Butter And Egg Mirage

In my last couple of posts you have seen snippets of fabrics, quilt tag making, reference to the butter and eggs free pattern, and now I have named this quilt Mirage.  When looking at this with the fabrics used, it has a mirage effect on the eyes.

I started with my fabrics, and the theme was aqua and lime!


I chose the pattern of butter and eggs.  You can find this pattern at quilterscache.com


Here is the top waiting for the quilting.  This quilt I used Misty Fuse and raw edge appliquéd to the blocks using the appliqué stitch on my machine.  I chose a yellow thread for this.

I made my own quilt label, much like a clothing tag.


And stitched on the binding, after quilting.  The light was just right coming in the window to really show the texture created in the quilting.  I quilted this with a white thread.  It is very imperfect as I am still getting used to my non-hopping foot.  Gosh I miss that thing so much I may have to get one just like it.  That hop helped me keep my rhythm with my stitch length.


The front and the back with texture and tag goodness.  This quilt is done and scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!  Now I am off to plan the next baby quilt.

I just love doing baby quilts because you can sample the patterns that are on your bucket list, but they are small enough you do not tire and actually finish them quickly.  This quilt was easy and did not take long.  I just had interruptions of cooking, cleaning, working my 40 hours, plus, bathing.  Life would be boring without those interruptions, no?  Thanks for reading my blog.

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Handmade Quilt Tags: Traditional Meets Modern

I am not certain if I have ever seen this before, or if it has been done before.  I know identification of Quilts has been around for centuries, not new.  I know there are many quilt labels with lots of information on them.  Some are quite large.

I wanted to create a tag much like a clothing tag, something attached to the quilt with a simple few words.  You can purchase tags, but you only get a few and they are relatively expensive.  I find it odd that someone will make a homemade gift and then purchase a tag that says its homemade, an oxymoron don’t you think?

Here are a few steps to create your own tag.  You can run this from corner to corner on the back side of your quilt, or where ever you want it.  I chose a different way which worked too.

First you will need to get your hands on some gross grain ribbon or twill tape.  (These are free when you purchase a fat quarter bundle and a great way to recycle them just turn the print to the inside)

Next stitch one end to tear-away stabilizer.  Below I used a piece that had a good spot left in it.


Next, using your decorative letter stitches, embroider a message in your twill tape.  I kept my simple.  You could put the name of the quilt there, the date, a person’s name, and the list goes on and on.  After stitching the desired text, I cut my tag about 4 1/2 inches.  This will vary depending on size and amount of text.  Oh, and tear away the stabilizer!


Next you will choose the spot you want the tag on your quilt, garment, or homemade craft.  I chose the back side of the quilt and pinned it in place.  This step can be tricky.  Make sure once your label is done it is readable!  I also staggered the twill tape to make it easier on my machine, this is another option totally up to you.


I then stitched my binding on as usual.  I attached the binding to the back side of the quilt over this pinned on label and sewed it all together.


I then hand stitched my binding to the front and now the quilt is tagged.  And voila a new way to do a traditional quilt label!


I feel like my noggin really accomplished something today!  A win for me and passing the win onto you!

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