We had visitors! And they do not care of Social Distancing Governor!

I keep reading reports all over the internet, with how quiet society has become, the wildlife tends to migrate into territories within the city!  I have seen a herd of deer walking down main street (on the internet).  Have you been outside at all, can you hear the world peace’n quiet going on?  I does not matter what time of day I am outside, I do not hear the roar of vehicles on the road or for that matter modern civilization.  I did not realize how loud we are!  More on this in a bit.

Me working the grave yard shift, tends to be un-nerving while trying to sleep.  The windows are wide open, and the neighbors come home at 1:30 a.m. and they decide to play fetch with the barking little dog.  Or they smoke cigarettes and the smell wafts into the house.  Little things constantly bugging me when I try to sleep but can’t.

One night (I have forgotten which night because there was so much sleep deprivation this week), I kept hearing a buzz on the kitchen screen.  Sounded like a june bug on steroids.  I had to go shew it away.  And by golly, it was not a june bug at all, but a Luna Moth.  I have only ever seen one other Luna Moth in my lifetime, and I think it was at night too.  So I did not shew it away.  I admired it’s beauty and took pictures so I could show the children in the morning what had visited.

The best surprise the next morning, it was still there!  And they got to enjoy it’s beautiful, large green wings with fern, fuzzy feelers.  The little thing died, on my window sill.  In looking at it in the daylight, it looked like it had mildew on it’s wings.  I have not looked into Luna Moth deaths, and have no idea what it died from, other than natural causes.  I was a little sad, that I got to be the last living being to see it alive.

luna moth

Here it is, a bit shriveled and looking less than lively, but at peace and beautifully so.

And then there was the next night, the damn golden retriever that lives behind us, was alerting us, that something fierce was in the backyard.  That dog wanted to kill whatever it was.  I have heard the dog bark like this before, and it was an armadillo.  Finally at 2:30 a.m. the owner came out and had a talk with the dog.  He only barked a couple of more times.

I awoke the next morning, doing my normal morning routine, and that dog started up it’s fierce barking again.  I threw on some clothes, thinking I was going to find one of my cats taunting the dog.  Nope, as I got closer, the dog’s barking increased, he was really upset whatever was in the tall grass.

I got about 5 ft away and saw something orange in the grass, at first thinking, is this a robin?  Why would the dog be barking at a bird?  Then I got closer, and saw the dog was having a fit over a tortoise.  Can you believe that?


I used to have a turtle like this one in my youth.  He was more green and yellow spotted, than pink and orange.  I brought him inside long enough for his beautiful head to poke out so the children can see the dots and color in nature.  I could not have designed fabric as vibrant as the head and neck of the trespasser.  No social distancing for the wildlife that crosses into the yard!

On the crafty side of life, very little sewing has transpired.  They did release the final mystery clue in the Sew Quester quilt along.  I aim to work on this on my only day off for the week, tomorrow.

I have enjoyed a bit of tatting here and there, but find I do not want to pick it up, if I am just going to be interrupted with chores or questions, or other silliness the children seem to offer relentlessly.


I hate being idle.  It seems like such a waste of time.  I did learn a dutch word this week about how nothing is really going on right now, it is called niksen, to do nothing.  Yup, niksen (pronounced nixon) is what my life is all about at home right now.

I know I can speak for us all, we all want things to be normal again.  And the good news is, it will return.  The gesture of a handshake will be most pleasurable, as well as hugs to go around.  It’s the simple things in life.

During my commute I did hear an old Alabama song, it made me smile.  To All the essentials, it was written for you, years before it’s time, if that makes any sense.


This song make me a bit sad, as Pittsburg steel workers, are no longer, coal mining is no longer, Detroit is no longer,  NAFTA has killed American jobs.  Thank goodness the farmers are still feeding the world.  Thank goodness the truck drivers are still delivering goods.

Maybe this virus is a reset.  And all will live and be happily ever after……food for thought.

Thank you for reading my blog!


The new schedule and time.

