So I am playing with words, but this post is a catch up from my previous post which had no new photos to share.  I am back up and running smoothly, clearer and crisper than ever before.

So here is the baby booties quilt, completed scrappy binding and all.

I see the neighbor’s pup peeking around the edge of the quilt, such a quiet, loving dog.

Here is some close up quilting.  I must say that quilting these boots was just as fun as the fabric selection.  When you look at a pair of cowboy boots, there are firebirds and ornate designs in the stitchings of the leather.

This fabric cries of cowboy boot.  Perfectly placed, fussy cut fabric and then stitched over imperfectly, but fun none-the-less.

And below is the back of the gray and black boot in the lower left corner.  I had to show you the backing I chose.  More boots for the babe.

Another fun design!

Today I took the quilt to work to give to the expectant mother.  She loved it.  Her mother proudly displayed it all day.  I heard so many people say how neat it was and how artistic.  One person said I should quit my day job.  Another asked how much I charged, and the Mother said nothing, and they were like “WHAT?”

I usually silently give the quilt to an empty seat and send them an email with washing instructions.  It is the humble thing to do (I would be horrified if they did not like it and can express that in alone time without me being there).  I usually get a call, or they come visit me and thank me.   Some parents snap photos of the youngins’ on the quilt and give me that photo.  I do not work for free, I do this for the smiles.  Occasionally, I get a hug too.

Each one of these quilts I make is an extension of myself, kind of a baby of sorts.  And so, I gift part of myself not for the parents, but totally for the baby.  A brand new baby quilt for a brand new baby.  Most parents could care less about a quilt.  Children however like to latch onto objects when they are young, and for the first few years of their growing selves, part of me will get to be there, even though I am not physically there.

The great thing about sewing quilts for expectant parents, you get to enjoy a small project.  Another checked off from the bucket list.  In no time you have a quilt, this one was started at the end of July and I leisurely worked on it, and voila, ’tis complete!

Now I am onto the other baby quilt with a sporty theme of HSTs.  I should be able to do a post about that work in progress this weekend.

Oh and I mustn’t forget the double knit, knitted pot holder LOL.


I also uploaded my pizza wedges post on my other blog the cookbookproject.  Click here for that recipe.

Happy Hump day readers!  It’s all downhill until the weekend!  Thank you for reading my blog!

An Ah-Ha Moment

I am moving right along with the Baby Bootie quilt!  I have gotten it all sashed and have it sandwiched for free motion quilting.  This one will be complete in no time.  I was worried about mixing the white back ground with the off white boot strips.  It actually broke up the white monotony.  It will be alright, er…I think.


The row going opposite was supposed to be the middle row, but c’est la vie, or That’s life!  Babies tend to shake things up anyway, no matter how much you plan and I will probably pass this wisdom onto the first time Mom.  If you are interested in the applique pattern of the boot you can get the PDF from my previous post.  And today while surfing quilting stuff I actually found the static PDF on  Click on the pattern called caravan roundup.  🙂

Besides surfing the internet for quilting stuff, I also have my daily clicks where I visit daily deals, flash sales, and read Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  A couple of weeks ago, she dropped a few hints one day.  She had snapped a photo of an antique mall that she visits and said, “wouldn’t this make lovely colors for a quilt”.  The picture was of a terra cotta brick with gold accents, black trim.  She noted the blue sky and the one white cloud in captured in the photo.  A few days later, she showed a couple of black and white photos.  I know the contrast in the photos is impossible to read color.  But I am pretty sure, it involved black.  Then that got me to thinking about the subtle hint she dropped about a beautiful quilty picture.  I went back and found the pic and have now started gathering cheddar and blacks for my stash.  I found a layer cake with good variety of these two colors.


I wish I could bet all my readers fabric, and if I win, you pay me in fabric of those colors.  We shall see if I am right.  If I am not, this is probably going to be the next colors of the mystery quilt that I make when I follow along come black friday.

Speculating in oil can make the price go up.  I wonder each year when the colors are announced at the end of oct, begining of nov. if quilt shops run low on the colors she has selected?  I know I can never find what I want that coordinates with the theme online after it is announced.

And as promised I have the remainder of photos that I took of the quilt hop.  Here are a few that are familiar to me.

