Let the binding begin!

There is a gob of stitching going on right now in the realm of the internet.  I am glad to see people can still come together and do something.  I think this is a long lost art.  We only come together in bad times.  Perhaps this is an awakening.

Onto the quilty side of life, not much has been done here.  I did get frolic finished on the longarm, it is quilted.  My hobby allows me to stab something a million times, and it is not a crime, but is considered art!  When life gets tough, we therapeutically stitch.  Knit.  Sew.  Quilt.  Tat.  Hobby.  And that motor running on the machine I swear is part of my heartbeat now.  🙂

Because of my odd work schedule now, it appears stitching will only afford on the weekends.  So, I am going to try to bind two of my large quilts this week.  My poor middle finger that pushes the needle through the layers of binding seams is already sore.  I will be using the dreaded thimble.  Those of you that quilt, do you use a thimble?

I find the thimble a necessary device, but I cannot find one that fits.  The best one I have found is made by clover and is plastic.  It is open on one side, which allows for stretch because, apparently I have quite a large stub.  I really like to touch and feel, and with a thimble I cannot.  I feel clumsy.  It impedes me to hold the needle, and to pull the needle.

I have tried the adhesive pads with the metal.  Those work.  But after you use six of them up, you have to buy more.  I don’t like that part.  I am the type of person that once I make the purchase, I am stuck with it forever.

Let the binding begin!!!!

These are the two I have slated for the binding process.  I have already rounded one corner on frolic.  I am binding that with the backing fabric and chose to cut the binding to make the striped edge cut perpendicular to the stripes for a neat undulating affect on the very edge.  I am adding just a bit more noise and busy-ness to the quilt.

I showed a few people the quilt this weekend.  I had one person swear (the one who gave me the backing fabric.  She was mad that she gave the fabric away.  it is pretty fabric, she liked it very much).  And I had two more people ooo and aaahhh over the back too.  I guess I got the backing right LOL.

I am also going to bind the disappearing pinwheel quilt with the leftover from it’s backing.  One of these quilts is queen sized.  I think the other is full size.  This is going to be alot of stitching with the thimble on.

And the temperatures have finally started warming up.  Warming up enough that I will probably have to do all my stitching on my lap either early in the morning or late in the evening.

I saw where Danielle Stout from Cozy Quilt Designs is giving away a mystery quilt free pattern.  I think I may do this.  Her quilts are beautiful and thoughtful.  Very wise with fabric and templates.  And the pattern is free.  If you are interested in the Sew Quester quilt along, click here for step one.  And click here for step two.

My 356 blocks are getting further behind.  This year because of all the problems in the world, there are glitches.  People are not getting the pattern sent to them in the email as a subscriber.  I have not even checked mine.  I am too far behind to care if two days did not get sent.  I will catch up eventually.

TOGA was rescheduled for MAY.  I hope all this blows over so I can go.  I still need to work on those pinwheel blocks.

It has been a bit difficult to concentrate on things.  Focus has never been a problem.  But in the last two weeks, work suffered.  People talk.  People worry.  And misery loves company.  And then they say what they say, and then you kind of dwell on it.  And you worry enough about it, that no matter how hard you try, you cannot focus.  Your mind keeps that weird scenario going, like a bad dream.

Being by myself at work was a very good thing.  I could actually accomplish and was productive.  All the energy around me, feeding me really did create a problem.  Working this weird shift is not so bad.  I no longer have to get up with the alarm clock.  I either wake up on my own, or wake up because the children are up.  It is nice to drive to and from work and not feel so drained.  This is working for me.

What hasn’t worked is a laundry schedule.  Before I would wash a load or two during the week, and everyone else at the house would wash what needed to be washed while I was at work.  But now that I am home, the laundry facilities are usually full of everyone else’s laundry.  This is just a wrinkle and it will get ironed out.  🙂

Cooking is a bit more erratic.  I cook at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I make supper for the house, and then don’t even to make a meal for me.  Go to work, and then eat at 7ish.  I need to change that because I am not really eating much of a lunch because when I should be eating lunch I am in the shower!  It is just all weird right now.

I do have a long weekend ahead of me combining two weeks worth of weekends into one.  That is nice!

