Atlast! Forming of a Postage Stamp Quilt

It has been a couple of months since I ran my machine for anything.  And this weekend, it happened.  I started playing with fabric and it got me in the mood.  Screw my tiredness and not feeling well.  It felt good to have cloth running through my fingers and under the foot.  I got two sides sewn onto the postage quilt top made from vintage sheets.  The squares are on point and are really making their statement.  I thought the mitering of the corners would be hard, but it wasn’t as the interfacing grid I am using already has the line drawn out for you all you do is cut and then sew.  I hope I can do this again real soon as it will not take me more than an hour to get yet another side attached and ready for view.


After completeing one border of pink and then trimmed with squares, my plan is to go around again in pink and again in just one column of squares, perhaps cornering around just 2 corners or 4.   The jury is still out.

Fabric to the second power

Or another way to say fabric to the second power is fabric cubed or fabric squared.  Simple quilts with just squares and no angles can be quite striking.  I have acquired a twin size quilt top.  These look to be velveteen, velour,  or corduroy, I didn’t ask because I think their texture is neat and it will become yet another utilitarian quilt, to be used and abused until it cannot take our abuse anymore. Now I am dreaming of FMQ on a longarm waiting paitently, excitedly.  I think this top deserves a quilt motif like the one in this Angela Walters video.  Or how about this paisley feathers video.  I know I will be able to do the paisley one on my DSM at anytime because I have already practiced feathers on two large quilts, which really refines your technique and embeds it within so you do not forget said technique when you do it at a later time.


I have also acquired some sail boats which will make another small project sometime.  There is something about someone elses’ UFO that really appeals to me.  Finding something, someone else worked hard on, but for whatever reason was unable to finish.  I find the idea of completion kind of romantic in that it was that objects destiny to be completed.  (Yet I have all my UFOs romantically waiting in their storage.  Delusions of Quilting Grandeur)


And I also acquired some rail fence with 9 patch goodness.  These are so hodge-podge I have no clue as to what do to with them.  Perhaps something for the kitchen.  Any of you have ideas please share them in the comments section.


Still no sewing on the home front.  I am having somewhat of an health issue (which I have had all my life, but for whatever reason is rearing its ugly head way too frequently now) makes me so tired that I save my energy for work and family and sometimes family gets cheated.  All hobbies are closed down temporarily.  But that does not mean this girl is stopping her quilting dreams.  Better said in this song.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you for following/reading my blog!  Don’t forget to visit my other blog.  You can read all my recipes here.

No Sheet

No progress in the sewing dept.  But I did fix my camera so I am going to repost with new photos so you can get a more accurate look of the vintage sheet postage stamp quilt I am making.

So I have done absolutely no sewing.  Things going on are preventing me from visiting my sewing table.  However, I have found a long arm machine that I am going to purchase.  I will then have to get a table for it, I don’t have room for a frame.  I have located one of those very reasonably priced as well.  My whole setup will only cost less than $1000.  And I will post that once it happens.  🙂

Something about red eye settings and any of my cameras past and present does not like (perhaps this is my eyes seeing it differently than it is).  The oranges, reds, and yellows all go askew and are greatly contrasting and grainy as compared to now.

Also, for those of you interested don’t forget I am hosting an ugly fabric swap.  I would be delighted if you join.  The more, the merrier!  Visit the details here.  And please visit my other blog, the cookbookproject.  I have recently posted a recipe for delicious  homemade biscuits.

Off to catch up the dishes and the laundry!


Pictures at last En Provence

Well, you can now actually see for yourself that I am sewing and making progress on En Provence Mystery quilt.  The change in color I made for the secondary stars is perfect with the current vintage pillow cases on the bed (my bed also performs as my design wall).  It also accents the yellow on my walls nicely.  I have sewn the 16 blocks together with the sashing in between for 4 rows total.  Now I need to go back and piece some more QST’s to make the sashing in between the 4 rows.  Oh my goodness it won’t be long and it will be complete!

queenqueensideAnd spring is in the air here.  My poor daffodils that have only bloomed once in the last 18 years due to frost, snow, drought, and other bad weather conditions.  They have survived and managed to show their lovely blooming colors.

Jelly Roll Wrong!