I went from the mundane same ole schedule of getting up, bathing, brushing teeth and hair and then commuting to work, to all of that but at odd times of day.

I look at the clock during my commute now, if I was turning back time, I would see, the clock reading about an hour to go before I am done for the day.  Now that is the time I arrive.

All the same things I did before, are all done now, but without the rut.  No smooth flow, bathe a child in the morning if not both, step in the shower yourself at 1 in the afternoon, while supper is cooking on the stove.

The only difference of then and now, no alarm clock to wake me.  That is nice.  For a few days of this new schedule, I am not tired, but worry I am not sleeping right.  I got to bed at about 2ish and wake wide awake at about 7:30ish.  The rest of the house is still resting, so I am quiet.  But by 8:45 I go back down for a nap.  I thought this is crazy, but did you know before the invention of the clock how things worked?

You either had meet ups at dusk, dawn, or high sun.  Then someone went and invented the time piece which aligned with the industrial revolution, and we all fight this insomnia.  But I found out today, it is not insomnia, it is normal.

Before clocks, the masses would go to bed at dark (because they had no light).  And they would wake up around 4 hours later, and move about.  Read a book, talk to a neighbor.  And then they would lay back down to get up around sunrise.  This was the norm, and everyone did this.  A cicada rhythm.  Natural.  My goodness without the alarm clock my body took only a few days to resort to the old fashioned ways of the world.  I will worry naught about that furthermore!

This weird sleeping pattern has totally upended my quilting time.  There simply is not time for it.  The meager offering I will show you now is what I accomplished while I was taking my weekend last week!

I started quilting the jelly roll race, prints by Elizabeth Hartman.  I was not too fond of this color scheme.  But as I quilt it, I like it more.  This was going to go to a coworker, but now everything is changed.  I cannot gift something that could kill a baby or a parent.  I will wait for all of this to pass and then give it, if they will accept.

elizabeth hartmanelizabeth hartman1

I am quilting this with a very old panto.

old panto

This is in the same place as I left it over a week ago.  I aim to get back to it over my weekend which is today and tomorrow!

I tried to gift this quilt to a boss at work.


He would not accept.  Never said he would not accept, just left me a copy of the newspaper with Covid 19 headlines with the quilt.  This would have been for his grandbaby.  At first I was taken aback, but I understand.  I left it at work for him to take home when it is safe.

He also has a second grandbaby on the way.  But I have lost steam in trying to hurry up and get it done, when he will not accept, why hurry.  Here I am quliting it with what I call a dog bone meander.

Need to hand stitch the binding down on this one.

I did get the diappering pinwheel basket quilt completed.

upclose quilting

I used an orange thread, probably close to a terra cotta.  I like it.

I am not sure what life will hold for me in the coming week.  I am essential and have to work but am socially distancing from my co-workers and working weird hours.  I have not found my rut yet.  I hope the rut will win, or the damn virus will let us all get back to normal, if that will ever be possible again.

Brisket is set out thawing, ready to go into the crockpot and turn into bbq beef brisket.  Our frost free fridge is being defrosted, yeah we have to do this a couple times a year because it is a direct result of nafta and being made in mexico.  Quality out the window.  When you make a choice to purchase a fridge, you are with it for the long haul.  Dry Ice to the rescue and it will hold us over until the ice damn melts.

All of this seems pretty boring and mundane, but at times like this, that is the way I like it!  We live yet another day, each day is a gift, that is why it is called the present.  Make the most of your present!  Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Let the Quilting of Frolic Commence!

My daffodils bloomed beautifully.  Their gnarled blooms almost look normal this year.


And here are Mom’s daffodils.

moms dafodills

Been a productive week, this is going to be a big post.

I got the center medallion made, turned out great, and enjoyed the bigger pieces.  365 is on the back burner until further notice.  I will have no trouble of catching up as needed.


Made a baby quilt, sewed two charm packs together and to make a long story short, I need to bind, tis almost ready.  Want to see a quilting video Free Motion?  Click the link to see the machine in action.  