March came in like a lamb, and that probably means it will go out like a lion.  I dread Monday and Tuesday.  I hope no one is sick.  I hope there are no tornados, or car accidents.  I hope the whole extended family is hospital free and healthy.

The trees are leafing out, much has bloomed and the blooms morphed into leaves.  The winter wheat is amazing right now.  The rains we have had have really greened it up.  It is a lush green carpet you just want to take your shoes off and walk in it.  Soft and cool, green and alive.

The momma cat had babies, or I should say baby.  Only one Kitten, oh boy is that kitten going to be spoiled.  There are no favorites amongst 5 others babies, there is only one to choose from, and he is everyone’s favorite.  The right name is so close, but yet still to be determined.

I hear the cardinals, the robins, blue jays, squirrels, and for the last 15 years the night owl in the neighborhood who is really a mockingbird.  Yeah, he does his calls and starts this at about 4 a.m.  His call is really beautiful, and they do mock very well.  I recall a time that bird could make the sound of the chirp of the alarm on the car.  That was quite annoying at 4:00 a.m.  But he is a neighbor that I have grown used to.  I did not hear him for a couple of years.  As I write this, the door is open it is 1:46 a.m. and he is doing his calls.  I wonder where he was for those few years.  Kind of glad the old friend is back.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well this old bird is busy with her nest.  I apologize in advance for upcoming infrequent posts.  Life is happening faster than the speed of life.  The blog is bound to suffer.  But let me tell you this, I enjoy my readers, your thoughts, your likes, you are the wind beneath my wings!  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

The Bar is gone!

The little sewing that I did manage this week was on frolic.  I have half of the bottom border to quilt and half of the last half row.

My mom fell yesterday and broke her shoulder/arm.  She has already done this to the other arm this year.  Ladies, quilting can be dangerous.  If you have a large hoard of fabric, when you decide to sift through it make sure you are not alone.  She fell off the step stool and could not get up.  Laid there from just before 11:00 to past 3:00.  And the ambulance driver asked her if she sewed alot, my mom’s reply was, “You Think?”.  So her and Dad visited the hospital.  For those of you who are oblivious, they are doing “crowd” control at the hospital.  Only 1 visitor and you are escorted, in some instances, you are escorted by police.  Not because of anything you or yours have done wrong.  I figure the hospital stuff is all made in China and they are controlling potential looting before it is a realization.

I am going to work the graveyard shift at work to minimize my contact with the 6000 other pea-tree dishes that I work with.

This blog may go silent for awhile.

Sunday, I took the belly bar off my quilting machine.  I was always floating tops and only using the leader to keep my quilts square.  Two hex head screws and now it resides on the garage floor.  This may make camera access at a better position, for future youtube quilting videos.

Before, the belly bar.

good fortune

After belly bar removal.

bar removed

In looking at this photo, the portion of this hanging down, only half of it is left.  I am almost there

I lack one side from having this bound.


Because the weeks to come are so sketch, You may or may not see any progress on my blog.

I am looking at getting the “circle thingy” it is kind of a hartley fence for the quilting machine.  For those of you who do not know what this is, I am including a video that shows it.  Basically it is a gyro spiro-graph like attachment for the machine.

Mine will make spiral circles, if I get it.

Toodles, and thank you for reading my blog!

Let the Quilting of Frolic Commence!

My daffodils bloomed beautifully.  Their gnarled blooms almost look normal this year.


And here are Mom’s daffodils.

moms dafodills

Been a productive week, this is going to be a big post.

I got the center medallion made, turned out great, and enjoyed the bigger pieces.  365 is on the back burner until further notice.  I will have no trouble of catching up as needed.


Made a baby quilt, sewed two charm packs together and to make a long story short, I need to bind, tis almost ready.  Want to see a quilting video Free Motion?  Click the link to see the machine in action.  

It was nice to get this out of my stash, and to get rid of this dated dusty rose I reckon from the 1980s.  *Disclaimer* it has only been in my stash 2 years.  🙂

I sewed another jelly roll race, not pictured, and aim to have it done soon too!

Started another baby quilt, am still piecing this one and it will reveal itself as a top hopefully this weekend.  A gob of manic sewing!

