened in the last two weeks.

This was left over from this:

This boot did not make the cut for this baby quilt:

And these baskets I turned to face the inside and this was left overs from this:

And my favorite block was this one, which did not make it into the quilt because it was the first block I engineered and it came out smaller than all my other star blocks from the quilt below:

And even though this wall hanging looks like a ribbon, it is actually a spool block but because this is all the spool blocks I had left, you only see one spool. This actually looks like a scrappy ribbon, eh?

And this was left overs from this!

And here is my padded wall!

As you can see I have room for more! I can even go over the door, or all the way to the floor (It would seem dr suess is in the house, LOL). As you can see my hanging system is just some push pins. This will enable me to add easily and move around the orphans. Just think you could do this for your Christmas orphan blocks and change your wall out with the seasons.

Taking a little detour here, but have you ever heard of acrylic pouring? It is a painting method of masterpiece! I took a local art class and learned how to do this. I decided for Mother’s Day, we could all do a painting for mom. Acrylic pouring is quite scrappy and random. Here is a masterpiece example in youtube form (ours were dry pours, so very different from what you see here.)

I used Dollar Tree paints with some metallics from Hobby Lobby. Certain paints really dominated our paintings, but each is a Mona Lisa from us to Mom. Here are ours:

I have certainly had fun in the last month especially with my scraps. Let’s see what everyone else has been up to:

Kate, Gun, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda, Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy Jill, Claire, Jean, Jon, Dawn, Gwen, Bekki, Sue L., Sunny, Kjerstin, Vera, Nannette, Ann, Noreen, Bear, Carol, Pretti, Edith, Hayley, and Me.

As this posts, I have had a migraine for days (thank goodness I do not procrastinate and worked this post last weekend!). As a result, next week’s post will probably be meager. Thanks for tunning in and reading my blog!

Happy Mother’s Day

Today was not a perfect day, but as a Mother, what day is? It started out rather foul, but turned into a wonderful day. Family gatherings, can we get a hoorah!

My Mom made this for me, a free in the hoop design. I have a wonderful new coaster to set my drink on. Isn’t it pretty?

I am preparing a post for the ScrapHappy middle of the month post. There is some nice eye candy coming soon!

In the meantime I will share the tatting doily I am working on. I am on the last round, round six. I sat down yesterday and got all focused and started stitching only to find out, in my knotting, I skipped one whole loop on the previous round on the rosette. How disappointing. I did not catch this until this morning. There is no un-doing. So I cut out all my work and started this round over. I figured out, with the enormity of this, you now have to work on it at the table. That was part of my problem. Trying to keep this untangled while working is difficult. The table helped immensely. I am just a bit past where I was when I cut all this round out. I gave it a good press with the iron. I am very pleased as this one winds down!

This doily was not difficult. It is actually a pretty beginner friendly pattern. I had trouble with round 3 and it shows. I guess I should not have worked with the ball and should have wound a second shuttle. Ah well, such is life!

Happy Mother’s day! Treat yourself to something you love. You have definitely earned your title!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

The Awe of the week

Us quilters like to gaze upon eye candy. We love beautiful fabrics, and we love to gaze at beautiful quilts. This week, I came across something entirely different and I was in total awe. More on that in a minute.

The quilting dept has been busy here LOL. I got several wall hanging sizes quilted, and some bound!

Got these two quilted and bound. These are ready to hang on the wall. I will hang them exactly as they are here. How does one hang something on such a small scale? I suppose you could drive a nail right through all the layers (I just heard you gasp, lol). Better than that when you install your binding you add a couple of folded squares to your corners. This will create a pocket in the corners and a dowel rod will slip right in. You would then hang that on a nail.

This is the backing of this:

And there were more quilted, but I did not get the binding applied.

This is the disappearing baskets quilt block made from the disappearing pinwheel which was left over from this:

Amazing how turning the layout different totally changes the look. I will be binding this sometime in the next week.

I am calling this Bargello Ra. It looks a lot like the character named Ra from ancient Egypt. This was supposed to be a baby quilt over 10 years ago. I stalled big time. This is just the snippet of it that I had done, so the orphan block project is getting me some UFO progress too!

I will bind this one as well in the coming week.

Two things happened in the last few weeks which have changed up my sewing routine a bit. I have started watching/sewing along with SewBecca on youtube. I find the longer you watch her, the silly’s come out. Usually by 11:00 pm on Friday evening, she is giggling, and I am tired so I get the giggles, and I just can’t stop watching LOL.

A couple of Fridays ago she led me to a free pattern given by Corriander quilts. This is a sew along where you sew two blocks a month. The design is a mystery. But they will all be flowers. The stems stay the same, so you could sew those up. The flower themselves change. So I sewed a couple of these. Cute! You can click this link for the free pattern. There is a link once you get to her page that will bring up the PDF. This block is called Larkspur.

I decided to go very scrappy and random for one.

First you make the center, then the petals, then the stem.

Sorry about the flower chop off. For some reason my devices are not talking correctly to one another. I will get this fixed soon. In the meantime I will remain frustrated LOL.

And because the pattern calls for two I decided to make another with a sunflower theme.

I realized in the making of this you need almost a fat quarter for the neutrals. My neutral size pieces are smaller than this so I am on the hunt for a bundle. Which brings me to my second find in recent days.

How many of you follow Sew Yeah on youtube? On Tuesdays and Saturdays they have a live stream where you can buy fabric!!!!! Pretty clever set up they have. Tuesdays are the new stuff. Saturdays are the bargain stuff. All is quilt quality fabrics. A new place to buy fabric, yay!

For my goals set last week, I have failed to finish my rosette 4 (which is my second rosette). I have the papers glued and some of them stitched, but it is not finished. I aim to do this in the coming week too.

