2017 Dallas Quilt Show Continued

I am offering another post sampling beautiful quilts from the 2017 Dallas Quilt Show.


Above is a bunch of dog ears that have been trimmed off from blocks which are so small they go into the trash.  This was last years winner, I recall seeing this one last year and am so glad I had my camera this year.  This is true art.  Make SOMEthing out of NOthing.

Below is the needle and thread mascot seen at many shows with the Graphic that also grazed the front page of the guild catalog they handed out while I was standing in line.


The quilt below put a smile on my face and spoke to my inner Christmas child.  Each year, mom would take out an elf and say it was always watching us, reporting back to Santa.  So if we were bad as children, word would get out.  This elf was manipulation in behavior.  I was the good child.  I was never intimidated by it, but it drove my brother (the bad child) bonkers.  I believe my mother finally gave him the green elf that looks just like the second one from the left in this lovely quilt.  Listed below this picture are the quilt credits.elfontheshelfelfontheshelfcredits

Below is the feathered star pattern.  One day I will tackle my own rendition of this.  The subtle, earthy, cool tones are a wonderful palette of nature and calmness.  It reminds me of snowflakes with a little dirty snow, keeping warm during a cold winter night.  Snuggling under a quilt….nothing better!featheredstar

A simple granny square block.  It looks vintage, but brand new.  I admire old quilts because there was much more effort put toward the craft.  Nowadays, we have all these short cuts and inventions that make a process like this go so fast.  It reminds me of simpler times, almost happier times but happier is the incorrect word.  Maybe the word I am looking for is content.grannysquare

I still have several more pictures and will upload those sometime in the next week.  My sewing machine goes in for maintenance this weekend and I will probably not be able to sew a thing.

I did purchase two quilting books at the quilt show which I have been looking to buy for quite a long time.  These books because they are sold out everywhere ended up being pricey.  However, I am thinking about starting a tv watching quilt project where I can do some hand work in the evenings because I am going to attempt a la passacaglia.  I may just make one medallion but those Millefiori quilt books have been calling my name for a long, long time.  I sign off tonight with nothing to sew, and it will probably drive me a little crazy.  Quilting does keep the crazies away.  🙂 It is good therapy.

Furry Vest–An Easy Sewing Project

In a previous post I mentioned my free fabric score.  To read more about that click here.  I kept all quilting cottons and a scrap piece of fur.  Hands were all over that stupid piece of fur.  No one could leave it alone.  So I kept it, wondering what I would turn it into.  I purposely hid it so it would still be a good piece of fabric.

A couple of weeks ago I went antiquing.  And of all things came across a gray fur vest trimmed in leather.  Odd that it was fake fur (a really bad fake) with leather trim.  The leather was cracked and dried out.  But the cut of the vest was easy enough.  It was a rectangle with holes cut in it for arms.  And then the way the vest would drape around you was brilliant.  So I mentally noted the details.  And here came the weekend when I tackled this small sewing project.  There are a couple of things if I ever make another one I will change, but for it’s purposes, it will work.  I will add a closure to the front so either piece doesn’t have to overlap the other.  The one at the antique store was fastened with a button which made the symmetry off kilter (which is in now).

I am far from high fashion.  High fashion doesn’t make sense to me, what makes sense is comfort then looks.

In going with the scheme of the fur I picked out some quilters cat fabric I bet I have had lingering in my stash for 20 years and bound the edges and here is the end result.  It is child sized.  (With this being fur, I wish I would have lined it because the fur will end up migrating or bearding to the non-fur side.  You can see a bit of that happening below).  I recommend if you adults try to make this for yourselves to turn the cloth on point so you will have a nice pointed collar on each side plus and collar that will drape just right along the back.  You will also end up with points on the base of the vest which goes with the hemlines of today.

I only had a small 3 inch by a tapering 3 inch piece that went to waste.  I also made sure if you pet the fur it goes from top to bottom.

Dallas Quilt Show Pictures

Comparing this event with previous years, this year the numbers were down.  I say this as I was able to take all these pictures without waiting for someone to move out of the way.  Usually you have to wait just to look at them, let alone get a snap shot.  Quilters Eye Candy……..

This was a previous quilt in years past which made another showing.  Wonderful, artfully done!

This quilt was electrifying!  And the quilting with orange and yellow threads was a nice touch!


This won a ribbon in the big block category.  It kinda reminds me of a godseye.  The quilting is a wow factor!

I visited the Bobbin Lace making group.  They actually have a lace making guild in Dallas.  This fascinates me.  I have watched this done many times on youtube and want to get into the hobby.  It is relatively inexpensive.  But I already have a hobby cramping my free time for other hobbies.