And I got the itch to quilt.  Got it so bad, that I just pieced some backing.  It ended up being two pieces sewn at the selvages and then I was just short a few inches in length, so I added a strip of pink.  The backing is loud, but complimentary of the top.  Let the quilting of Frolic commence!!!

frolic backing

I have uploaded videos of how I am quilting each design.  I have one for the borders, one for the star and one for the secondary block.  I am about halfway done, quilting a bit each night.

Here are the closeups of the ruler work and free motion.

frolic starfrolicborder

The Dallas Quilt Show commences this weekend.  I Have my ticket purchased, but am weary about going with all the COVID-19 speak.  I am not afraid of the flu, I am afraid of bringing it home to my loved ones.  I was planning for Sunday, still thinking.  I will re-evaluate the situation when the time is here, nothing to worry about now.   I want to pet pretty fabrics, and have a craving for replenishing the stash.    The weekend is almost here, and after a week of this dang daylight savings, my biological clock wants normalcy and to sleep a tad longer.

Overtime has been announced, so I suspect the crickets will be chirping in my next post as I will have nothing to show.  I will get something for your quilting eyes to feast themselves upon.  Until then, thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Orange Dream Big!

A lot has been accomplished in the quilting dept this week.  I have kept up my 365 blocks.  I am certainly enjoying petting fabrics and taking my time trying to figure out what dark dark, goes with a medium dark, or a medium light LOL.  Continuing to crank one of these out per day.

I am even taking pleasure in spinning those seams!  Not all blocks end up with this, but it sure is enjoyable to see if you can make it pretty on the back too!

Here are a lot of the 365 block a day blocks together.  I looking forward to start sewing these together, but I have heard that does not occur until sometime in April.

all together

This is kind of sparkling, and as simple as some of these are, they are magnificent when paired with other blocks.  It is looking a bit more complicated, but if you just take it one piece at a time, and then one block at a time you do not get overwhelmed.

And Frolic was finally revealed yesterday.  I posted this two weeks ago, and I guessed right!


With as much going on at the eye of my needle, I just had to get one of these stitched up, made a couple actually.  I worried about my quilt looking like an easter egg and being really washed out with pale colors.  Turns out my worry was for nothin’!

12 inch frolic block

frolic 2nd block

These go together so easy.  I still have a bit of cutting to do.  These will work themselves into blocks in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to get this to top status!

Thursday, I was in a funk.  I was in a fowl mood, and no matter my thoughts they were negative.  I chose to not talk much to coworkers and decided before the morning was even halfway that I needed a good does of quilting at the big machine.  I made those arrangements and got going.  I had not a plan, and my improv free motion quilting, was just that FREEEEEE.  I felt so free doing this.  It made my mood improve.  Gosh, I just need to do this as much as possible.  A good dose of color each day is good for a quilters soul and keeps the blahs away!

orange dream big startorange dream big 2

Fire flapping, fish scales stacking, flower swirls, feathers, lines, leafy vines, and a tad of meander, I just really needed this.  It has been three weeks since I stood at the machine.  I got the top half of the flower almost done.

And today I brought home 3 large bags of fabric!  FREEEEEEE!!!!  My bosses wife decided that the pile she thought she would get to, years have passed and the children are now older and it is just sitting there not getting used.  Gifted to me, I need to make her something, any of you have ideas?  More than a mug rug, less than a quilt.

So I have some lovely large pieces of fabric added to freshen up the old stash.

Truth be told, I would have loved to receive this before frolic, but it looks like now, I will not have to buy backing fabric.  I will be trying to work this into the stash drawers and totes over the weekend.  I had just worked the stash down to where I could rummage through without making a disaster area.  Back to the fabric disaster status, always ongoing LOL.  I’ll take it!

And sweet goodness has arrived, the weekend!  Batteries charging……

May your weekend be ever so charged!  Thank you for reading my blog!

A Finish and a New Start!

I got the binding sewn on the antique wedding rings quilt.


You can call this one done!  A lovely way to finish out the year, with a finish!


Using light and darks within the same color family really makes the rings sparkle!  Here is what I managed for the back.

backingCould I have done better for the backing?  Yes, but that would require a purchase.  I would much rather use what I have on hand.  I look forward to its yardage replacement.

Here is some quilting, but I specifically chose a panto that would lose itself in the top, as I want to showcase the top, not the quilting.


I got the side leaders sewn for my quilting machine.  They are not photogenic by any means, but will be worth their weight in gold.  If you are interested in making these, there is an easy instructional video on youtube, just click here.