Above is a doll quilt I received as a gift when I was very young.  I have a photo of me when I am 4 and I have the quilt in my hand.  I do not remember the face of the person that gave it to me.  I am told it was my great grandmother.  I always thought my grandmother finished this.  This is the quilt I used as an eraser on the chalkboard and this is also the recipient of wood glue.  If you get wood glue on a quilt, a soak in water and vinegar will release the glue.  It did help this quilt as the glue has been in the fibers now for more than 42 years.  But the large chunks of glue are between the quilt top, and the flannel back (no batting).
Red on top is my Garlic Marina which was a quilt block swap.  I added sashing which created an irish chain affect.  The quilt below the red one was a quilt guild selling chances.  Beautiful batiks!
And here is the quilt while quilting it, the cat came and had babies before it was finished.  Thankfully the part she messed up had already been quilted.  After quilting and binding with a large blood spot, I gently used some peroxide and a little elbow grease.  Washing removed the rest.  I have been waiting almost 9 months to use this quilt!  I quilted this one half to death, and it turned out softer than I thought.
This used to hang in my mothers kitchen.  She is the owner.  Look at the locket, Look at all those pieces.  The maker of this is one of her friends.  Her friend did a lovely job.
As this reads, it is titled well!  Therapy, don’t we all know it!  Look at all those small pieces.  If you made something like this, would you be able to give it away.  I am not certain I could.
The piecemakers of our town have a challenge quilt every year.  Those who want to participate, all get the same piece of fabric.  They have to incorporate it into a block.  The winner by votes, wins all the blocks.  They then have to sew all the blocks together and make a quilt for display at the hop.  All of these blocks are winners, but the center block with Elvis  was the one that stole the show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A slide show above captured some more.  There is a pinwheel made with clown fish (I love that!).  There is a 3 dimensional flower (I have made one of those before).  There is a ridiculous log cabin of tiny strips, then subcut and resewn into HST log cabin units.  It would have been easier just forgetting the log cabin part and sewing squares together.  But that is what us quilters do, we cut it up to sew it back together again!

This week I will be attending the Plano Quilt show!  Yay!  I will have photos of that to share within the coming weeks.  This show is not to big and not to small, but the quilts really pack a punch.  They usually have some nice show stoppers.  And I will get to play with my favorite longarm, the NOLTING.  One day I will get one of those machines.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thanks for reading my blog!

Quilt Hop photo gallery continued

So last week was our community’s quilt hop.  All us quilters drop our quilts off at the visitor center, and the director gets these quilts hung up all over town.  It promotes tourism to bring people to our community and those people get to see the sights all over town, with quilty goodness.

Today I am featuring Alice Wilholt quilts.  She is an author of books about applique and quilting.  I knew nothing of her before the show, and her quilts are magnificent works of art.  Very contrasting, very colorful, very quilted….very beautiful.

I am going to start off with my favorite, I believe this was called Fireworks, but did not take notes, and am relying on my brains memory card which may be throwing an error!


Absolutely stunning! Below are some more of Alice’s quilts.  We have a free motion educator, quilter in the area.  She is like the Angela Walters in our area, her name is Jackie Brown.  I wish I could afford her services, but at about $3000 I would never use that quilt, which in my opinion would not be getting my moneys worth.  Perhaps one day I will create a quilt that will tour America with quilt shows, trying to win some ribbons, and perhaps I may take that quilting plunge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is a quilt that started me down a much different quilting path.  On Valentines day this year I played hooky from work.  This was on the frame at the SNAP Center being hand quilted on that day.  This was one of the hand quilters pieced tops, which is now lovely and LARGE.  She made it from beautiful fabrics and it ended up being king size.  It was so large that the view was obstructed by one of the vendors set ups.  Nice to see that finish!


On Valentines day this year, was quite an adventure which led to my ownership of Abacus, my featherweight, so named because I can really count on him.  This led to vintage machines, which led to TOGA, which led to getting a non-running vintage  machine going.  Many blog posts were because of this day, over this quilt.

Here are more photos not so much grouped specially, just quilts I really liked looking at while at the Hop.

The lines from the contrast in these fabrics is quite fractal, and I love this!
The white over the oranges is actually lace, a different technique and definitely worth a share.
I believe this is the Lawn Chair pattern and is a freebie at  I can see the back of my Jelly Roll Wrong quilt here too.
And this quilt was entitled “Quilt Hop”, very nicely done too!
This is the last quilt I am showing today, but stay tunned for next weekend as I will have one more post with a gob more of quilts.

So what have I been up too?  Well, I figured out backing for my Jewel Box Stars Flambe.  I found a bolt of flannel at goodwill that matched my colors perfectly.  I need to get this one quilted as it is just too big for me to handle.


And I started another baby quilt.  While at the quilt hop, there was a quilt that I took inspiration from.  I thought I could make a lovely baby quilt using a cowboy boot motif.  I found an old pattern at and will link that up in my next post.  It is a simple applique of cowboy boot pieces.  Choosing the fabrics for this one was fun!

Ok, so by the looks of lighting in these photos I need to get a white light instead of whatever is in there now.  It has cast a such a yellow glow.  This is actually white fabric.  Sorry for the picture quality, I am getting used to my new camera.

And lastly, I have purged fabric.  I am a bit sad, as my stash represents all my good intentions.  At the same time, going through and finding fabric has become overwhelming.  The amount I was having to touch to get the right piece, was just too much for my space.  I probably donated 100lbs of fabric.  Today my sewing group is having a workshop to make pillowcases for children with cancer and kennel quilts for dogs (not sure on the specifics on that one).  So, obviously not all poundage will get used today, but I passed it on to a group that can bring joy to the lives of others with it and it will get used.  I have made many quilts with that fabric, and I have enjoyed using the fabric for what it was meant to be used for.  Even though I have given away the fabric, I still get to enjoy it as it is in my quilts, in my memories, and will keep me warm for years to come.  Every time I look at one of the quilts I made scrappy from my gifted stash, I will think of the people who gave me all that fabric, the joy they brought me, the joy I got to create, the joy someone else will create.

Have a great weekend!