It was nice to get this out of my stash, and to get rid of this dated dusty rose I reckon from the 1980s.  *Disclaimer* it has only been in my stash 2 years.  🙂

I sewed another jelly roll race, not pictured, and aim to have it done soon too!

Started another baby quilt, am still piecing this one and it will reveal itself as a top hopefully this weekend.  A gob of manic sewing!

And I got the itch to quilt.  Got it so bad, that I just pieced some backing.  It ended up being two pieces sewn at the selvages and then I was just short a few inches in length, so I added a strip of pink.  The backing is loud, but complimentary of the top.  Let the quilting of Frolic commence!!!

frolic backing

I have uploaded videos of how I am quilting each design.  I have one for the borders, one for the star and one for the secondary block.  I am about halfway done, quilting a bit each night.

Here are the closeups of the ruler work and free motion.

frolic starfrolicborder

The Dallas Quilt Show commences this weekend.  I Have my ticket purchased, but am weary about going with all the COVID-19 speak.  I am not afraid of the flu, I am afraid of bringing it home to my loved ones.  I was planning for Sunday, still thinking.  I will re-evaluate the situation when the time is here, nothing to worry about now.   I want to pet pretty fabrics, and have a craving for replenishing the stash.    The weekend is almost here, and after a week of this dang daylight savings, my biological clock wants normalcy and to sleep a tad longer.

Overtime has been announced, so I suspect the crickets will be chirping in my next post as I will have nothing to show.  I will get something for your quilting eyes to feast themselves upon.  Until then, thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

A Finish and a New Start!

I got the binding sewn on the antique wedding rings quilt.


You can call this one done!  A lovely way to finish out the year, with a finish!


Using light and darks within the same color family really makes the rings sparkle!  Here is what I managed for the back.

backingCould I have done better for the backing?  Yes, but that would require a purchase.  I would much rather use what I have on hand.  I look forward to its yardage replacement.

Here is some quilting, but I specifically chose a panto that would lose itself in the top, as I want to showcase the top, not the quilting.


I got the side leaders sewn for my quilting machine.  They are not photogenic by any means, but will be worth their weight in gold.  If you are interested in making these, there is an easy instructional video on youtube, just click here.


And…….er……I started another project! In the midst of Frolic!  I must be crazy!  I am somewhat ashamed, as I have many projects going right now, but gosh I need to be challenged.  After quilting for years, the challenge is just not there for much of what I do.  I don’t want to sing the song, “The Thrill Is Gone”.  That would be the end of my hobby.

So, what did I start this time you ask?  Have you heard of the 365 quilt block challenge?  Amazing what you end up with if you stick with it.  In one of my previous posts,  I noticed the lack of red in my strings and overall fabric stash.  I am doing this challenge in reds.  I am going scrappy, so low volume neutrals with some sort of reds or pinks.  One of these blocks will probably be a redo and not make the cut.  But so far I am enjoying this challenge.


Here is my favorite block so far.


What is so challenging you might ask?  These blocks are only 6 inch blocks finished, and 6 1/2 unfinished.  If you count the pieces in these pictures you will see over 50 pieces.  To top that off, measurements are given in off, meaning you trim as you go.  Because I know how to get accurate 1 1/2 inch blocks (unfinished hst’s) using the ruler method, I am recalculating fabric cuts and figuring out what I need to cut from that.  So far so good.  These blocks were rounding out the end of the challenge and probably harder blocks.  But after a little research, alot of these blocks are like this.  Not sure if this is the most intense or not.  Will I be able to keep up?  Nope.

What I can keep up with is saving the pdfs to do as time permits.  Right now with time off, I have plenty of time to work what I can.

I found this video of the 365 block challenge on youtube and thought I would share someone else’s color way/perspective!