And…….er……I started another project! In the midst of Frolic!  I must be crazy!  I am somewhat ashamed, as I have many projects going right now, but gosh I need to be challenged.  After quilting for years, the challenge is just not there for much of what I do.  I don’t want to sing the song, “The Thrill Is Gone”.  That would be the end of my hobby.

So, what did I start this time you ask?  Have you heard of the 365 quilt block challenge?  Amazing what you end up with if you stick with it.  In one of my previous posts,  I noticed the lack of red in my strings and overall fabric stash.  I am doing this challenge in reds.  I am going scrappy, so low volume neutrals with some sort of reds or pinks.  One of these blocks will probably be a redo and not make the cut.  But so far I am enjoying this challenge.


Here is my favorite block so far.


What is so challenging you might ask?  These blocks are only 6 inch blocks finished, and 6 1/2 unfinished.  If you count the pieces in these pictures you will see over 50 pieces.  To top that off, measurements are given in off, meaning you trim as you go.  Because I know how to get accurate 1 1/2 inch blocks (unfinished hst’s) using the ruler method, I am recalculating fabric cuts and figuring out what I need to cut from that.  So far so good.  These blocks were rounding out the end of the challenge and probably harder blocks.  But after a little research, alot of these blocks are like this.  Not sure if this is the most intense or not.  Will I be able to keep up?  Nope.

What I can keep up with is saving the pdfs to do as time permits.  Right now with time off, I have plenty of time to work what I can.

I found this video of the 365 block challenge on youtube and thought I would share someone else’s color way/perspective!

Fighting a migraine today.  I went for years with NO headaches.  Then all of a sudden bam, I get one, about once month.  I hope this is not a hormone thing.  I am thinking my brain is throwing a temper tantrum for caffeine.  The light streaming through the windows hurts today.  Talking today, makes me grimace.  The first day is always the worst.  It will slowly fade.  I will continue to sew as I can focus on something other than the throb.

I am so enjoying the leisure of time off!  Nothing is rushed, no anxiousness.  Inner peace, or if you are a quilter, “piece”!

I would like to take the time to thank you, my readers.  You have read along this year, and I sew appreciate you.  It means a lot to me!  I hope you have learned a thing or two and will continue to join me in my quilting journey!

Happy New Year!  Cheers!

Running Strings!!!

With the finish of the frolic clue from last week, it left me at a pause for the holiday.  I am the kind of person who tries to sew a little every day.  With time off from work, it has left me with a gob of spare time.  I wanted to sew so bad, but hated the idea of trudging a new project out in the midst of working frolic each week.  So UFO here I come.  I have actually worked on 2 of these this week.

Using the panto Etched Lace, I got the antique wedding ring quilt quilted.

Image Compliments of itsawonderfulmemory.wordpress.com

Foggy and damp outside today, so probably no pictures in the near future, but that will give me a chance to get it bound for another finish this year, making my tally of 23.

wedding ring top

I am in disbelief!  This will make 23, this does not include one I did for a client, or the three I quilted for my mom.  I will probably never meet that number again.

So what else did I work on?  The string project is in my way, and so I delved into it.  Got a row done.  I am very pleased with my improv.

It started with drawing out this block on paper using a compass.

safety compass work

This progressed to these.

The layout ideas are endless!

I have this much done so far.


I will need to get a brush to fuzz the chenille edges.

Made a gob of these to frame the row.  I used my Nancy’s Notions catalog, and man my string pile is diminished by a whole gallon baggie.

more strings

I was able to cut these down and get two slices from each page.

more strings 2

I have noticed that my strings (or things that I have sewn previously) there is very little red.  Perhaps in the coming year I need to work on more red stuff.  I try to stay away from red.  I am not sure why.

I will pack all this back up, ready to stitch on Friday when the next clue is released.  I am to get a bit further on this.  Perhaps a second row of flowers?

Well I am off to hustle.  Hustle?  Yeah, it got to get my butt in gear and tidy up around the house.  I have been lazy the last few days.  The dishes are calling my name.

Be looking for a post this weekend about the next clue for frolic.

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

The next quilting chapter

I hope all of you had a wonderful time with famiily and friends if you were celebrating thanksgiving!  We will be living on left overs reinvented for a few days.