I have been tatting on my Field of Clover doily and am working the last round. Not sure if I will finish this. But I so want to start another doily. I got new books in that have some gorgeous doily patterns. I will refrain. I do not have enough thread all matching anyway to start one. So I will continue to lust with my eyes on the pages of the books. 😉

And you are probably wondering what has caught this quilter’s eye this week? Of all things, on a sprinkling Thursday morning, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I see the sun come up every morning in my commute. No surprises, it does it everyday. But the hue it cast on the trees in the west really grabbed my attention, trying to figure out why the trees looked red. Magnificent spectrum trick in the rainbow scheme of things. So I drove a tad down the road and waited for a clearing that was not tree line, and ooooo’ed and aaaaahhh’ed over the rise of the sun.

I was amazed by this color! Usually I never have a camera on me when I come up on something like this. But, I had my phone. I pulled over, and in the blink of the eye, the sun is just a sliver up. You gotta love life with the little things like this. Such insignificant, significance!

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Celebrate Mother’s day with my Mom and my Children. We are gonna get crafty!
  • Bind the disappearing pinwheel basket wall hanging
  • Bind the Bargello Ra wall hanging
  • Work on finishing the La Passacaglia Rosette 4
  • Watch some Youtube of Sew Becca and Sew Yeah to name a few
  • Purchase a new stockpile of neutrals!

Life is good! Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading my blog!

What is Old is New Again!

While looking for a pattern this week, my Mom came across a book that used to belong to her Mother, my Grandmother.  My maternal Grandmother was already deceased before I was born.  I never got to meet the woman.  She must have had a bit of wonderfulness to raise so many children, having her last one in her 40s.  My Mom has a picture of her in black and white.  She has a twinkle in her eye.  I see this same twinkle in my oldest daughter.  It is a look of mischief, and a snicker all at the same time.  It communicates much with no words.  🙂

This book is amazing.  The book being printed many times, has a date of 1943 which is 3 years before my Mom was born.  My have the times changed of etiquette and such since this printing.   The book is coming away from the spine and I will have to treat it ever so gingerly.  There is also a pencil scribble in the book on one page, undoubtedly by one of many children in the house at the time.

And now all it’s glory belongs to ME!!!!!  Items from their estate were shared by oodles of children, so pickings were meager.  Possessions were more meager back then.  Mom ended up with this book, and now it is mine.

So besides the inheritance of this book, what makes it so amazing you might ask?



When looking at the inside of the book gave me a few chuckles, and I will share a bit more of that in a minute.  You can actually purchase this book on Amazon for a whopping $43.  Not sure of that print date but there is oodles of info that is timeless and utilitarian if you sew lots of projects, this book may be for you.  There is even Quilty stuff in here.



Apparently continuous bias binding is continuing from more than 75 years ago.  This is NOTHING new.  New to the internet relatively, but not new.  Who knew!  LOL!


A chart depicting the right needle size for the project at hand or machine!


Choosing the right posture and one deemed ugly!  I think of the way ladies carry themselves today.  We are ALL UGLY according to this!  But we sure are comfortable!  Look at that bob hairstyle!


It touches base and shows the proper way to use the girdle to avoid wrinkles and fat showing!

sewingb odyimage2

This book makes me smile as it shows both body types, and the wonderful bob!

Within the pages tucked away was my Mom and Dad’s wedding announcement!  With dress details of taffeta and lace and a sweetheart neckline.  Mom still has her dress and put it on her dressmaker mannequin and displayed during their 50th wedding anniversary.  A different time indeed!  It’s all in the deets.  Deets is the urban dictionary word short for details.  It is slang, and has so much more meaning than that to us.  I write this cryptically to protect the information of many!  Forgive me.  Those who read this and understand it, keep it under wraps.  Those who are clueless, will remain so!  Sorry.


In the back of the book was a newspaper clipping of a painting of a church.  It was done by George Sha________the newspaper clipping cuts off the name, but it was printed in Picture Magazine.  It is a third in the series on Iowa’s main streets.  The church was built in 1886 and still stands today in Clayton, Iowa.  In 1950 the population of Clayton, Iowa declined to 136 people.  The churches congregation consists of 59 people at this time of printing I assume after census in the 50s.


I have googled this and the church still stands as of last week and in remarkable condition.  They really know how to take care of property in Iowa.  With all the flooding and the location of this, it may be affected more than once, and maybe now!

I want to frame this picture and hang it, but because it is a newspaper clipping it will fade.  I will tuck it back into the book and preserve it as long as I can that way.  In the meantime I will be seeking out this painting to frame for myself.  If anyone out there can give me the deets on this reproduction painting please share as my searches are goose-eggs so far!

I wonder why my Grandmother slid this clipping into the book?  Obviously it has been well preserved.  Perhaps paintings of worldly things were pretty limited in rural Minnesota.  Perhaps she liked the picture.  Perhaps it had more meaning.  No one will ever know.

I write this post as this is Mother’s Day weekend, and this is on my mind.  Life is eternal.  Amazingly both of my Grandmothers were good with the sewing machine, Mom too.  I suppose this skill is something to pass onto my girls when the time is right.  Or perhaps just me being me, sewing at the machine, they will pick up on it all on their own, become self taught.  I mean it is possible.  Even though I have all the matriarchs in my family who sewed, I am for the most part self taught.  Learned things the hard way.  Sometimes the hard way is the best way.  Being a mother, sometimes I want to pick my children up after they fall, kiss their cries goodbye.  And sometimes you give them a bit of tough love and let them cry.  Being a Mom is hard work.  Knowing if you are doing the right thing is impossible.  Hindsight is 20/20.  As long as my children recognize hindsight, then all will be right!

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for reading my blog!