Fighting a migraine today.  I went for years with NO headaches.  Then all of a sudden bam, I get one, about once month.  I hope this is not a hormone thing.  I am thinking my brain is throwing a temper tantrum for caffeine.  The light streaming through the windows hurts today.  Talking today, makes me grimace.  The first day is always the worst.  It will slowly fade.  I will continue to sew as I can focus on something other than the throb.

I am so enjoying the leisure of time off!  Nothing is rushed, no anxiousness.  Inner peace, or if you are a quilter, “piece”!

I would like to take the time to thank you, my readers.  You have read along this year, and I sew appreciate you.  It means a lot to me!  I hope you have learned a thing or two and will continue to join me in my quilting journey!

Happy New Year!  Cheers!

Frolic Clue 5

I was excited to see clue 5 from the quiltville mystery went up early.  Although not feeling well I pushed through and got the clue done.  I laugh at my whimsical fabrics I sewed together yesterday.

There were solids and prints, pinks and blacks.  Horseshoes, flowers, cheerleader equipment, bows, dots, bars, baseball logos, chandeliers, mermaids, bees, pigs, and hearts.  None of that character goes together, but because they are all in the the same color family, it works ever so randomly for a nice scrappy look.


My fun is over this week for frolic, everything is now in it’s shoebox.  I will start a second shoebox when clue 6 is completed.


I am getting good use out of my binding clips.  I have had them since Sept.  Have used a few periodically.  I was not a fan before I purchased, but I am using them more and more and they have come in handy during counting.  Pervious years I would count, count, count some more and recount, still to find I needed 9 more blocks.  This year, stacked in 10, then clipped, and easy to count.

I have the binding attached to the antique wedding ring quilt.  I must say, I probably need to go buy a lottery ticket.

I cut what was left on my belly bar of my quilting machine after quilting, hoping I would have ample fabric for binding (I usually make way too much binding because I am scared that I will run out).

This is all I had left after making the two ends join!


I have two sides hand stitched and I cant wait to show you this one.  The binding is the backing on this as well.  This fabric has backed two quilts and bound one.  I really got this to stretch further than I ever thought I could.

This weeks Goals:

  • Making side leaders for my quilting machine (have the canvas now….thanks Mom!)
  • work more on sewing strings
  • finish hand stitching the binding on the antique wedding ring
  • take outdoor photos of antique wedding ring
  • start quilting the orange dream big panel

I only have off a few more days before I have to return to work.  Gosh I love time off like this.  This helps to mend my tired soul.

I would like to take the time to recap my progress for the last 12 months.  I have made ALOT of quilts!  A few other projects slipped in too!  Some customer quilts are shown as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like to find new info on youtube about quilting.  I filter my search for posts within the last week.  I came across this one and thought I would share.  After watching this, I will be adding a button quilt to my bucket list as I was very taken by it.  Enjoy watching, thanks for reading my blog!

Frolic Mystery Clue 4

Aaaaahhhhhhh, I have been waiting for this day, for 363 1/2 days.  Christmas break!  Time Off!  This wonderful day fell on the very same day as clue 4 was released from Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt along.

I cheated a bit and read it while I was at work and then dreamed the rest of the day of being in the comfort of my home, sewing until my hearts content.  And then I would snap back to reality and drudge on for the remainder of my day.

Boy did the work day go ever so slow!  I used to complain about the time going slow right before a holiday.  The older I get, the more time speeds up, so I will enjoy the slow day much more than the whirlwind fast day as most days have become.

I am keeping up with this mystery.  So far the clues have been less brutal than previous years.

I will continue with this clue until I get it done.  My colors are subs.  My lavander is my dark blue.  My light blue, is my light blue.  My whites are my aquas.  My pinks are the raspberry, and my blacks are the neutrals.

After doing some figuring in my head, it would appear that this may be a block setting on point.  We shall see.  I can never figure this out ahead of time.  My quilters puzzle is just that, at the end a puzzle.  And then even after the reveal, I get confused LOL and have to re-read the instructions over and over.

Slow and steady.

After just an hour I have some sets completed.  More to come….