*sigh* what a relief, I have made it to the thanksgiving break all in one piece.  I was so needing this time off.  It is so great to get up when I want, nap when I want, eat when I want.  The clock does not harras me as time is a bit more precious when you are craming in all the things in a 4 hour night.

To update you on my quilting progress, I have met my goals!!!!!!!!

I have a pieced top.

m8dpb2m8dpflower basket layout

And it has rained the last two days, so not photo opportunity presented itself.  I set it on point and added sashing between the blocks.  The outer perimeter ended up being just plain ole muslin.  I am very happy how this turned out!  I could have stood to edit the layer cake just a bit more and remove more lighter fabrics.  Looking at this through the camera lense, I see bald spots!  LOL, no color in places.  To the naked eye, it does not look like that.

I will probably panto this with my spoon foot.  Not sure when I will get to quilting of it, but I put all of my mess away and cleaned off my cutting table as well as my sewing table.  I am enrolled in Frolic, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  I am all in.  All the fabrics are starched pressed, and waiting for their assignments.  I am anxious to get started, because the clock is not part of my routine.  No harrassing clock, equals luxurious sewing time with not a care in the world!

And I have finished quilting Stars Upon Thars!  This was a feat!  I recall starting this in October when it was still in the 90s, and too hot to quilt.  Then I got the flu, then I had a car accident.  It always seemed like something was preventing me from stitching.  Is it perfect?  Nope.  But it was wonderful practice, getting acquainted with my rulers.  I have learned the smaller the ruler, the more you can palm it, the better for you and the machine.  My 8 inch ruler is still too short, but when you are stitching and you are holding one end, and it comes off the platform, you run the risk of not stopping fast enough and hitting your ruler, because it comes upward, and very near the needle.  I will take that into consideration for any future ruler work.

last row

Here is the last row, just completed.  Each row was taking about 2 1/2 hours.  Ruler work is very precise, but time consuming.  I assume as I get more rehersed with the movements, my time will speed up.  No telling how many hours I have in this.

Here is my most favorite block, which I placed in the center.

my fav block

That blue just makes this look like shirting and vintage old.  That fabric might be about 8 years old.  But its placement makes it look like it might be from days gone by.  The 81 patches are indeed made from vintage fabrics.  These were originaly 49 patches.  They were wonky, handsewn, and needed help.  During the quilting of this, I noticed all the vintage fabrics.  There was silk, polyester double knit, cotton, shirtings, and even barkcloth.  I tried to add my modern day stash of fabrics to pull on the vintage charm of these postage blocks.

drape on the longarm

And again, raining, so I could not lay it out and snap a good photo.  This one is ready to bind!

I used muslin for the backing.  Very pleased with that as well.  The back of this looks like a whole cloth quilt.  A reversable quilt!!!!

whole clothwhole cloth 2

So currently I have no project to work.  The Next Quilting Chapter!  Idle hands……that is hard.  But the start of Frolic is just hours away.  I will just wait patiently.

Well I am off to Frolic sometime today!  Those of you who are getting out to shop, be safe.  We know this is kick off season of holiday shopping.  Watch out for the crazy drivers, or crazy shoppers.  Be kind because they are probably fighting a hard battle.

Thanks for coming buy and reading my blog!

….Ahhh CHOOO and Needle Too!

The flu.  It came for an early visit this year.  I felt a tickle in my throat for about a week.  Taking liquid vitamins kept it at bay.  Then the weekend came.  I neglected my normal vitamin ritual.  And by Saturday evening, I knew I was going to be coming down with the funk.  Saturday afternoon it was practicly non-existant.  Then BAM Sunday morning, full blown.

My week in review has not committed to hardly any sewing.  Got a few blocks done Saturday and will show those this weekend.

Saturday I got a call from Dad asking if I could come down and help Mom.  The tone of his voice was one for worry, so I asked what he needed.  He needed my help in removing a machine needle from Mom’s finger.  YIKES!  I knew this day would come but I seriously thought I would be the one to zig instead of zag.

It was all the way through sticking equally from the top of her fingernail, as well as equal in length protruding from the bottom of her index finger pad.  I was shocked that the needle did not break.  I am sooooo glad it did not.  Those of you that use the titanium needles, those will flex like the dickens, and will really eat up your fingers.  I am thankful mom was just using a plain ordinary sewing machine needle.