Yesterday was the first workshop that I attended for the sewing group I joined.  Had a blast.  Helping those who had very little experience was most enjoyable.  To see someone who had never sat down at a sewing machine flower into a quilt top maker by the end of the day was impressive.  A great group of gals….informal sewing fun!

The sun has risen, but it is wet and not suitable for pictures.  However, snapping a few indoor photos for blogging is a good thing!  Pictured below is my fail of execution.

We pieced the jelly roll race quilt.  I had never done one.  I sought out 2 jelly rolls because one was too small.  I did the calculations on the net and I would have been an inch shy of making a 74 X 96 quilt.  So I found matching fabric and proceeded to add 4 strips for a total of 89 strips.  The size ended up being a very long long quilt top.  Long story short, I ended up running the strips the opposite way and wacking off about 20 inches.  I will move that to the back.

All of my strips were solids except the 4 I added.  I had a jelly roll of all white.  When I originally sewed them together following the directions gave I sewed the selvage ends together in the precut package as they were unrolled.  These were blues, purples, greens.  Then I sewed end to end the white set, and then the printed 4 strips.  When I started assembling the quilt, it ended up have two rows of colors together and then 2 rolls of whites together.  Not what I had envisioned, but a very modern look.  When I got home I ironed it ( love my iron, see that post here), and also added the sashing to make it just a tad wider and longer after wacking it to a smaller size.  I also saved all my dog ears, which will make lovely half square triangles that perhaps will make the back too.  I already am planing to feather the dickens out of this quilt.jrwjrw2jrw3

I do not consider myself a novice at sewing and crafting because I have done it for so long.  When the lady who taught the class came around, she took a picture of the long, long quilt top….it made me laugh out loud such that it made her really laugh.  It was good to laugh at my execution error.  Right now I am calling this Jelly Roll Wrong (which when you say it out loud sounds like you are speaking chinese), but will probably change that up a bit after I add the feathers in the quilting, kind of like I am flipping the bird to my execution error.

There were many lovely jelly roll race quilts made yesterday for charity.  My plan was to finish one of those as well, but because I took on double the work and helped those around me that needed help, I did not get to it.  I hope there will be a next time.

Take aways yesterday:

  • I need to get out more often and do these kind of social things
  • helping those with a lower skill set was very enjoyable (even lending out my extension cord brought me joy because I helped a complete stranger…something we American’s are too scared to do)
  • bad executions are still salvageable
  • there are still good people out there
  • The key people in our group who made this happen, they are magic makers
  • Laugh out loud at yourself makes others laugh and then you are not alone

HoneyComb, Won’t You Be My Baby?

On Christmas eve, to fill a bit of spare time I started a half hexi quilt using the accuquilt cutting system.  Gosh, that saves oodles of time and is allowing me one more finish for 2016.

I started out with 4 charm packs from Moda Fabrics Bee Creative line.  honeycombI used up 2 of the packs and have a few left overs from the third pack.  To lighten the costs, I found everything in my stash, well almost everything.  I “shopped” my Mother’s stash to find some appropriate binding fabric, luckily she had some chicken wire fabric with a honeycomb theme that worked perfectly.  I will be hand binding this tonight. bee1bee2bee3

While making this quilt, I had an ear worm.  Urban dictionary describes an ear worm as a song that plays over and over in your head and will not leave.  Now that I am just saying the words to myself, the worm is back.  Do you remember the song “Honeycomb, won’t you be my baby?”.  Lovely song I have linked to youtube and it is by Jimmie Rodgers.

This quilt was made for a coworker of mine who has honey bees on the side.  I thought this would fit in the theme of things since he is adding another child to his hive.

Even though I shopped my stash for this quilt, it still has fabric costs regardless how long you have had them.  I bought the charm packs for $2.50 each and used 3 for a total cost of $7.50.  The backing I bought at an estate sale for $3 and still have left over fabric from this.  The binding was zero dollars (thanks Mom).  I have no idea how much batting I have left on my roll so I will not include it’s cost or the cost of the thread.  I have made a very modern coordinating quilt for a little over $10.  I learned to be thrifty long ago with my hobby.  I aim to share that story another day.  Thank you for reading my blog and Happy New year!