Incidentally I am storing my clues from previous weeks in a shoebox.  That shoe box is over half full.  With this weeks clue, it will fill up.  I have another shoebox.  This may be the year for 2 shoe boxes full of pieces.  (Note:  Clumsy children have knocked this over with a confetti of fabric blocks all over the place, it was fun trying to stack it back the way it was.  Like unpackaging the orginal packaging when opening, it will never go back quite right no matter how hard you try)


Christmas is almost upon us!  Last minute shopping tomorrow.  Then off to wrap.  A little christmas music for the season.  This is my favorite song!  There is something about Burl Ives!  Not sure if he reminds me of my Grandpa that played Santa Claus, or if his voice was similiar, or if it was at that time in my life of 4 years where I could remember all of these things at the same time.  He died when I was about this age, so maybe that is my brain’s way of keeping him with me through the holiday.  Great Iconic voice, for the most memorable time of year for a youngster.

You will probably not read anymore new content from me until after Christmas, so here is wishing you a wonderful holiday!  May you be warm, in good company, and feast beyond capacity!!!

Merry Christmas from Myquiltprojects!  And thanks for reading my blog!


I finished binding the Terrarium Jelly Roll Race quilt.  Terrarium is a fabric line by Elizabeth Hartman.  Lush greens, teals, turquoise, with a tad of gray and purple.  Love this color blend.  It now resides in a pillow case awaiting it’s future.  What does it’s future hold?  Unknown.  I like it enough to keep it.  Too small for me to use, perfectly suited for the children’s beds.  But right now I have quilts I have not used yet.  Perhaps this will display nicely at the QuiltHop.  Is there anything really spectacular about it?  No, not really.  It is just in the done pile, a simple completion.  Who knows, maybe someone will decide to have a baby, and this would be perfectly suited for a boy or a girl.



errarium binding


Have I been working on my string quilt?  No….tsk tsk tsk!  Shame on me.  My sewing mood was just not standing the strings right now.  Perhaps when I am off for the Thanksgiving break, I will string again.



I have switched my gears and moved to my layer cake stash.  I picked out a layer cake line called Farmhouse by Moda Fabrics.  Lovely blend of perfectly matched fabrics which paired nicely with muslin.  Disappearing pinwheel baskets are forming.  I have two blocks complete.  I have all the HSTs done.  I have about 10 HST pinwheel blocks sewn/pressed ready for the subcut to get to the basket making of the block.

farmhouse fabric

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 23.22.33

In reflection, after making some lovely scrap quilts through the past couple of years, I have realized that the stagnation of these fabric designs for a fabric line are indeed beautiful, but something has changed inside my brain.  Even though they are beautiful, they seem cookie cutter to me.  It is kind of like bying a house on the block that looks like all the other houses, with very little difference amongst the houses.  They may have a color difference, but their roof pitch, the porch, their footprint and floor plans are all the same.  You may have 5 black fabrics all the EXACT same color, with flowers on one, and checkerboard on another.  And yet one of the other colors in that fabric family line, has the same flowers, and same checkerboards, very cookie cutter.


I have never been much of a cookie cutter kind of person.  I prefer unique, eclectic, odd things in life.  That is just me.  This has always been me and how I gravitate.  In quilting, and experimenting with the craft, as much as I really like beautiful fabrics and fabric lines, it is kind of stale.  If you would have asked me about the fabric lines 5 years ago, I did not know at that time my inner being was on a mission to debunk what I deem as pretty.  Pretty now, is still pretty, but not to the same degree.

grayscale photo of zebra
Zebras all may look alike, but their stripes are like fingerprints.  No two are exactly the same.  Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com


I now have so much more respect for scrappy quilts.  There is so much variety in fabrics.  Ugly fabric cut small enough, is no longer ugly.  It can pair with white or off white, or even orange.

stars and thars 2

I am so glad during my quilting journey that I have saved my scraps.  They have taught me lessons.  Lessons on contrast.  Lessons in quilt budgets.  Scrap quilts are really free remnants that come together into something to be admired and utilized, gifted and cherrished.  Lessons much like a penny saved is a penny earned.  Waste not Want not….yup that is a good theory of scraps, you will never be in need of scraps if you have some.  They never seem to dwindle.  Your supply never runs out.

woman illustrating albert einstein formula
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

Imagine a world where you would never have to buy fabric again?!  Unlimited fabric!  That is what my scraps have taught me.  You save them, they sew into miles and miles of new patterns and blocks.  They never let you down, the bin stays full.  And you sew them, and you sew them, and you keep sewing them.  Scraps are pure sewing bliss!