Setting in the plan of action.  Dad was in no condition to remove it.  He was rather nervous and worried.  So I asked if he had a pair of dikes.  We finally found a pair that was not beveled.  Then he found a large pair of pliers.  All in the junk drawer in the kitchen, all awaiting their next job.

I asked if there was peroxide.  No, none.  My parents offered up beta dine, which will work, but really wanted the peroxide for after the fact.  I sent Dad to the store to get some.  He had just openned the back door to depart, I looked at Mom’s finger.  The natural way to take out the needle is the same way it went in.  Never try to remove the needle from the eye/scarf end.  This end is smaller, tapered, and the right end to come out.  Doused moms finger with idodine.  So I grabbed her hand, steadily cut the eye/scarf off not exactly flush with the finger pad with a pair of dikes, and then took the larger end that usually screws into the machine, and pulled with the pliers.  There is far more meat on this end to grab.

Imagine stitching cloth with a needle and thread.  When the needle travels through the fabric there is friction you can feel, pushing or pulling you know the feel.  Pulling a needle out of meaty, human tissue/skin, there is more resistance, but it is smooth as there are no fibers.

The needle was so sharp that very little damage was left in it’s wake.  After I Pulled out the needle, I also had to pull out the thread as it did not break either.  All the while I had left the children to fend for themselves outside as I was unsure how they would respond to this “gory” situation.

I later showed my oldest daughter, because it was a photo and not real, I think she was more accepting of it.  Not sure how this would have been handled in real time.  Children are sensitive sometimes and you just never know.  Shoot, some adults are pretty skweemish at the thought let alone the sight!

The children and I came back home, and I sent my eldest back down with our peroxide, but Mom turned it down.  Dad had not yet made it back from the store.  But there was some coming on it’s way.

The things we do for a loved ones.  Ten years ago, I could have never handled a situation like this.  I have matured, I did not get upset, the adrenaline did not run.  I do not think it even ran for Mom, as she was also calm, cool, and collected.  I don’t think I can say the same for Dad or maybe it was something else with Dad.  I could not figure this out.  He used to be a paramedic, but certainly never worked on loved ones.

Ladies, for those of you who use an embroidery machine, if the fabric is not perfect, wrinkled, curled, or whatever……PLEASE pause the machine.  It is for your own safety.  Not only can you damange the best set of tools you own (your hands), but you can also damage your expensive machine.

So the needle surgery happened.  And so did the flu.  I am on the down hill slide.  My coughing is still rather violent at times, but I am better.  But the round will continue as all of the family is coming down with it.  I will have my hands full as things were neglected while I was sick, and now that everyone else is getting sick, I will certainly be multi tasking with chores and their wellness.

No sewing to show off that I accomplished on this post, but stay tuned for the weekend edition LOL.  But, I did read today the Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt Colors were announced.  Pleased as punch and this year it is called FROLIC.  I have to buy very little fabric, hooray!

Neutrals this time are going in this direction:


Dark blue has turned into this:


Light blues are just that!


Rasberry is going lighter and more pastel-ish and I have since pulled more pink:


Green is going this route:


Sky blue is going turquoise:


And my swatches:

paint chips

And now to share, something my Mom made for me, and I must say, I LOVE IT!  Perfectly Logo”ed.  Outstanding embroidery work, but she put her own spin on it and came up with this.  If I am not mistaken, this is an “In the hoop design” that she added to.  A zippered pouch!  And it is already put to use!!!  And it has left me speechless!  Thanks MOM!


Simple, elegant, and says the right thing for me to cherrish and use for years.  I must say I may have a commisioned one made with my machine name as well as the serial number.  🙂

The weekend is almost here, and while I recooperate fully, I intend to enjoy what life gives me, or throws at me.  You never know when your skills will be needed for something unconventional.

Stay tunned for the weekend edition and thanks for reading my blog!

Rings and Worms

10 pink wedding ring blocks


10 green wedding ring blocks


7 brown wedding ring blocks

10 turquoise wedding ring blocks

blue wedding ring

and…….the new color is (drum roll please), PURPLE.