In talking with these lovely ladies, they spoke of Princess Diana’s wedding dress was done in a style of homemade bobbin lace.  There were not all flowers on the dress.  The people who made the lace put a bunch of symbols in, each having a different meaning.  I did not know of bobbin lace in 1980 as I was not even 10 years old.  I will have to look up more info on this factoid as it is pretty interesting.


A cathedral windows quilt.  I have always wanted to try making one of these but am afraid this would be a forever UFO.  When I snapped this photo I did not realize the sub-pieced units behind the white edges.  A lot of work on many levels, this quilter has my upmost respect.


This quilt was sparsely pieced but has such a big impact.  I forgot to look at the name of this one, but it reminds me of a chicken foot.


A ribbon granted to the owner of this jewel.  Circle pieced quilts are a geometry phenomenon.  A wonder.  A puzzle how they accomplish this to this quilters mind anyway.

A stunning rendition of a log cabin with clamshell goodness.  Wonderful tidbit on the credits of the quilt.  Very unusual and admirable too.  This one shimmered!

I will share more photos soon this is just a small sampling.  Keep checking back.  Until then, happy quilting!

Mardi Gras Colored En Provence Mystery Quilt

The weekend time continuum has increased in speed.  Most weekends seem like that.  I have all my En Provence rows sewn.  I have the sashing for the outer border completed.  Now I need to sew the rows together, as well as piece the neutral border.  I feel like I accomplished something, but paid the price of precious weekend time.  There will always be next weekend or snippets during the week.  I am getting so close.

enprovencerowsenprovenceborderThe colors in this almost correspond with Mardi Gras.  Would have been neat to finish with “fat tuesday”, since this is modeled after a french place.  Suitable to finish on a french holiday….ah well.  Here I have laid the strips of blocks on the bed.  I have started playing with the neutral pieces in the border.  Not many of those are sewn together.  This part will go relatively fast.  I am ready to move onto a UFO that is calling my name.  I have all these ideas and projects I want to start but I refrain, to keep on track.  I am afraid if I stray on En Provence, it will be a UFO for a long time.  Hopefully the next post of this, the top will be completed.

Upcoming Dallas Quilt Show

queensideThis is an event I have attended three times.  And their are so many takeaways.  Nothing like a quilt show to get the creative juices flowing (not sure if mine ever turn off).

I immensely enjoy admiring all the hard work that goes into each project.  I have always wanted to submit one of mine, but am a little scared to do so.  I have made many quilts, and about 10 years ago finished a drunkards path made into a memory quilt from grandmas fabric stash and grandpas clothes.

While it was at the longarmers, women made money offers lusting after all my hard work.  So that year I decided to enter it into our small county fair.  That year was a great turn out for quilting fans.  The numbers  were vast.  I walked away that year with a participation ribbon and a jaded attitude about the whole process.  You see the woman who has a quilt shop won.  It was a hand embroidered quilt.  Each square was part of the sign language alphabet. My jaded attitude was from the fact she was in the community as a professional.  Since she saw first hand all the quilts going through that process I deemed it kind of cheating.  I never entered another quilt.  Each year I visit that section of our county fair, the numbers dwindle.  So perhaps I am not the only jaded person of this process.

I have grown a bit, and know that quilt was the true winner.  But at the same time wonder if this was her way of attracting business.

So now, I just attend these things.  It is a day to spend alone (without children) with a gob of people, if that makes any sense.  I get to interact with the quilting community without saying much.  And then there is the shopping aspect!  Not bargain priced, but part of the enjoyment nonetheless!  So, next weekend I will be there, my ticket is already in hand.  Will I see you there? Or will I see your work?

In other “not news”, my sewing nook has not been touched since Monday.  Still sewing on en provence.  Been working over this week at work and one evening took the car for repairs 45 minutes away, so no time for my craft. This evening looks promising!


Pictures at last En Provence

Well, you can now actually see for yourself that I am sewing and making progress on En Provence Mystery quilt.  The change in color I made for the secondary stars is perfect with the current vintage pillow cases on the bed (my bed also performs as my design wall).  It also accents the yellow on my walls nicely.  I have sewn the 16 blocks together with the sashing in between for 4 rows total.  Now I need to go back and piece some more QST’s to make the sashing in between the 4 rows.  Oh my goodness it won’t be long and it will be complete!

queenqueensideAnd spring is in the air here.  My poor daffodils that have only bloomed once in the last 18 years due to frost, snow, drought, and other bad weather conditions.  They have survived and managed to show their lovely blooming colors.

One post a week :(

Computer maintenance is periodically done around here.  And for the last three weeks, I have limited access to photo editing programs that help me with my blog.  So here is my post for the week.

