Postage Sheet Final Post

This fall we have had gobs of rain.  As promised, with a break in the weather, a photo op happened.  This quilt was made from vintage sheets.  The pink fabric was yardage I picked up at the thrift store.  This is a very pastel quilt and turned out soft on the eyes.  This was quilted in the Forget Me Not pattern, true symbolism for those around me who will receive it.  One day I will not be here anymore.  I expect this quilt will last longer than I, hence the pattern I chose the forget me not.  I named this Postage Sheet because it is in the postage stamp design and the vintage sheets used in its making.

The back I used a linen sheet that goes from white to floral which was perfect for this pastel quilt.  At the same estate sale that I purchased the vintage sheet back, they also had matching pillow cases.  When it is upon the bed, it will be a matched set.  Nothing in my house matches as my style is a bit eclectic, but there is a first for everything.


Math is not my strong suit, it is a suit that frustrates me sometimes.  So instead of doing math with measuring I just set some squares on point and floated that in two corners.  It turned out ok, even without math!postagesheet3

And the back….postagesheet4

And a close up of the florals on the back.postagesheet5

Not a stitch has been sewn this week.  My anxiety is high awaiting my quilting machine.  I just do not want to get in the middle of a project (which I am already) only to delve deeply in my quilting machine learning curve.  I am ready to master yet another quilt task, and just do not want to piece.

I have been enjoying knitting this past week.  I managed to find some round looms at the thrift store for only $3 for the set.  I snagged those up as well as some rake looms which I probably did not need.  I may pass these onto my mother, and if she does not want them, ask her to find a home for them.

My first hat….and now I wish I would have doubled the hat knotting it on each end tucking one into the other.  Ah well, I do like the odd yarn that I chose as it hides my stitches were are pretty imperfect.  I see some mittens to match in my looms near future.


I also made a scrubby for the kitchen as yarn is was on sale this week.

I managed to make a cranberry pie for the first time in my life.  The recipe I used was from the TV show Andy Griffin.  Those of you who frequent pinterest have probably seen the recipe cards created by Aunt Bea.  The recipe I used was from Otis Campbell.  You may remember him as the town drunk.  Friendly fellow on the grain alcohol made in someone’s still.  This pie had 1/2 c of brandy in it.  I just happened to have some nice brandy that was not getting drank and used it in the pie and then carried this pie to work to feed my coworkers as they are great guinea pigs and give great thumbs up or thumbs down.  I was told it was delicious.  Be looking for the recipe that I tweaked on my other blog the cookbook this weekend.  I have an adaptation if you do not care to use booze.

Well, next week it will be Thanksgiving, my my my.  The time has just flown by.  This year is gearing up to come to a close soon.  Have you met all your goals this year?  I have not entirely.  But some goals made is better than none.

I am looking forward to family and cooking, and time to decompress for the important things in life.  After that is all done, I am really looking forward to kicking up my feet and slowing down to my own pace with no time crunches, just time to pass as it does all too quickly.

Happy Trails!  And thank you for reading my blog!

A QUILTY Caturday

Holiday weekends for me involve more sewing than most weekends.  Most two day weekends are dedicated to cleaning, cooking, mowing, and whatever else can be fit in.  So this extra day has me excited!

I have counted my seams once again.  Even though I have worked overtime this past week, I have managed to complete just as many seams as last week, 53 to be exact.  I am really liking my leaders/enders piecing as I finish a seam, I can stitch two tumbler blocks together.  Sewing 2 quilts at once, which is saving time on cutting thread tails as well as getting more done with very little effort.

The postage stamp quilt has all 4 sides stitched with squares as well as a solid trip around that world.  I am now working on a very small strip/corner stone for all 4 sides but two corners.  I hope to have this revealed on Monday.  I will be making another pie this weekend and have determined it to be american as apple pie.  You will be able to read all about that post soon visiting my other blog TheCookBookProject.


And now about Caturday…….Today is Saturday and I have cats.  Cats self propagate, but I must share a weird story with you.  Right now I have a momma cat outside and by counting boob-age probably has 3 kittens.  The indoor cat has had SIX…..egads!!!! and they are just 2 weeks old.  I have an older momma cat that currently does not have a litter, but her need to be a momma cat is very strong.  So strong in fact, she stole the outside momma cat’s kitten.  In the rhelm of time, this kitten is probably around a month old.  So we allowed her in and brought this baby kitten in with her.  Oh she sits there so proud and cleans that kitten and has fully adopted it.  This cat has now been inside with her, trying to suckle her and by golly somehow it is managing nutrition.  I checked this kitten repeatedly to make sure it was not dehydrated.  This cat is actually getting milk from this adopted mother.  How in the world is this possible?  She will not let the other momma cat who is inside even glance at this kitten without trying to raise a ruckus and protect it’s adoptee.  Has anyone ever heard of this caturday phenomenon?  Can milk production just begin without the pregnancy hormones?  Is this feat a miracle?  In all the cats I have had in my lifetime, this is a first.  And this cat’s wisdom has taught me something.  The jury is still out on what exactly that is.

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No Sheet

No progress in the sewing dept.  But I did fix my camera so I am going to repost with new photos so you can get a more accurate look of the vintage sheet postage stamp quilt I am making.

So I have done absolutely no sewing.  Things going on are preventing me from visiting my sewing table.  However, I have found a long arm machine that I am going to purchase.  I will then have to get a table for it, I don’t have room for a frame.  I have located one of those very reasonably priced as well.  My whole setup will only cost less than $1000.  And I will post that once it happens.  🙂

Something about red eye settings and any of my cameras past and present does not like (perhaps this is my eyes seeing it differently than it is).  The oranges, reds, and yellows all go askew and are greatly contrasting and grainy as compared to now.

Also, for those of you interested don’t forget I am hosting an ugly fabric swap.  I would be delighted if you join.  The more, the merrier!  Visit the details here.  And please visit my other blog, the cookbookproject.  I have recently posted a recipe for delicious  homemade biscuits.

Off to catch up the dishes and the laundry!