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you have never made a scrap quilt, you are missing out.  There is a learning curve to scrap quilting.  If you pay attention close enough to the things on the internet, it will teach you a thing or two about them.  How to store scraps, how to plan with scraps, how to pair them, how to pattern and block with them, and how to make them work for you.  Amazing little snippets in a quilter’s life.  A bag of scraps to a quilter, carries all her past memories and her future dreams and good intentions.  My what a wonderful world!

A wonderful world full of much color!  Color is chicken soup for the quilters soul!


Humpty Dumpty

We all know the nursery rhyme about humpty dumpty with all the kings horses and all the kings men, who could NOT put humpty dumpty back together again.  Poor cracked egg.  In retrospect, I wonder if this old nursery rhyme has a dual meaning?  Out of curisoity I looked it up, and you can read the theories and the understoods from way back when.  Interesting, but still somewhat unknown.

I always refer to something I have vastly tore apart or deconstructed as humpty dumpty.  I use it at work, and use it at home.  It fits.  This weekend was about my latest sewing machine find, so named Tina, after Tina Turner, a famous singer that had an awful life.

The problem, Tina has cancer.  Yes, rust in her bones.  The prescription Rx to allow her to heal?  A gallon of Evaporust.  I had never heard of the stuff, and in my research of how to remove rust from the parts of a sewing machine, this came highly recommended.

So, I took some of her apart.  I knew the main problem in her mechanics even though she still worked was the bobbin area.  The bobbin, the bobbin case, the hook, the race had just enough of a start of some rust and some black stuff that If I did not coat everything in oil and use her, it would be a just a matter of time and Tina would get a toe tag.

I braved out of my comfort zone and took all of it apart.  I removed the feed dogs, the hook, the race, the bobbin, the case.  I also removed her shoes LOL.  There are 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the machine.  They were so bad that one was cracked and brittle to the point of chiseling the hardened rubber out of its nook.  The screws were rusted too.  All of the metal parts went into a gladware container of Evaporust.  You soak the parts for 12 hours.


I removed all of the bobbin components, this is the timing of the machine, a seriously scary venture…… YIKES.  The most important part of a machine to run right is the timing.  Youtube is fabulous and a couple of videos showing how to remove and re-install got humpty dumpty back together again!

video one

video two

The first time I put Tina back together, the hook/race mechanism did not like the needle.  And then I realized that I did not have something perfect, went back, took my time, and saw I did not mount the set screw on the right flat part of the shaft.

In dealing with this sewing machine, and watching my other hook/race assembly go, Singer designed a counter balance weight on the drive shaft and it is very clever how it works, and if it is a tad off, it will not sync.

Back together, running a bit slow, and I imagine after using her for a few days, she will loosen up a bit and become “more comfortable” in her new home.  I sewed a few Half Square Triangles with her to see how she behaved.  She did so well with the HSTs that I put the other featherweight back in its case.   That one is named Abacus because I really count on him.  He has sewn all of my quilt tops since his commission, 2 1/2 years ago.  I am counting 12, but I think that number is too low!  Plus numerous UFOs!

This machine does not want to kick the end of the seam to the side.  It sews perfectly straight up against the seam gauge.  And the throat plate is perfectly even with the bed of the machine, so none of my nested seams flip.  Also, the throat plate has measurements on the newer machine, like seeing the 1/4 mark.  Perfect for us quilters.  Those are my only three comparison differences between my 1947 and my now 1952.