Purple, when I was young, was my favorite color.  Now that I am grown up, purple is not my thing!  I assume since I was a naieve girl this was some sort of brainwashing as very little in my accumulations through the years involves the color purple.  I did make a mystery quilt which had purple, I purchased very little and had very little left over.  It is not a color I gravitate too.  So I ended up going to the quilt shop and purchasing some neutrals and some purples.  I also raided my Mom’s stash.  Thanks for the Batiks Mom!

I have broken into charm packs big time in the making of this quilt.  I have stolen several pieces from several different packs.  For those of you holding onto those with intent of sewing and never sewing anything out of them, I hear ya.  I used to be like that.  There are a few packs I refuse to do this too.  But, I have learned that scrappyness has a price LOL.  My sale priced charm packs of yesteryear were only a few dollars, but the scrappy quilt effect is priceless.  So my 5 inch square stash suffers a bit.

I am not certain how many purple blocks I will make.  I have pressed and cut all my fabrics and they are finally back in their proper storage.  I can take down the clothes drying rack that I use to starch, iron, and store for cutting my quilts in process.

So imagine these blocks as a quilt.

This project has went rather smoothly and quickly.  I am using what I have learned with following Bonnie Hunter.  Yesterday at the begining of the day I only had three turquoise blocks.  Today I have 10.  Seven blocks happened in 24 hours.  Forty one pieces in each block.  What I love about this scrappy methodology, you can add new fabric at anytime during the making.  A new neutral, no problem, a new color pink, not a problem.

For me scrappy takes the mundane out of piecing as well.  Two color quilts are gorgeous, but I would find that extremely boring to sew.  I will probably never go down that road.  Never is a long time so we shall see.

Onto the worm part of my post.  I have cats, they are for the most part outdoors.  There are two cats that are allowed in when they have babies.  Those cats are very well tempured cats.

Currently no cats are allowed inside.  They have Ringworm.  Ringworm is not really a worm.  It is bacteria/fungus that grows on the hair shaft, growing and causing inflamation on the skin.  Inflamation causes itch, itch causes hair loss.  So I have a pretty big problem.  In time, it will present itself what I should do, to help the cats overcome this.  Summer is almost over, but it was back in the mid 90s this weekend, so I am hopeful once it cools off, that their problem may improve.

If it were up to me, all but two would go to the pound.  But the childrens hearts are fully vested in those critters, and tears flow if the thought of them not being around anymore.  The old rock and hard place scenario.  For their safety, it may be the pound.  Time will tell me what I need to do, it whispers.  Sometimes I listen, and sometimes I choose not to listen.

This weekend is almost over, another blur of two days.  Laundry is almost caught up.  Supper is cooked and in the bellies, a couple of baths tonight, and then ahhhhhhhh.  Feet up and perahps a bit of TV, TV has become a bit of luxury.  There is really nothing on anymore, but when you find something to watch, it is a true treasure.  Enjoy your time, it spends quick!  And thank you for taking the time to read my blog!



In my last post, All Aboard!, I expressed my concern about how fast time is traveling by.  Locomotive fast, one day it is August, and the next September!  I blink a few times and the month is gone!

bridge clouds cloudy dark clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With the non-abundance of time in the continuum, I am relishing my extra day off.  Gosh I love labor day!  Thank you teamsters for making Labor day possible.  I realize if it was not for you, I would sure to be overworked by twice the hours and 1/2 the pay.

This weekend I set the following goals for the week:

  • Practice more with the versa tool
  • Research options for more rulers, for curves that perhaps are bigger with inside and outside curves.
  • Finish the 81 patches and sew the stars to have a completed top
  • Oil, grease, and clean my 221
  • Enjoy my extra day off, Happy Labor Day to me!  And to you too!

Two developments may have my plans derailed!

I sewed three more 81 patches, as I thought this would get all the stars incorporated, every other block.  Well, guess what, I think I had some of my pile in the other room, so the number stands at 7 more 81 patches, YIKES!  Eighty-one times 7 is a gob of pieces!  A gob of fabric being pulled from the stash, ironed, cut, and a few pieces used in each block.  This goal may or may not be successful, but I am on my way.  I am sew excited about this quilt, and how it will look once it is a top, curiosity has got me intrigued enough to keep me going through the thick of it.