I am still trudging along with En Provence.  I need to do better with my quilting allocated time, but it is what it is.  I have 15 purple blocks sewn and went to put together the last block and realized either two fell behind the buffet, or I counted wrong.  So I am short two purple qsts.  I will leave that block to sew last.  I know I am several short for the yellow qsts because I never counted those.  So I will sew as many things together as possible and wait until I know exactly how many of each I need to sew.  So like I said I am still trudging along with en provence.

I did finish the laptop sack.  The client wanted an addition late in the game.  I added a pocket for a spiral notebook and ink pen.  It got washed and chenilled wonderfully soft.  It was settled upon the strap to use was black (not my choice) and similar to a boy scout belt in texture and size.

Now I am dreaming of having en provence done and the piecing behind me, but what about the quilting….hmmmm.  I have been brainstorming for a while.  I have purchased the backing fabric which is more neutral.  So I will probably go with a neutral thread or a lavender thread.  And since this was based on photos of lavender fields in France, I will probably do something in rows with some heavy FMQ involving feathers perhaps.  I am rather daunted by the task of quilting this as the space I have makes it hard on me to do this on my DSM.  My throat space sucks.  Additionally, before I start quilting anything I really need to take my machine in for service.  It is about 4 years past due.  No telling how many hours are on this machine but is probably above 5000.  I suspect there is an adjustment that needs to be made or a replacement needs to happen in the bobbin case area as the feed of my thread through the top sometimes jerks and causes a tension problem on the bottom with one stitch.

For eye candy for you quilters and readers I will post random pictures of the past.  Enjoy!

Organization and Homemade Jelly Rolls

My stash is out of control due to no real estate left in my house.  @#$!

My boss knows that I quilt.  Each of his children have received one for their births.  His wife sews and sells on Etsy, and has quite a thing going.  Last weekend, his wife did some spring cleaning and decided to purge fabrics from the past.  Most of these fabrics were quilting cottons.  The oldest piece I found was dated 2007.  All 50 plus pounds were slated to go to goodwill.  He redirected and saved the three boxes for me.  So I had a major stash gain!   Beautiful new fabric to pet and admire.  But what to do with them????

Last year I had went through my existing stash and categorized by color and then folded all the smaller than a yard pieces and put them into ziplock bags, keeping them sorted as such.  It was so easy if I needed a small piece I could look through my clear tote and see if I might have something, or I could pop the lid off and skootch things around to see if I had a specific fabric that would work for that particular project.  I could take everything out of the tote entirely and put it all back in within minutes and nothing would become unfolded.  It worked.

Then I had my sheet swap and had about 35 fat quarters I had to make room for plus the left over sheets from cutting up my fat quarters.  So I commandeered a dresser and the bottom drawer became dedicated to nothing but vintage sheets.  But then my vintage sheet population out grew its home and now part was in the dresser and part was in a box.

So right now my storage is an issue.  I still have my smaller pieces in baggies but moved those to the dresser.  With the new fabric editions, they simply will not fit anywhere.  I am afraid if I go buy a tote and put them out in the shed, I will not dip into the tote and use up this part of my stash.  Then an idea happened.

I have all this fabric not being used, all scraps with no purpose.  All sorted already, I just whipped out my accuquilt cutter and started going to town.  I enjoyed the jelly roll race quilt so much that if another baby event happens to someone I know I can easily turn out a quilt in a weakened.  So I used the 2 1/2 strip cutter and went to town.  I cut up all the reds, oranges, pinks, yellows and blues with a hint of blacks and greens.  Pictured is my final result minus one which I gave to my mom.

I have been saving strings whether it is the selvages or just narrow scraps of fabric for a string quilt.  Some pieces are less than an inch wide, some are a tad bigger than 5 inches.  I took my ziplock baggie system and put all those pieces together in a large worn out pillow case to throw into the tote.

It looks like this will be a quilt in no time.  I am not sure how many years I have been saving, but the number is definitely plural.  I used to throw them away (gasp).  But those little scraps do add up.  Future quilt in a bag.

And I cannot forget my vintage sheets.  I accuquilted all these down to 2 inch squares or 3 1/2 inch squares.  I have never made a vintage sheet quilt but know by the thread bareness of some of the sheets, it is a good idea to back it with interfacing for extra strength.  So my stash also consists of gridded interfacing on point which will make these lovelies all the more lovelier.  For those of you who have cut vintage sheets, it cannot be done with a rotary cutter.  It is impossible to keep things square.  Interfacing is your friend.