As far as the light encasement, yup, the clear coat is coming off.  I read to lightly oil the spot and voila, the spot is gone!  She is not as shiny and pretty as the other machine, but she sure does a good job of stitching just like a champ!

Before and after photos, yes I took some!  There are still parts within that will need to be soaked in the Evaporust.  Parts that I do not have the right tools to get to hidden screws.  I fear I will have to buy the right tooling, and that will set me back around $40.  We will see how she holds up to my marathon sewing days.


cancer fw

After:  Notice the set screw on the housing, it is rust free!  Also the hook arm had rust on it before, and now has none.  She is looking very dry on this photo, and I have oiled her down since.  I also had to take some bar keepers friend to remove the black from the rust.  I still see a shadow of it, but it is nothing like it was before.

bobbin after

Because of Tina being in surgery, it took up real estate on my large table for cutting.  So this kind of slowed me down for the sewing over the weekend.

But I did manage to go BLUE for my wedding ring blocks!  Sky blue and other hues to be exact.  Tina sewed one for me today, and will sew more in the coming week.

blue wedding ring

I have failed to set goals the last couple of weeks, so here are my two goals in the next 7 days.

  • Finish quilting the Kaffe Periwinkles quilt
  • Make 9 or more wedding ring blocks in blue.


  • If I can figure out a way to hold the camera, the ruler, and run the quilting machine, I will get a video of making the stars and asters.  I am envisioning elastic around the top and bottom of the camera placed on my forehead.

I have been bustling about today.  My feet are tired, my tummy is full.  My bones need rest.  Nothing like being prepared for Monday, going to work to get rested?  haha!  No, not really, it is just a different kind of tired.  Farewell weekend, you have been good to me, thank you for your time, and thank you readers for your time and for reading my blog!


81 Patch

This week was a whirlwind.  Refreshing to be so busy, but realizing there is not enough time in the day!

Work has been two timing me, can you believe that?  They expect twice the output, but still only give me one salary and no overtime or extra time to get it done!  I think I touched over 200 items in the last two weeks, building from start to finish.  Each day slinking closer to the due date, each day in disbelief that I will accomplish what is needed.  Each day taking lots of vitamin B to keep me a little less comatose, putting an extra bounce in each step.

The week has finally come to a close.  My energy depleted and so ready for my batteries to become more than just half charged.  Thank you weekend, I can really count on you.  You are there for me every week, always ready, here it comes!

My goals from last weekend’s post, I did not get to them in their entirety.  I am ok with that, as I am very close.

Goals from last week:

  • Stay cool (not perfectly executed, but good enough)
  • Take video of the Chandelier Quilt being quilted free motion style. (done)
  • Finish quilting the chandelier quilt (very close)
  • Start sewing a border for the Kaffe Fasset periwinkles quilt (done)

Here is the video:

Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  This is Quilted To Death…..some quilt more than this, but for me, this is the biggest quilting job I have done on my longarm.  I estimate I will have more than 6 but less than 8 hours.


This border is all I lack.  It will be feathers and am sooooo ready to try out my new ruler base and ruler!

You probably do not know this, but I walk to quilt.  Meaning, my machine is offsite, and walking is good for me.  When I walk, I see this odd tree root everyday.  This old tree’s root grew until it hit the sidewalk and then curved back into itself.  A freaky thing in nature, but oddities are what make life interesting, eh?

tree roots

The Kaffe Fasset Periwinkles, improv style!

periwinkles 2

And because I have no projects on my table now, I moved back to brainstorming about the Stars upon Thars quilt blocks with the 64 patch blocks.  I squared up those blocks, and they ended up being about two inches shy of star block size.  I got out some fabrics, and auditioned them to be used as a border sash around those blocks I squared up.  It looked horrible.  Then I thought perhaps I can shadow around two sides like an illusion quilt block.  Nope, the offset of the block just distracted the eye.  Then I thought I could make a scrappy border…then it hit me, just sew more squares on two sides of this block.  And that worked, and I will still have to trim these about an 1/8 of an inch.