I am enjoying my extra day off, and have had an idea percolating in my brain for a while, but never seem to kick the brain in gear at the right time to make it come to fruition.  When I am at the longarm, I lay by scissors down, or press the locker down to keep the machine from creeping, or lay the wound bobbins all the way across the garage on the bench.  And then I start stitching at the front of the machine go to clip my threads and have to walk all the way back around the other side because they are out of reach.  (I do have a retractable scissors and forget to put those on before I start so I have to walk around to the other side, regardless)

I decided long ago I needed to make a longarm caddy, but wherever I could carry that, it would probably be out of reach.  Then I got the idea, why not an apron.

Let’s back track a minute.  One of my goals is to research rulers for the quilting machine.  I was on pinterest viewing many samples of ruler work, and then all of a sudden in my feed showed up an apron.  The lightbulb of moments happened, the Longarm Apron was born.

This was a quick project of less than an hour.  And it will work wonderfully for me, as long as I load it up before I start work at the machine.  I love the cuteness and utilitarian/upcycle craftiness of it all.  Easy, fast, and will have much use.

denim apron

When I cut the rear pockets off my old wranglers, I left the rear part of the pocket in tact, in case I drop my scissors into them and that way I have an added layer of protection so they will not poke me.  The accent fabric I got a Hobby Lobby off the clearance for $2 per yard this spring.  I cut about 7 strips into 2 1/2 inch by width of fabric.  I sewed two together for the belt.  Pressed each raw edge to the middle, and then folded it one more time.  This will tie in the back, some of you skinny quilters could probably get by with tying it in the front.  The pleated ruffle is three strips, less part of that last trip.  I slowly pleated this as I sewed it, all this is, 2 1/2 inch wide fabric pressed in half, pleated to the right side of the denim, and then flipped to the wrong side and stitched down.  It is leaving plenty of raw edge and not really a finished edge on the inside.  I suppose as an afterthought I could have done that part differently.

I had to make sure to keep as much pocket power as possible, so I took the existing front pockets and pulled them outward while I was sewing because I did not want to turn an hour project into an hour of sewing, and a ripping session, with another hour of sewing.  I also did this for applying the rear pockets to the front.  You could dress this simple apron up and make it fancy.  You could even embroider on it sewing related/cooking related things.

I am pleased as punch how this turned out!

This was just derail number one.  Derail number two……for years I have wanted to learn the art of Bobbin Lace.  For those of you who are not familiar with this craft, this is how lace was made before the industrial revolution, it was all made by hand.  It is fascinating to watch, and now I have acquired some supplies that I may dally in this new hobby this week.  The internet is my teacher.  I look forward to sharing what I have made and it will probably be simple at first and gradually grow I hope into pieces I can put into a quilt block or doilies, or both!

Here is the magic, via youtube.  Look at her go!

I have the cookie pillow and the wooden bobbins (all free by the way via my card points and my rewards from work).  I never really wanted to be out that kind of money and then not like it.  So a bookmark may happen this week, we shall see.

And I have practiced more with the versa tool.  I will be practicing more, but it is a slow process that I want to be faster at.  I craved the speed so much I started ditching the ruler work for just free motion on the jelly roll race quilt I made using the Terrarium fabric line by Elizabeth Hartman.  I must say that I was not thrilled by the color scheme, but now that I am quilting it, it really pops.  The jelly roll was less than $20 (yes I watch my sales), and will probably be a donation as the backing was more $2 per yard fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I will have less than 30 dollars in this quilt, YES!


Continuous line stars, easy.funplay2

The first line of the quilt above is making m’s for the span of the strip.  Then I came back with my curved ruler, and made the rest of the heart, unintentional but worked well together.funplay3

Some leaves as well as some script, sleep well!funplay4

Pebbles is a lot of work and I do not recommend it if you are in a hurry for your project finish.  I certainly love the texture this gives, and since the line is terrarium, perfectly incorporated I do believe.

Hopefully I will be back at this soon.  Enjoying the days, I decide when to wake up, when to eat, what to sleep, no borders of alarms or deadlines of starts or stops, life is more fluid for me when I am off and have the freedom to chose what and when.  It is truly wonderful!

I am gearing up for National Sew a Jelly Roll day, that is coming this month.  So many projects, so little time.  Now I am off to give my little featherweight a day at the spa, she needs cleaned and oiled.  Perhaps I will add a bit of wax too to make her bling again.

…..almost time to go back to the grind.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!