And yes I am still sewing on the En Provence mystery quilt.  I have gotten a couple more purple blocks done. epmqblock

Due to all my organization, my sewing area became a huge mess for such a small space.  I still have a box of fabric that does not fit anywhere and due to an unforeseen incident my stash grew yet again this past week as I received a $50 gift certificate to my LAQS.  No more pretty fabric purchases for me for a long time!

Stash is non busted but workable.  More scraps have gravitated to the tote.  My sheet drawer is a little more empty.  Night night stash, sleep tight.


Insert post here

Hello readers, happy Sunday to ya!  I wish I had something to post with picture goodness, but don’t.  Perhaps within the week.

Sometimes I look at what is ahead of me and get overwhelmed.  This past week my boss thought kindly to redirect a fabric donation slated for goodwill.  I gladly accepted what was mostly deemed yardage.  Large pieces.  I segregated the pieces I didn’t like or would not use.  I then gave that box to a member of the local piece makers group.  She in turn, donated what was left to another member.  One fabric stash became a member of 4 people’s stashes in less than 4 days.  Now my cup runner has over.  There were 5 yard plus pieces which will make backing for quilts.  But because I have so much, it kinda messes with my head.  I need to figure out where I should put it.  My dresser and buffet (aka my sewing nook) is already filled.  I am starting to encroach on other areas of the house.  I have a box of vintage sheets, a box of wool, two totes of started projects, two projects I am working on in a shoebox, and a quilt top waiting to be quilted….what to do?  This is interrupting progress.  My work surface is about 13×13 for cutting and my machine sits beside that.  I have to be efficient with space.  I feel compelled to start cutting the pieces for the vintage sheet quilt so the box would deplete drastically, it will still be a box of fabric.  But, in the back of my mind I want to refrain from starting another project.  Sew many ideas are swarming.  I am afraid to proceed, I don’t want to let the swarm sting me.

Yesterday amongst the mess I did manage to sew 3 more en Provence mystery quilt blocks that are really not a mystery anymore.  Because of so much bad feng shui I sewed them together wrong….see what I mean it messes with my head, makes me scatterbrained like the scattered mess about me.

Jelly Roll Wrong!

Yesterday was the first workshop that I attended for the sewing group I joined.  Had a blast.  Helping those who had very little experience was most enjoyable.  To see someone who had never sat down at a sewing machine flower into a quilt top maker by the end of the day was impressive.  A great group of gals….informal sewing fun!

The sun has risen, but it is wet and not suitable for pictures.  However, snapping a few indoor photos for blogging is a good thing!  Pictured below is my fail of execution.

We pieced the jelly roll race quilt.  I had never done one.  I sought out 2 jelly rolls because one was too small.  I did the calculations on the net and I would have been an inch shy of making a 74 X 96 quilt.  So I found matching fabric and proceeded to add 4 strips for a total of 89 strips.  The size ended up being a very long long quilt top.  Long story short, I ended up running the strips the opposite way and wacking off about 20 inches.  I will move that to the back.

All of my strips were solids except the 4 I added.  I had a jelly roll of all white.  When I originally sewed them together following the directions gave I sewed the selvage ends together in the precut package as they were unrolled.  These were blues, purples, greens.  Then I sewed end to end the white set, and then the printed 4 strips.  When I started assembling the quilt, it ended up have two rows of colors together and then 2 rolls of whites together.  Not what I had envisioned, but a very modern look.  When I got home I ironed it ( love my iron, see that post here), and also added the sashing to make it just a tad wider and longer after wacking it to a smaller size.  I also saved all my dog ears, which will make lovely half square triangles that perhaps will make the back too.  I already am planing to feather the dickens out of this quilt.jrwjrw2jrw3

I do not consider myself a novice at sewing and crafting because I have done it for so long.  When the lady who taught the class came around, she took a picture of the long, long quilt top….it made me laugh out loud such that it made her really laugh.  It was good to laugh at my execution error.  Right now I am calling this Jelly Roll Wrong (which when you say it out loud sounds like you are speaking chinese), but will probably change that up a bit after I add the feathers in the quilting, kind of like I am flipping the bird to my execution error.

There were many lovely jelly roll race quilts made yesterday for charity.  My plan was to finish one of those as well, but because I took on double the work and helped those around me that needed help, I did not get to it.  I hope there will be a next time.

Take aways yesterday:

  • I need to get out more often and do these kind of social things
  • helping those with a lower skill set was very enjoyable (even lending out my extension cord brought me joy because I helped a complete stranger…something we American’s are too scared to do)
  • bad executions are still salvageable
  • there are still good people out there
  • The key people in our group who made this happen, they are magic makers
  • Laugh out loud at yourself makes others laugh and then you are not alone