I pulled some old fabrics from my stash that were already cut into squares, 6 and 4 inches.  I then cut them down to two inches.  The fabrics blend nicely.  This is way better than what my original idea.

81 patches

A stack of three done here, un-ironed.  These were kinda neat and has got me to thinking about possibilities with more of these in a different quilt with negative space in between.  Shoot, dreaming of something before I have this something done!  Whoa, pull in the reins, or else another UFO sighting!  LOL!

My goals for the upcoming week:

  • Stay Cool
  • Finish quilting Chandelier quilt
  • Finish the 81 patches
  • Start assemblage of the star and 81 patches
  • Play with my ruler base and ruler

Well, let’s see what life throws at me in the coming week.  I certainly hope it is more mundane than it has been.  Looking forward to Labor day and the three day weekend.  Can you believe that is only one week away?  Feeling better already……*sigh*

I’m off to relax and enjoy a different pace, have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog!




The end of June

The end of June is here, whoa!  Pulling up my reins to try to slow down life!  This year is flying by.  With June coming to and end, that only means one thing, The begining of July, naturally.

Cramming as much as I can into a week seems futile, but we all muster on, making as much as we can with the time that we have.

I have done well with this 100 mph week.  Setting of an actual goal has helped me so much.  Some weeks you just don’t get them done, but most of the time I meet or exceed my expectations.

Last week’s goals:

  • Finish quilting and binding of tshirt quilt (binding still needs to happen)
  • start quilting good fortune (Good Fortune is quilted)
  • Sew some more leader ender 4 patch diamonds.  (Done)
  • Accuquilt some more fabric for opposite blades  for the 4 patch diamonds (Done)
  • Demonstrate video  how to use the seam ripper properly for quicker rip-out results (Done)
  • Come up with a new plan for the D9P quilt top (Done)

I have managed a snippet of video on how to rip out quilting while it is on the longarm.  I share this as I struggled doing it the wrong way.  The wrong way can make a shredded mess of bits of thread.  My method is easy, fast, with no little bits of thread.  And yes, that is me in the southern drawl voice!  Oh gosh, I hope you will not need to turn on closed captioning to know what I am saying!?@

For those of you who knew right off the bat how to do this, kudos.  These are the little things in life.  🙂

Also I have briefly filmed quilting on a meander/ large stipple on the Tshirt quilt.


Good Fortune was loaded and the quilting is done!  I chose a pantograph pattern that was in a 4 inch row format.  That went around the outer border, cornering the same outward direction all around.  The same panto also had the same design I used in row quilting as a medallion.  I did this medallion within the stars.  I free motioned in the opposing blocks.  In between the black and blue border where no panto happened I free motion small stipple to fill the gap.

good fortune quilting medallion

I hope I did not over quilt it as I want to use this and be warm!  I chose black thread, because I really wanted the piecing to show and not the quilting.  I was a bit afraid of choosing the wrong design and ruining the beautiful top.

good fortune

A tad of new 4 patch leader enders have emerged from the opposite cuts in the Accuquilt.  Here is a small amount of blades laid out as well as a larger ensemble.

A new plan was stitched for the D9P.  A new photo opportunity will happen this weekend.  Stay tuned.


I ran the squiggle lines all the same going around the quilt.  In other words I trimmed 7 inch strips going with the grain for the full yardage which was the perfect size for this job.   In each corner of the quilt I placed the only 4 orphans leftover from making the D9P blocks.  This now measures 66 X 66.  I do not have the right backing fabric for this.  I would like to have a large floral on black or a geometric design on black for the backing.  Although my options are wide open.  I suppose I could go pink on the back, or blue, or teal with a pop of even more a color.

A visit with my LAQS will probably help this one along.  I am crossing my fingers the right one comes along with the right price.  🙂

A busy week, a productive week, and as all of us are, ready for the weekend!  Here I come Saturday and Sunday!  Whew!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!